July 14, 2024
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Common Mistakes When Reading Tarot

4 Common Mistakes When Reading Tarot Cards for Yourself

There’s no harm in reading your own tarot cards: not only it is a great reading practice, but many people prefer to interpret the cards for themselves instead of allowing someone else to do so. Learning how to read your own tarot cards is how many people start off with a tarot card reading in the first place. However, there are some common mistakes when reading tarot cards.

In this article, we’re going to explore what some of these common mistakes are. Not only will we cover some of the common mistakes when reading tarot cards, but we’ll look at the solutions to these very issues. So, let’s take a look!

Changing the Outcome

When it comes to common mistakes when reading tarot cards for yourself, the most common ones is to do with changing the outcome. The biggest challenge when reading cards, whether it’s for you, a friend, or family member, is remaining objective and not allowing your wants or desires to influence the interpretation. There are some common tarot cards that people are afraid of, such as Death or the Devil, and so when these cards turn up, people are eager to search for a positive interpretation.

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The problem is, that we don’t always do this at a conscious level. Our minds can trick us into believing that positive interpretation just happens to make more sense than any negative interpretation. As you become more skilled at card reading, you’ll be able to sense the connections that are formed across multiple cards, and through this, you’ll be able to determine whether any card is positive or negative.

For Better or For Worse

It doesn’t matter whether you’re using one of the common tarot spreads or a less common one, keep in mind that the cards themselves aren’t “bad” or even “negative”, we simply perceive them that way. Instead, view each card as a lesson: sometimes lessons are fun but sometimes they are hard and challenging. When we change our perspective like this, we can approach any reading with a more objective view.

Similarly, don’t allow yourself to create positive outcomes just because you want to feel as if your day, week, month, or year is going to go well. Putting on rose-tinted glasses or sticking your head in the sand isn’t going to make any potential problem go away. For example, if you feel lonely and wish to meet the love of your life, interpreting the cards in such a manner that you tell yourself that you’ll meet the love of your life tomorrow, isn’t going to make that happen. All you’re doing is setting yourself up for disappointment.

You’ll benefit much more if you’re able to focus on what the cards are trying to show you, learn from them and from yourself, and then take the appropriate action. Don’t try and use the cards to bend fate.

Tough Times

Another of the common mistakes when reading tarot cards, particularly when you’re reading them for yourself, is your frame of mind. With practice, you’ll learn to separate your personal life from the reading, but in some situations, this is easier said than done. It’s all well and good to carry out a reading when you’ve had a stressful day… but a stressful day is quite different from being in a crisis. Unfortunately, our minds and spirits can simply become too clouded and overwhelmed during such times and providing an accurate reading can be challenging, if not impossible.

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There isn’t a quick fix or solution to this problem. A lot of the time, people won’t even realize that they’re overwhelmed and so how are they to know if they are in a suitable frame of mind for reading tarot cards? Confusingly, one option is to read tarot cards to see if you can read tarot cards.

This is a lot simpler than it sounds. Set up a reading in the same manner you usually would, but this time, your question is going to be: “Am I ready to read tarot cards again?” There’s no risk involved because either you’re ready or you’re not, and if you’re not, then you just need a little more time. That isn’t so bad, right? Everyone needs time to recover from any sort of crisis, regardless of whether they read cards or not. So, don’t allow yourself to make one of these common mistakes when reading tarot cards.

Creating Chaos

When it comes to common mistakes, this one can happen whether you’re reading for yourself or for others. The main distinction is that when you’re reading for yourself, you may not even notice that you’ve become lost in the jungle of tarot information and knowledge. When you’re reading for someone else, on the other hand, they will probably share their confusion or, at the very least, you’ll be able to tell from the confused look on their face.

This is one of those common mistakes when reading tarot cards that is most common to those just starting out. It’s very easy to become obsessed with tarot cards and tarot card reading. I’m sure that most readers have, at one point or another, had to pull themselves out of the rabbit hole. The key thing to remember when reading cards is this: it’s mostly about interpretation and intuition.

The reason I mention this is because it’s the solution to the problem. Yes, you should spend some time learning to understand the cards, their energy, their meaning, and more. However, you shouldn’t download any and all information onto your brain just because it relates to tarot cards. If you can’t allow yourself to “feel” the answer just as much as you “think” about the answer, then you’re going to cause yourself problems. Tarot reading isn’t about rigid answers and concrete meanings, it’s a fluid process and each card can have a slightly different meaning in every situation.

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