June 12, 2024
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The 1111 Portal in Numerology

The 1111 Portal in Numerology

This week it’s 11/11/2020, the nine-year anniversary of the 11/11/2011 portal. In numerology, we live in nine-year cycles, so this is the next stage of a global shift from head to heart-based living.

Did you know? Millions of people see the 11:11 and repeating number prompts, but only a small percentage of them follow through on this spiritual ‘hello’ from the Universe. That’s like leaving someone knocking at your door – a waste of everyone’s time! There is so much more to 1111 than what you read about in memes – it’s a potential whole lifestyle shift, not just a high-five from Spirit.

As a psychic reader and scientist, who has researched people who see 11:11, 111, 222, 333, 444, etc. for almost a decade, here are my thoughts on the deeper meanings of this fascinating phenomenon.

Codes like 1111 generally appear when…

We have reached a certain level of consciousness and spiritual maturity

In the numerology system I use and teach, numbers correlate to chakras. 1 brings root, or first chakra healing – it helps us put first things first, resolve family and Soul origin issues and cultivate a strong body so we feel independent and secure in daily life.

1111 is a reminder that taking one, conscious step at a time brings us into our bliss. Note how the symbol for 1 looks like a tree? It’s about being a bridge between Earth and Sky – embracing infinite growth as our true nature.

1+1+1+1 also adds to 4, which activates the heart chakra, site of unconditional love, and transformation of suffering. 2020 is a Universal 4 Year (as was 2011) and the theme has been patience, forgiveness, and reflection. 11 even looks like a pause symbol on a remote control. In contrast, 2021 is a Universal 5 Year, which will bring revolution and more free speech.

We are at a turning point in our Soul contracts

It is revealed by our numerology. For example, we may be in a 9 or 1 Personal Year, which are prime times for us to release lifelong patterns and rebirth ourselves. Or we may be at our life path turning point age. For example, my date of birth adds to 29/11/2 (added from left to right), and my purpose became clear at age 29 (which is when I learned numerology). Find your life path and personal year forecasts at sarahyip.com.

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We Have Master Numbers 11/ 22/ 33/ 44 in our Soul contracts

Or we are closely connected to people with these numbers e.g. they could be our partners, children, friends, and clients. Master Numbers give a double potential for success and challenges. Their bearers are always sensitive to energy.

Multiple Master Numbers in a chart can also be a sign that you are a Starseed, who has come to Earth to bring futuristic technologies and ideas to life. This means that you will naturally attract the spotlight and tests of integrity – you are here to be a role model. As a Master 11 lifepath and 11:11 Starseed, I write regularly about how to use these numbers to their best advantage (to heal and help at the public scale). Unless they are channeled wisely, preferably in a supportive group setting, they can lead to issues like chronic anxiety, fear, and addictive behaviors.

We are ready to lead ourselves and other people into the Age of Aquarius

11:11 is a double peace sign symbol when you make it with your hands. There are 4 stages to 11:11 awakening, which I talk about on my site. Most people get stuck at stage 2, which is when you realize that the repeating numbers have a meaning, they are not just a coincidence. As we release our skepticism towards the Universe and recover our natural intuition and self-trust, we heal others automatically in the same way. You will need help to fully express your 11:11 Lightworker capacities, so ask for guidance!

Numerology is a core language of the Universe and when you can speak it, you can interact directly with Source. No middleman is required any longer. This intimacy brings incredible opportunities in relationships (11:11 is associated with Twin Flames and new Soul Mates, including baby and children spirits), career (11:11 brings multiple sources of income and entrepreneurship), and spirituality (11:11 is about ‘many paths leading to oneness’).

If you are seeing repeating numbers, you are probably a skeptic and realist, who believes in the power of facts and figures. This is not a good or bad thing unless you have been denying that you are actually a Soul, not just a body. You could also identify strongly with masculine energy (logic) and it’s time to reharmonize with your feminine side and hidden senses.

So please – instead of just seeing 1111 as an Angel Number keeping you on track, do the research, learn basic numerology, and use this energy to bring yourself into a whole new dimension of being. Your Future Self is calling you home to your highest potential.

1111 means that ‘everyone is equal’ and that you have the power to free yourself of all current limitations. The 1111 Spirit Guides are ready with new projects for you and it’s time to take some extraordinary leaps of faith! You are joining a worldwide tribe and trust me, it’s a loving one.

Find your life path, read more about 11:11 Starseeds and learn numerology at https://sarahyip.com/ You can also join my 11:11 Patreon community at https://www.patreon.com/sarahyip1111 to meet hundreds of people who are interested in numerology and recovering their psychic powers as well.

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