July 23, 2024
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Magic Ingredient to Egyptian Numerology

Magic Ingredient to Egyptian Numerology

The magic ingredient in Egyptian Numerology is Energy. Numbers are a vibrational energy or more accurate, they are light codes and light carries information and an energetic code used to guide you on your life journey.

Hello and welcome, I am Sara Bachmeier, author of “Egyptian Numerology; Emergence into the Fifth Dimension” and “The Path of a Wounded Healer; Liberation is for the Asking.”

In Egyptian Numerology, we observe the Universal law of attraction as an important component when interpreting the progress of your ascension path.  Your personal numbers explain the structure of your Soul’s Life Contract which is what you signed up to experience in this incarnation before birth, and this includes your gifts, abilities, path, lessons, soul purpose and so much more….

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But it is your energetic vibratory rate that determines the quality by which you attract and receive everything in your life. This includes – people, places, circumstances, events, and the things in your life that are essential for your spiritual evolution.

Egyptian Numerology finds it necessary for you to raise and maintain the highest possible energy field to help build an extremely successful life during your spiritual journey here on earth.

Egyptian Numerology works with your higher self to interpret your soul contract in a way that helps you break free from self-judgment and offers you a perspective that will either encourage, confirm, or challenge you to understand yourself as the powerful, magical, and the mystical person that you truly are.

Right now, at this time on our planet, we need you and your energy to upgrade the global vibration. We need you to heal at the speed of light, truth, and soul power.

Keeping in mind that Nothing changes if nothing changes and what you are not changing, you are choosing.

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You have control over what you attract and receive through your thought process which is triggered by your beliefs. If your beliefs are not in alignment with the Universal Laws, then your experiences will be limited. If you are listening to this video, it is not by chance. You are receiving the divine message to move forward and into your soul power and purpose. This is your sign, your omen, and green light.

Emotions & Energy Field

I want to share with you something I have been personally experiencing and investigating. I’ve been watching the biological tax that occurs when we as individuals choose to hold onto grief, sadness, disappointment, and anger for longer than a minute.

These threefold emotions bring down your energy field faster than any other feelings, and all of your feelings are reactionary to your thought process. And your thought process is a result of all the beliefs you buy into.

Prolonged attachment to these defense mechanisms and feelings… creates an opening for unwanted dark entities to slip in and take control of your light force….they are just waiting for you to drop your spiritual defenses. Especially prolonged sadness … and if not processed and released,  it becomes the devils doorway.

I’m not trying to scare you, on the contrary, I am bringing truth to the surface.

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The good news is….. that there are several ways to process low vibrations and rise above the obstacle of being stuck in emotions that bring your energy down.

I will use my own experience as an example. So, you know that… I know…. What I am talking about.

I know this truth for myself because after my mother’s passing in 2003, I sunk into a deep depression which was triggered from my grief… it lasted a couple of years and during that time, I actually felt and saw a dark blanket of fog overcome my life. But, at the time, I did not how to correct it.

It was so powerful that it took control of my behavior and actions. I became a person I didn’t recognize emotionally, spiritually, and even physically.

I believe my personal prayers and the prayers of others helped restore me back to grace and eventually lifted me back into the light. But this was after a couple of years of being spiritually dormant.

I learned firsthand that the dark night of the soul either breaks you or makes you.

My main problem was and still is at times, the inability to adjust to loss. Whether this stemmed from childhood trauma in the form of unprocessed feelings of abandonment, rejection, and betrayal or it was carried over from previous lifetimes consisting of the same emotional baggage.

After my mother died of cancer, I lost my identity –  meaning that I struggled owning who I am without her in my life. I was so tied into her emotionally that I couldn’t separate her presence from my own. So, when she died, a part of me… died also.

My mother and I didn’t necessarily have a close and loving relationship at least not until the very end of her life so, I struggled with finally attaining the love and support from her that I always longed for. And it appeared, that right as I received it, her physicality was gone before my eyes.

It wasn’t until much later that I acknowledged my deep desire to have her approval and how much time and energy I wasted all those years believing that it had to come from her in order for me to be free.

Through this experience, I now believe that some wounds are just too deep and painful to overcome by ourselves. We need help in the transformation process of owning our own personal soul power.

