July 24, 2024
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Libra Season

La La La Libra Season!

Libra is the seventh sign in the zodiac and it is associated with partnership, relationships, ideas, opinions, politics, diplomacy, music, harmony, balance, romance, tact, argument, self-control, good manners, personal appearance, refinement, sophistication, good taste, rational thought and ideas for social well-being.

Libra is a cardinal sign and an air sign; cardinal air is a metaphor for ideas put into action. Libras are doers rather than thinkers, although they certainly take a long time pondering when making a decision. This is because Libra is highly indecisive and can never make up their mind. They are often a “maybe” about a lot of things. Libra will weigh the scales when deciding, and while they are linked to balance, balance is something they will struggle to achieve throughout their life. In life, Libra is always searching for balance. Their spiritual goal is to learn the meaning of selfless love.

The Libra Personality

Positive Negative
– Cooperative
– Good companion
– Artistic
– Refined
– Has clear opinions
– Good negotiator
– Strong beliefs
– Loving and romantic
– Good sense of fair play
– Able to lead on behalf of good causes
– Uses intellect when going into action
– Sincere
– Charming
– Communicative
– Excellent mediator
– Narcissist
– Indolent or sulky
– Fearful
– Indecisive
– Manipulative
– Overbearing
– Flirtatious

Internal Libra

At the root of any true Libra person is the fear of being alone, even if Libra will appear calm, collected, and in control of the situation. Well-natured Libra can be petulant and sometimes objective when they are asked to follow orders. They are very intelligent but sometimes gullible. They love talking to people, but also make for good listeners. Libra is ruled by the planet of love, Venus, which makes them gentle, loving, and peacemaking. This is of course until the scales over tip and need adjustment. Venus is the planet of values, self-possessions, beauty, and love. Libra expresses all of these things with their words and their actions.

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Libra at Home

Home for Libra is a place to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate from all the action. Libra will enjoy lounging at home just lying on the couch listening to music, reading books, or watching something on Netflix. Libra will also argue with the family—just because, but at the end of the day, Libra is all about harmony. Sometimes Libra gets lazy at home and will cancel plans simply because they don’t feel like leaving the house. Libra has a good taste and will know how to decorate their space well. Libra makes for an excellent host and loves having people over. Libra with wine and dine you and make interesting conversation. Libra’s home should be nice and tidy unless they have become resentful due to unfair treatment.

Libra at Work

Libra takes time to get things done. They want to ensure that everything is done right. The workplace is a zone for Libra to be harmonious and get along with almost everybody. Libra is often working with a partnership. They are honest in business and a great promoter of ideas. Libra is able to easily build a network of contacts. As a boss, Libra takes everyone’s opinions into account. They can provide unusual answers to problems. They don’t seem hurried, but they are restless.

Libra and Friendship

Libra is generally a social person who likes to be on the go. For Libra, life revolves around keeping in touch with people because that is what makes Libra happy. Libra will work hard for a friend until they are very tired. Don’t mistake Libra for not being there when they are actually just so burnt out. Libras are loving friends. They aren’t the type to embarrass with emotional outbursts, in fact, Libra will probably hate being embarrassed all together. Libra is honest and will treat their friends fairly.

On the flip side, Libra may test people’s patience with their indecisiveness. They can be jealous if they think someone is better looking then them. People might also start to notice Libra’s periodic drops of depression. These moods can often be perked up by a compliment. Friends also have to be careful, not to leave Libra alone for too long, or else they become sulky and lose self-esteem.

Libra and Love

To Libra Love is it, and they will fall in love with love. They will be eager to share their life with a partner. Libra is emotionally dependent on their love. They enjoy romantic settings and are casual and easy-going. They will ignore the faults of their partner in return for love. They do not want someone who is very demonstrative. Libra glows with love for the whole world and will do anything to avoid getting hurt in a romantic situation. Libra will give their loved ones their complete attention, but they like beautiful things and sometimes someone else’s beauty will cross their eyes.

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Libra expects to be supported and cared for. They expect faithfulness and loyalty unless Libra as agreed to different bedroom rules with you. Libra needs to be free to live out their career goals. They’d like it if their partner had his or her own interests, but that doesn’t mean that common interests aren’t allowed.  More than anything, Libra wants to be amused, admired, and even exalted.

Libra is tested when a partner makes too many demands on their emotions—this could break the relationship completely. If Libra is dumped, they find themselves demoralized. They try to regain balance and make one last pursuit at their lost love. If this doesn’t work Libra will hide the pain and try again to find true love.

Libra’s indecisiveness comes into play with love. They might be caught by two different options and not know what to do. Libra can certainly play the field, and it is highly possible that your Libra is seeing other people.

Commitment is also hard to peg with the Libra. They can date you for years and never marry you. It’s hard to lock them down, but once you do, you’ll see a wonderful, playful, fun partner who makes you forget the stress in your life.

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