June 13, 2024
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Navigating 2024: A Tarot Guide to the New Year

Welcome to the tarot reading for the New Year, 2024. This tarot reading will use the Original Tarot Learning Edition by Da Brigh Publishing. These cards have keywords for upright and reversed readings and the original artwork by Pamela Colman Smith has been enhanced and improved.

The Reading Approach

The reading has been done by drawing 12 cards, one for each month of the New Year. The overall question for the reading is, “what do the visitors to AskAstrology need to know about 2024?”.



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January 2024 carries the commanding energy of the Emperor in the tarot reading, inviting everyone to be aware of a need for structured authority. Be receptive to a prevailing sense of order and discipline in the atmosphere and help to foster order as a leader or a supporter. The energy encourages embracing responsibilities and building resilient foundations. It’s a time to tap into the authoritative currents of the Emperor, allowing the prevailing force to guide the collective journey towards a disciplined and powerful start to the year.



In February, the Fool dances into the tarot reading, ushering in a spirited energy of spontaneity and new beginnings. Embrace a sense of adventure, openness, and the willingness to take leaps of faith. This card invites people to navigate the month with a carefree spirit, letting go of expectations and embracing the unknown. The Fool encourages everyone to embark on uncharted paths, fostering a sense of curiosity and embracing the potential for exciting new experiences throughout February.



March unfolds with the 2 of Wands reversed, signaling a shift in perspective and decision-making. This month invites a release of hesitation and encourages a departure from the familiar. Embrace a sense of flexibility and openness to alternative paths. The reversed 2 of Wands suggests that bold choices may be necessary, breaking free from traditional constraints. It’s a time to explore uncharted territories and consider unconventional approaches to achieve personal and professional goals in March.

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April blossoms with the nurturing energy of the Empress in the tarot reading. This card invites everyone to connect with abundance, creativity, and growth. Embrace the fertile energy surrounding you, allowing ideas and projects to flourish. The Empress encourages a focus on nurturing yourself and those around you. It’s a month to tap into the beauty of creation, fostering a sense of harmony and abundance in both personal and creative endeavors. April beckons everyone to let creativity flow and to celebrate the richness of life.



May 2024 introduces the 5 of Pentacles, signaling a period of financial or emotional challenges. It’s essential to acknowledge any feelings of lack and seek support. The card encourages individuals to lean on community and loved ones for assistance during this time. Approach challenges with resilience, knowing that brighter days are ahead. May invites everyone to address difficulties openly, fostering a sense of unity and shared strength to overcome obstacles and rebuild stability in both material and emotional realms.



June unfolds with the 6 of Swords reversed, suggesting a potential delay in the journey toward calmer waters. Individuals may encounter challenges moving away from difficulties or finding mental peace. It’s a month to navigate internal struggles, focusing on emotional healing and finding solace within. Embrace patience as the journey may take unexpected turns. The reversed 6 of Swords encourages a mindful approach, recognizing that the path to tranquility may involve addressing unresolved issues and cultivating inner resilience throughout June.

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July arrives with the impactful energy of the 10 of Swords, urging a transformative release of burdens. This card signifies the end of a challenging cycle, encouraging individuals to let go of what no longer serves them. Embrace the opportunity to shed old beliefs or situations that may be hindering personal growth. While the card may symbolize a moment of closure, it invites everyone to welcome the dawn of a new and liberating chapter in July, marking the conclusion of challenging circumstances.



August unfolds with the 8 of Pentacles reversed, signaling a shift in focus regarding skills or projects. It suggests a pause in meticulous craftsmanship and invites a reevaluation of your efforts. This month encourages a step back to reconsider goals and methods. Embrace a more flexible approach to work, allowing room for creative exploration and adaptation. The reversed 8 of Pentacles prompts everyone to find joy in the learning process and to explore alternative paths to mastery throughout August.



September 2024 brings the nostalgic and heartwarming energy of the 6 of Cups into the tarot reading. This card encourages individuals to reconnect with cherished memories and embrace the spirit of innocence and joy. It’s a month to foster meaningful connections, both past and present, and find joy in simple pleasures. The 6 of Cups invites everyone to share kindness, create a sense of emotional security, and appreciate the beauty of genuine connections throughout September.



October unfolds with the contemplative energy of the Hanged Man in the tarot reading. This card invites individuals to embrace a perspective shift and surrender to the ebb and flow of life. It’s a month for introspection, patience, and letting go of resistance. The Hanged Man encourages everyone to find wisdom in stillness, allowing new insights to emerge. October prompts a willingness to release control, fostering personal growth and a deeper understanding of life’s complexities throughout the month.



November brings the 3 of Cups reversed, signaling a shift in social dynamics and celebrations. This card suggests a need for reflection on connections and potential conflicts within relationships. It’s a month to navigate social situations with care and address any tensions with understanding. The reversed 3 of Cups encourages individuals to focus on resolving misunderstandings and finding harmony in connections. Embrace a mindful approach to social interactions, fostering a sense of unity and mutual support throughout November.



December graces the tarot reading with the mystical energy of the High Priestess. This card invites individuals to tap into their intuition, explore the depths of inner wisdom, and embrace the mysteries of life. It’s a month for heightened spiritual awareness and intuitive insights. The High Priestess encourages everyone to trust their instincts, engage in introspective practices, and connect with the unseen realms. December prompts a journey of self-discovery, fostering a deeper understanding of the divine aspects within and around each individual.

In Summary

In the ethereal journey through the tarot cards of 2024, the Emperor strides confidently into January, ushering in an era of structured authority and disciplined beginnings. February unfolds with The Fool dancing into view, inviting everyone to embrace spontaneity and new adventures. March takes a turn with the reversed 2 of Wands, signaling a shift in perspective and a departure from the familiar.

April blossoms with the nurturing energy of the Empress, fostering creativity and growth. The 5 of Pentacles casts its shadow over May, urging acknowledgment of challenges and the importance of seeking support. June introduces the reversed 6 of Swords, prompting a delay in the journey towards mental peace. July signifies transformative closure with the 10 of Swords, marking the end of a challenging cycle. August takes a turn with the reversed 8 of Pentacles, encouraging a flexible approach to skill-building and projects. September brings the heartwarming energy of the 6 of Cups, inviting connections and joy.

The contemplative Hanged Man arrives in October, urging surrender to life’s complexities. The reversed 3 of Cups prompts reflection on social dynamics in November. Finally, December unfolds with the mystical High Priestess, guiding individuals to trust their intuition and embark on a journey of profound self-discovery. Throughout the year, the cards tell a tale of growth, challenges, and the ever-present dance between structure and spontaneity, offering a roadmap for navigating the cosmic energies of 2024.

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