Whether it is through prayer, discussion, or therapeutic counseling, we cannot do it alone. And maybe part of the lesson is learning…. how to ask for help.

What I have learned and am honestly still learning is that there are two components that I needed to understand and implement into my life. I found them in the Buddhist teachings.  One is non-attached appreciation and the other is the Universal law of impermanence. They seem to go together. I was willing to see that my disappointments and anger stemmed from my buried feelings of being hurt.

By eventually appreciating the closeness that I was able to obtain from my mother at the very end of her life, I let go of wanting more and not receiving it from her. The acceptance of the fact that nothing lasts forever… allows me to face my fear of loss that led me to cling onto the illusion of permanence.  My lost inner child finally matured into the adult that I am today.

No, this was not easy. I had to face some tough questions … How can I love without being attached? How can I appreciate life without clinging, How can I surrender to the law of impermanence when I’m scared? And most of all, what beliefs am I buying into with my energy that keeps me a prisoner to my absolute resistance of letting go?

Emotional maturity taught me to observe the seasons in nature.

The only constant in our lives is change. Nature is one of our greatest teachers. Truly, what would happen if summer didn’t yield to fall?

Even the rhythm of my breath teaches me how to receive when I inhale the light and let go of the resistance through exhale.

Intention plays a central role in the spiritual life. We must be free from the greed for pleasure, which is clearly the cause of much of our suffering in life.

Greed is desire out of control. Our intention does not need to be free from desire itself, but only free from the extremes of craving, clinging, and attachment.

We must use our intention by breaking our minds free. In this higher aspect of intention, we use our minds – in fact, we train our minds – in the practice of meditation, reflecting on the law of impermanence, and on how clinging and grasping creates suffering.

We realize that our craving for pleasure and hatred of pain sometimes becomes an addiction.

We have the ability to choose, one moment at a time, not to run away from pain by drowning it in impulsive pleasure. Eventually, it becomes clear that pain is not the enemy but rather inevitable by-product and part of life’s journey.

By embracing both pleasure and pain as monetary experiences and not clinging to either one, we establish a more constructive relationship to life in general.

Being in a state of gratitude helps defy the addiction to attached appreciation.

The key to the Universal law of impermanence states that everything is constantly changing, both inside and outside of us.

All sensations, emotions, thoughts, feelings, moods, experiences, and relationships are impermanent. They have a beginning, middle, and end… only our energy lives on.

By learning, seeing, and experiencing life as energy and tapping into our energetic biology and biography, we free ourselves from the law of impermanence. By doing this, we agree to the course of nature and connect to the eternal flow of spirit. We are participating in the permanent nature of our soul.

Otherwise, we live in a world of loss, change, and constant instability. In a world where everything is constantly being pulled beyond our grasp. Clinging and grasping always results in rope burns and the unnecessary suffering that accompanies it.

By implementing these laws in my daily life, I freed myself from the grief and sadness of not only my mothers passing, but from present and future energetic downfalls.

I can learn to appreciate the present moment as perfect exactly the way it is, I can gratefully accept my path and the beauty of the relationship I had with my mother without clinging to the outcome.

I can surrender my need to get more from her than what she was capable of giving me at any given time.

Knowing that her life is not exempt from the universal law of impermanence allows me to keep her alive energetically. I can feel her presence in everything that I do.

Otherwise, I am unrealistically expecting and waiting for more of the things that keep me suffering.

Source exists in Universal laws and is always giving us people, places, things, situations, and events to help us learn them.

Birth and loss, beginnings and endings, and the change of the seasons and tides.

All of life abides through universal laws, and only the energy of unconditional love transcends impermanence.

It is rather easy to shine in the dark, but to glow in the dark… Now that’s Mastery!!!

If you need help working through sensations of sadness, grief, or disappointments, contact me. I can help you. Don’t let the illusion of permanence and attached appreciation bury you under the unlimited joys in life.

You are here for a reason and divine purpose, and to step up and out of any stuck energy so that you can shine your light, activate your superpowers, and become a conscious co-creator with spirit.

Learn more about how Egyptian Numerology can uplift your energy, raise your vibration,  and direct you toward your intended soul path and purpose.

Visit www.egyptiannumerology.org and check out our services.

I hope you have a joyful week. Namaste’

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