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The Way Your Partner Acts When in a Bad Mood, Based on Their Zodiac Sign

The Way Your Partner Acts When in a Bad Mood, Based on Their Zodiac Sign

There are times when you want to avoid bothering your partner. Those times are when they need space and privacy because you need it too. And the other time to avoid your partner is when they are in a bad mood. Think about when you are in a bad mood. The last thing you want is your partner bothering you, and what do they look like when they are in a foul mood?

Let’s go over how each zodiac sign behaves when they are not in a good mood. You will find that your partner falls right into this based on their sun, moon, or rising sign.

Aries – Tempers Flaring

When your Aries partner is in a bad mood, you will know because they make it clear. Their tempers flare, and they will likely thrash around. Expect hearing cussing as well. Therefore, you probably know it is best to steer clear of your Aries partner that is in a bad mood. They are not subtle about it and will be highly aggressive.

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The good news is their bad mood will die down, and they then become calmer and quite apologetic. They don’t intend to scare you. Unfortunately, they cannot help their temper.

Taurus – Will Either Eat or Shop

When your Taurus partner is in a bad mood, you will not see them thrash around and yell obscenities as Aries would. Instead, they will need time to decompress, which includes going on an online shopping spree while they order pizza or Chinese takeout to indulge their emotions. They are sensual, and they want to use their senses regardless of their mood.

You will see them do that when they are in a good mood to celebrate, and you will see them do that when they are in a bad mood to feel better.

Gemini – Fidgety and Snappy

Your Gemini partner is energetic and chatty, and they can switch from one mood to another. When they are in a good mood, they are very friendly and chatty. However, when they are in a bad mood, they will become very snappy and fidgety. They may bounce off of the walls. And they may tell you to “be quiet” if you ask them a simple question.

Your feelings will be quite hurt from them snapping at you, but that is a sign that it is best to leave them alone. They will apologize later after cooling down.

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Cancer – Becomes Silent

You don’t need anyone to tell you how moody your Cancer partner is as they go through so many mood swings. You also probably know that when your Cancer partner is in a bad mood, they are not going to likely curse and yell. Instead, they will retreat and go silent.

They will retreat into their shell, and when they do that, they make it very clear that they want to be left alone because they are in a funk. The best thing you can do is allow them to go silent and retreat. Then, when they are over a bad mood, they will happily join you again.

Leo – They’ll Exaggerate Their Bad Day

You know that Leo is all about being in the spotlight and wanting to be noticed. They want you to see their accomplishments, changes in looks, good moods, and bad moods. And if your partner is a Leo, you likely know what they do when they are in a bad mood.

They will do the opposite of Cancer and become loud and tell you why they are in a bad mood. They will even exaggerate their lousy day, and say it was the worst day ever when you know that you can think of other days that they had been worse. But you know to not mention that to them or else they will blast you.

Virgo – Will Be Extra Judgmental

You know how analytical and critical Virgo can be because they want everything to be perfect. And they are this way when they are in a decent mood. However, it is that much worse when they are in a bad mood. They can be downright judgmental and hurtful, which can damage a lot of their relationships if they keep it up.

If you have a Virgo partner, you will know as they likely said things to you that only made you feel worse about yourself and any past mistakes you have made (they will throw that at you too). And when they are over their bad mood, they will regret what they said and apologize to your profusely.

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Libra – Becomes Manipulative and Keeps the Charm

Libras are known to be charming, diplomatic, and peaceful. All they want is balance, and they do not like facing confrontations at all costs. And, if your partner is a Libra, you will know this. They don’t want to deal with any conflicts and run off instead. However, when your Libra partner is in a bad mood, you will see that they keep their charming side but can be incredibly manipulative.

They can utilize manipulative tactics with a smile, and you will catch on. And when you confront them and ask them what is wrong, they will storm off. The best thing to do is to let them stew, and once they are over it, they will return to their true charming self.

Scorpio – Extra Quiet

Scorpio is extremely secretive, intense, and passionate. If you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, you have won their trust. But that does not mean they will be on their best behavior with you. When your Scorpio partner is in a bad mood, they will hide away even more than they usually do. And the last thing you want to do is disturb them when they are in that state.

If you do, then they could be quite vengeful, and you do not want to be on their bad side at all. They may complain at first about having a bad day at work, but once they disappear after that, don’t bother them. They will come back when the bad mood lifts.

Sagittarius – Explosive

Sagittarius is that happy-go-lucky type that loves to seek out fun adventures all of the time. However, it is not realistic to be so positive all of the time. And if your partner is a Sagittarius, you would know how scary it is when they get into a bad mood. They are the same way as Aries. They will show their fiery temper, hurl some harsh truths, and become highly aggressive.

The only good news is that Sagittarius will not stay in a bad mood for very long. So once they get that out of their system, they feel better and will go on with their day. However, it may leave you shaken up.

Capricorn – Distant and Snappy

Capricorns are all about business, and they take everything very seriously. They are ambitious. If your partner is a Capricorn, you know not to disturb them when they are busy with their work, whether a house project or a work-related project. And if you do disturb them, you could put them in a bad mood.

Or, if they are in a bad mood for whatever reason, they will be extra distant, extra snappy, extra pessimistic, and downright nasty. You do not want to anger a Capricorn that will put them into a bad mood.

Aquarius – Anxious

Those who sign in Aquarius are known to march to their drummer and can be friendly but distant. However, they also want a relationship because they don’t like loneliness. If you have an Aquarian partner, you know they have this personality.

And you also likely see how they do not connect well with their emotions as emotions make them uncomfortable. However, when your Aquarian partner is in a bad mood, they become incredibly anxious and worried and distance themselves to another area of the home. It is also best to leave them be. They do resolve it.

Pisces – Cries and Wallows in Self-Pity

Pisces is highly emotional and very sensitive. And it does not take much to put a Piscean into a bad mood. If your partner is a Pisces, you know that as well. Because when your Piscean partner is in a bad mood, they will cry about it and can cry for hours. And they will wallow in self-pity and may even isolate themselves as they do it.

They most certainly do not want to hear any negativity and criticisms from you at all. Eventually, they overcome their bad mood, but it can take them a while to do so.


Everyone gets into a bad mood, and the way you display your bad mood may depend more on the rising or moon sign than the sun sign. For instance, if your partner is a Taurus but has their moon sign in Leo, they will be the ones likely to tell you all about their bad day instead of indulging in eating or shopping, or they may do a bit of both.

So, it is perfectly understandable that your partner will be in a bad mood from time to time like you get into them. However, if they take it out on you and don’t apologize for it, you will want to pick a bone with them about it later.

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