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Your Numerology as a Parent

Your Numerology as a Parent

Numerology is the study of the spiritual meaning of numbers. Numerology assigns a number to each letter of the alphabet in order to derive a single number for your name.  This number is your Destiny number.  The total of your birthday numbers reduced to a single number is your Life Path number.  These two numbers form the foundation of your personal numerology.  When combined you derive your Soul Purpose number.

These three numbers guide your numerology in every aspect of your life.  This article will focus on how numbers apply to parenting.  If you are a parent, you will definitely want to know your Destiny, Life Path, and Soul Purpose Numbers, as well as those numbers for your child or children.

Parenting, Numerology Style

It is often said that we have a “parenting style” if we are parents. That “style” informs our decisions regarding our children and is part of the negotiation between what we want/expect from a child and what the child wants/expects from us as parents.

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The foundation for individual numerology is a basic complex of three numbers, the Destiny Number (of your full birth certificate name), the Life Path Number (of the total of your month, day, and year of birth), and your Soul Purpose Number (the total of your Destiny Number plus your Life Path Number).

In short, the Destiny Number is what the world wants and expects from you.  The Life Path Number is how you best move through the world.  And the Soul Purpose number represents the spiritual energy you need to develop and express in your life.  Each number gets nuanced in your role as a parent.

Keep in mind that you can be a mix of three different numbers or of the same number.  In my numerology, I am D3, LP4, and SP7.  From the parenting perspective, the world will want me to teach and support my child’s creativity and imagination (D3), which I can do with consistent and reliable support (LP4), knowing that I need to see parenting as part of my spiritual growth (SP7).

I have a daughter, and her numerology is D9, LP11/2, and SP2.  The world will expect her to give it wisdom (D9), as an individualist who can relate to anyone (LP11/2), whose purpose is to connect people and with people (SP2).  She is currently 15 and already developing into a wonderfully creative artist.

Numerology Parenting Maya Art 01
Numerology Parenting Maya Art 02
Numerology Parenting Maya Art 03

She does her work on an iPad Air.  She also taught herself to do video editing at 12 and I invested in an iMac and Final Cut Pro when she was 13 (my LP4). I have encouraged her creativity (D3) and am hoping to complete a tarot deck project with her (SP7).  Her art and creativity are her ways to get her emerging wisdom (D9) out to people individually and collectively (LP11/2).  And she easily makes friends and supports people (SP2).

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Destiny Numbers and Parenting

Destiny Numbers guide children through the way the world wants parents to TEACH their children.

Parents’ Destiny Number What they need to teach their children
1 how to be individuals and have strong self-confidence
2 how to relate to others and be good partners in life
3 creativity, so they can express themselves in life
4 how to establish themselves and build solid foundations in life
5 the wider world and how to adapt to change
6 compassion for others who need help and how they can serve those less fortunate
7 how to find their spiritual path and live it in their daily lives
8 how to wield, manage, and deal with power
9 how to identify and learn the wisdom they will need to be a great contributor to the world

Life Path Numbers and Parenting

Life Path numbers guide children through the ACTION of the parents.

Parents’ Life Path Number What they need to show their children
1 how to live a healthy individual life
2 how to live a healthy life in partnership with another
3 the necessity of creativity, communication, and hard work to succeed in life
4 how to build and establish themselves in the world
5 how to travel and adapt to changes in the world
6 how to serve through their service to others
7 spirituality through the practice of their beliefs
8 power by the power they exert or powerlessness they must endure
9 how wisdom affects the world by their wise or ignorant decisions and actions

Soul Purpose Numbers and Parenting

The Soul Purpose Number guides children to discover their soul purpose through the FULFILLED or UNFULFILLED life of the parent.

Parents’ Soul Purpose Number What they must do or attain
1 attain individuation to best help their children
2 live a positive partnered life to best help their children
3 live a creatively expressed life to best help their children
4 live a stable and secure life to best help their children
5 live a successfully ever-changing life to best help their children
6 find great joy in service to best help their children
7 find and live their spiritual path to best help their children
8 live a powerful and positive life to best help their children
9 live a wise life counseling others to best help their children
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