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Numerology of Your Address

The Numerology of Your Address

Numerology is the study of the spiritual meaning of numbers. Numerology assigns a number to each letter of the alphabet in order to derive a single number for your name.  This number is your Destiny number.  The total of your birthday numbers reduced to a single number is your Life Path number.  These two numbers form the foundation of your personal numerology.  When combined, you derive your Soul Purpose number.

These three numbers guide your numerology in every aspect of your life.  This article will focus on how numbers apply to the address where you live.  Your address contains many different numbers which can help you understand the energy of your home and how it relates to your Life Path, Destiny, and Soul Purpose numbers.

The Numbers of your Home

Semi-permanent numbers have significant roles in our personal numerology.  Many of these numbers will be part of our lives for very long periods, perhaps even a lifetime depending on the path our lives take.  The address of one’s home used to be a long-term permanent number, but that has changed in the last 50 years thanks to greater wealth and mobility.  Still, whether you live somewhere a short period of time or a long period of time, this number is significant.

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The Full Address Number (Your Sanctuary)

The full address number you should calculate is the address you would use if you were mailing a package to a foreign country, which means including the country as well as the city, province, and state (depending on how a country determines addresses).  In the United States, addresses have street or apartment numbers, a street name, the city, the state, a zip code, and the country.

One of my most recent addresses was 9417 Chapel Hill Road, Cary, North Carolina 27513-2611, United States of America.  The total for the full address is 290, which reduces to 11/2.  My former address is a master number dedicated to partnerships through authentic individuation.  I started my spiritual advising practice at this address, working one-on-one with clients in person and at a distance.  My business model was very successful at this address.

The Street Number (The Home’s Destiny Number)

Your home has a Destiny number, but instead of it being a birth certificate name, it is the number assignment for the street or apartment.  If you want to find out the Life Path Number of your home or apartment, then you would need to dig into the public records and find the date when construction began on the home or the apartment building.

The street number 9417 totals 21 and reduces to a 3. A home that has a Destiny number three attracts creative energy. Therefore, they are often excellent locations for working from home or doing some kind of serious hobby at or in the home. Destiny wants these properties to encourage creativity and find a way to display it, either with a beautiful yard or creative interior design.

The Street Name (The Home’s Tribal Connection)

Everyone that lives on a street is part of the “tribe” of that street and its numerology.  In the case of Chapel Hill Road, the total is 70, which reduces to a 7.  The number 7 represents the Mystic, if it is an individual, and spirituality if it is a place.  It was rather fitting that my spiritual practice, operating from my home, was on a street that had the numerology of a 7. 

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Not only did I see clients for consultations, but my wife, also a professional astrologer, designed a labyrinth that we built on the back of the property for our own spiritual use, and for clients who would benefit from a walking meditation.  In our section of this road, between two other roads, there was a Hindu temple and a Chinese Christian church.  The mystical 7 energy was very strong in this section of the road.

The City Name (The Community of the Various Tribes)

The city you live in is made up of multiple streets (tribes) and numbers (destinies).  Cary totals 20, which reduces to a 2.  The number 2 represents partnership, negotiation, and the flow of back and forth energies.  Cary is an excellent city for couples and families and ranked in the top 10 places to live in the United States for several years since 2000.

It used to be a small town with little distinction, but eventually became a hub of wealth in the state and a very sought-after place to live.  It even earned a humorous acronym: Containment Area for Relocated Yankees.  The South is well-known for its beautiful property at much lower prices and with much lower taxes than in the North or the West. 

Zip Codes

Cities in the United States often contain multiple zip codes that reflect, frequently, differences in socio-economic status among the “tribe” members.  The zip codes also represent a numerological difference within a city boundary.  27513-2611 totals 28, which reduces to 10, which reduces to 1.  Thus, tribal members in this Cary zip code would be or benefit from individualistic behavior and ideals. 

The State Name (The Society of the Various Communities)

North Carolina totals 67, which reduces to 13, which reduces to 4.  The number 4 represents foundations, hard work, and family.  North Carolina is one of the top agricultural states in the United States.  Having value through the land (as opposed to manufacturing, better aligned with the number 8) suits the number 4 name of this state.

Cary fits well as a small but prominent town, as the 2 divides nicely into the 4.  I moved to the state of North Carolina in 1980.  As it turns out my Life Path Number is a 4, so I have always felt at home and aligned here.  The house number 3 was also a great match for me since 3 is my Destiny number.  And even the street name works great since my Soul Purpose number is a 7.

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The Country Name (The Culture of the Societies)

The numerical value of the name of the country identifies the culture of the country.  The United States of America totals 84, which reduces to 12, which reduces to 3.  Innovation is one of the most consistent visions within, and as a view from outside, the US.  New forms of art, breakthroughs in science, and the entrepreneurial spirit reflect the 3 energy of the culture.

Putting it All Together

Here’s how my key numbers work with my previous and current address:

LP/4, D/3, and LP 7

aligned with my previous address:

  • Sanctuary – 11/2
  • Destiny – 3
  • Tribe – 7
  • Community – 2 (city) and 1 (zip code)
  • Society – 4
  • Culture – 3

As you can see, this address was a great place for me to live.

And here’s a look at my current address:

  • Sanctuary – 3
  • Destiny – 5
  • Tribe – 1
  • Community – 11/2 (city) and 33/6 (zip code)
  • Society – 4
  • Culture – 3
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