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Numerology of Your First Date

The Numerology of your First Date

Numerology is the study of the spiritual meaning of numbers. Numerology assigns a number to each letter of the alphabet in order to derive a single number for your name.  This number is your Destiny number.  The total of your birthday numbers reduced to a single number is your Life Path number.  These two numbers form the foundation of your personal numerology.  When combined, you derive your Soul Purpose number.

These three numbers guide your numerology in every aspect of your life.  Beyond our personal numbers, we have numbers for key events and persistent, but not permanent numbers, like our phone number or license plate number.  This article will look at the numerology of a first date.

All the Numbers to Consider on a First Date

There are many numbers to explore on a first date.

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The Life Path Number of a First Date

The most obvious first number to take into account is the full date of the first date.  That would be the Life Path Number of the First Date, which you would want to compare with your own Life Path number.  If you can find the Life Path number of your companion, even better!

Your personal Life Path Number is the total of your birth date reduced to a single digit (unless it happens to be a master number – 11, 22, 33, 44, and 55, which should be understood as 11/2, 22/4, 33/6, 44/8, and 55/1).  Therefore, the Life Path Number of your first date is the total of that month, day, and year, reduced to a single digit or master number/single-digit combination.

These dates can be further understood for each individual number associated with the month, day, and year.  Let’s consider the first date on July 8, 2035.  The Life Path number for the date is 7+8+2+0+3+5, which totals 25, which reduces to a 7.  The month number is 7, the day number is 8, and the year number is 10, which reduces to 1.

Now, my personal numbers are 3 for my Destiny number, 4 for my Life Path number, and 7 for my Soul Purpose number.  This date should be favorable for me since the Life Path Number of the date and my Soul Purpose number are both 7.

Communication Numbers (Phone and Email)

When arranging the first date, you will likely have both the phone number and email of the other person.  You will want to determine those numbers as part of your numerological connection, which will inform the first date experience.  In a hypothetical case, let’s assign the phone number 336.215.9876 and the email jdsmith11@gmail.com.

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This phone number totals 50, which reduces to 5.  The email totals (ignore the @ symbol when calculating) 66, which reduces to 12, which reduces to 3.  My phone number totals 59, which reduces to 14, which reduces to 5.  And my email totals 85, which reduces to 13, which reduces to 4.  So, communication numbers are also good. Our phone numbers reduce to the same digit and the 3 in the other person’s email aligns with my Destiny number.

Destiny Numbers

You could make part of the conversation on your first date about numerology and ask the other person to provide their full birth certificate name.  If you can obtain it, you can come to the date planning to talk about how your two numbers match up.  Let’s give jdsmith a full birth certificate name of Jessie Dakota Smith.

This name totals 62, which reduces to an 8, the number for the leader.  My Destiny Number is 3, which is the Artist.  These numbers are not readily congruent, so much of the potential attraction will have to be supported by other numbers in the total numerology matrix, including all the numbers within the name (https://beta.askastrology.com/numerology/numerology-101/), the Life Path number, and the Soul Path number of the other person.

The Total of the Date (the Life Path Number of the First Date)

If you select a date that totals 1

The first date will be about 1 energy, which is tied to new beginnings.  You should go somewhere neither of you has been before.

If you select a date that totals 2

The first date will be about 2 energy, which represents the partner, helpmate, and one-to-one connection.  You should choose to go somewhere that involves doing something together as a team.

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If you select a date that totals 3

The first date will be about creativity and play. You should go somewhere involving the arts, performance, or even doing something “crafty” as part of the date.

If you select a date that totals 4

The first date will about 4 energy, which prefers to establish and build together.  You should go somewhere with tradition, a well-known and established place to dine or experience together.

If you select a date that totals 5

The first date will be about 5 energy, which represents travel, change, and adventure.  You should go somewhere together; literally, the going is the first date experience.

If you select a date that totals 6

The first date will be about service, teaching, and sharing together for your community.  You should meet and do something together to help others or accomplish a specific task.

If you select a date that totals 7

The first date will focus on spiritual connection and the mystery of synchronicity.  You should visit an astrologer, get your tarot cards read, or attend a religious/spiritual service together.

If you select a date that totals 8

The first date will be about 8 energy and focus on power and status.  You should go somewhere that properly reflects your levels of achievement, somewhere exclusive and expensive.

If you select a date that totals 9

The first date will be about sharing knowledge and wisdom.  You should go somewhere secluded and plan to open up completely, like jumping into the deep end of a pool together.

If you select a date that totals 11/2

The energy of the 2 (partnership) needs each individual to be fully authentic on the date.

If you select a date that totals 22/4

The energy of the 4 (stability) needs both people to reveal the foundations and support they have in their lives as a way to connect.

If you select a date that totals 33/6

The energy of the 6 (service) needs both individuals to share how they serve others and life as part of the sharing with the new person.

If you select a date that totals 44/8

The energy of the 8 (leadership) needs both people to have the means to do anything on the date, money should be no object.

If you select a date that totals 55/1

The energy of the 1 (pioneering) needs both individuals to need to do something way out of their comfort zone as a first date way to connect.

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