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Relax with Candle Scent That Fits You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Relax with Candle Scent That Fits You Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Never underestimate the power of aromatherapy, which is why having scented candles is something that many people want to keep and will light regardless of the time of year. However, candles lit during the colder months are cozier, and since the colder months can bring you down, the scent can lift your spirits.

However, what scent is ideal for you? In honor of Candle Day, on December 3rd, established by Bath & Body Works in 2013, let’s go over the perfect candle scent for your zodiac sign (whether it may be your sun, moon, or rising sign).


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Aries – Ash

Aries has a fiery energy, and the ideal candle scent would be one that will keep Aries invigorated. That is why ash-scented candles are ideal, as one great brand for that is Boy Smells. The ash-scented candle has a smoky aroma, and there is a small aspect of a juniper berry aroma to balance the scent. The ideal candle will burn for over two days to keep those with this fiery sign to stay active and energized. It can be easy for Aries to go into a slump during the colder seasons, and this scented candle will help to stop that from happening.

Taurus – Orange Blossom

Taurus is highly sensual, so the ideal scent should be enjoyable and not overwhelming. Also, the fragrance should help keep the Taurus grounded, which is why orange blossom is perfect for those with this sign. Taurus will appreciate this aroma as it will keep the association with nature and earth for them. Taurus needs to have this candle lit when they cannot spend time outdoors if the weather does not make it possible or easy. Therefore, this candle scent will help keep them grounded when they cannot spend time outdoors.

Gemini – Ylang Ylang

Gemini is in constant need of socialization and intellectual stimulation. However, it is easy for those with this sign to become overstimulated and nervous. That nervousness can turn into sleep struggles, worsening Gemini’s state of mind. Therefore, the ideal candle scent for those with this sign is Ylang Ylang, and the reason for that is that it can help soothe anxiety, stress, and tension and bring relaxation to a busy mind. It can also promote sleep.

Therefore, if Gemini feels overwhelmed with too many thoughts after being online, reading the news, talking to people, or learning new facts, they should keep this candle around to help promote calmness.

Cancer – Coconut

Cancer is emotional and sentimental and values home and family. Those with the sign enjoy this time of year only because they spend more time at home and love being home with their family. However, the cold weather can still get them down, and they will need a pick-me-up for the perfect scented candle. Therefore, the coconut-scented candle would be a great fit for those with this sign because it is calming and provides a fragrance that mimics baked goods, especially if there is a hint of vanilla. And nothing can beat that aroma when finding comfort at home.

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Leo – Lemon

Leo wants to be full of life and is expressive and creative. Therefore, any fragrance that brings out their sunny side is ideal, as the cold weather and long nights can dampen their joyful side. Any citrus-scented candle would be good for Leo, especially lemon-scented fragrances. A hint of sandalwood fragrance can help brighten up the environment. Therefore, if Leo feels glum because the weather is too cold to spend time outdoors, and it is a dark and gloomy day, then a lemon-scented candle can rescue and help restore Leo’s joy.

Virgo – Vetiver

Virgo is analytical and service, health, and work-oriented. Because Virgo can be too analytical, leading to obsessive thinking and nervousness, which is why a calming scent is ideal. However, because Virgo is an earth sign, an earthy scent would be best, and the vetiver-scented candle would be perfect for those with this sign. It has a woody scent, and it is considered to be warm and dry. It is the ideal scent for Virgo to help ground them when they become lost in their thoughts from being overly analytical. Being cooped up indoors can affect them during the cold weather.

Libra – Floral

Libra values balance in every area of life, so they come off as diplomatic and want peace. Those with this sign desire relationships, as they do not like to be alone, but they also clam up if there is a conflict in the air, as Libras avoid it. The bottom line is that a Libra is not in good spirits if there is a lack of balance, and any floral-scented candles can help bring the balance within Libra that they crave. Any floral scent will do, especially rose-scented candles, which will help restore balance for Libra. That means Libra will want to grab floral-scented candles to light up at home or in the office when stressed or feeling imbalanced.

Scorpio – Myrrh

Scorpio is mysterious, intense, and passionate, and private. Nothing excites Scorpio more than delving into the unknown, which is why they are attracted to anything mystical. Therefore, any scented candle with a magical aroma is ideal for Scorpio, such as myrrh. There is a mysterious element around myrrh-scented candles, as you can describe the aroma as smoky, spicy, and balsamic.

The aroma can help provide a calming environment, as that is what Scorpio needs, as they can sometimes be overly intense. However, nothing is more comforting to a Scorpio than having a dimly lit room with myrrh candles lit in the corners as it creates the esoteric setting that the Scorpio loves.

Sagittarius – Saffron

Sagittarius natives are those who have a strong sense of adventure and want to try new things with an optimistic point of view. You can best describe Sagittarius as passionate, driven, and passionate about travel. Many say that this fire sign is the gentlest of all, as Sagittarius can be direct and blunt, but most of the time, they do what they can to lift you up because of their optimistic nature.

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Therefore, the best type of candle for Sagittarius would be one that gives off an intense aroma with a hint of sweetness, which is why the saffron-scented candle is great. It has a spicy aroma with a hint of honey, and it can invigorate Sagittarius if they are feeling glum because of the darkness and the cold. Even though Sagittarius is the type to look at the glass half-full, they still can get down, as they are human.

Capricorn – Chamomile

Capricorn is ambitious, goal-oriented, and hardworking and is the type that chooses work over fun. This can be problematic because that only causes them to become stressed, and the added darkness and cold from the winter approaching can cause Capricorn to be uptight and feel down.

Therefore, the ideal aroma for Capricorn would be chamomile, which is the candle they should grab to put around their home and office on challenging days. Chamomile has a scent that resembles citrus and apple, with a hint of spice and slight floral. The chamomile aroma can help soothe irritability, the mind, and the soul, as it can help anyone feel more zen. That is what Capricorn needs since they are constantly thinking of work.

Aquarius – Vanilla

Aquarius is progressive and can think far into the future, making them happy but also bringing on worry and exhaustion. Their humanitarian nature can contribute to this because if they see that there is a lack of peace and justice, then they will have a hard time not being able to be the ones to fix it. Still, they can attempt to donate or contribute to helping a cause dedicated to something that needs attention and setting in the world.

Aquarius does not like to accept their emotions, as this is common for air signs, but when they become too nervous and agitated, they can’t deny their emotions. That is why the vanilla-scented candle is ideal for them. Vanilla helps to promote calmness and can be mood-boosting. Vanilla-scented candles are what Aquarius should be keeping with them during the dark days of winter.

Pisces – Ocean

Pisces is a dreamer and is sensitive, intuitive, and creative. When it is cold and dark as winter approaches, this can be challenging for Pisces. That is because Pisces enjoys spending time outdoors as the outdoor energy can stimulate their imagination, so the ocean-scented candle would be a great fit for those with this sign.

The aroma from the ocean can bring them back to the beach and stimulate their imagination as they can do creative writing, create music, arts and crafts, or anything else they enjoy. Remember that Pisces is a water sign, which is also why they would find the ocean-scened aroma comforting.

Never underestimate the power of aromatherapy, which is why scented candles are popular and many people find them comforting. However, if you want to make the most of it, you will want to get the candle scent ideal for your sun, moon, or rising sign, as the scents may calm, invigorate, or stimulate your mind, body, and soul.  Bath & Body Works established Candle Day on December 3rd, the day to go candle shopping since winter is approaching, the coldest and darkest time of year. Therefore, you can stay upbeat and calm with the perfect fragrance coming from the candles.

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