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Taurus Zodiac Color

Taurus Zodiac Color

“I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.” – Audrey Hepburn (Taurus Sun)

Taureans are beautiful, peaceful and well-structured individuals. They maintain a sense of elegance and charm that can be difficult to match, and their beauty and grace make them stand out in a crowd. Taurus people possess a lot of patience and understanding for others, and softer colors like pink and cream are beneficial to emphasize their delicate nature.

Taurus is ruled by the planet Venus, which is the planet of love and sense of gratitude. It is the planet that represents our relationships with others and what we value in life. It as a good representation of the nature of Taurus and how they value love and their relationships in life, along with how level headed they are when it comes to their finances. Friendships and connections with people are very important to Taurus, and the abundance of pink can show the world their capacity to love and nurture. Pink comes from red, which represents action, however pink is the softer version of red turning that action into more pure and loving motivation.

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Taurus Zodiac Color Guide

The Taurus wardrobe

Most Taurus individuals will be more inclined to dress less flashy and more sophisticated. They have an ability to be aware of their physical strengths and they are able to accentuate it well through their choices of clothing, showing off their best body parts with well fitting adornments. Being able to look very good naturally, they don’t need to put much effort into their appearance in order to look good.

Taurus Females – Soft, well fitting cream elegant tops and dresses are good for giving a professional yet accommodating energy. Wearing light pink items of clothing are perfect when building relationships, and bright pink works well when wanting to gain attention and succeed.

Taurus Males – These guys can usually pull off the more soft, feminine colors. Taurus males have a very calm and gentle nature and wearing soft creams and shades of pink will show this to others. They prefer the classy look over the trendy one.

The Taurus home

Taurus people will tend to keep their decor and surroundings classic and practical. They are very good with finances and budgeting, and they do not spend unnecessary cash on clutter and useless decor. A Taurus home is usually furnished with a lot of seating for when they entertain (and they do love to entertain!). They tend to spend most of their money on things like cutlery and snacks for guests instead of lavish decor. Their personalities are usually so big that you don’t need environmental distractions to keep you entertained.

Cream walls are good for adding to the classic style they lean toward, and pink themed decor will give an inviting and loving feeling to all their loved ones and friends. Pink colored curtains, table settings, pillows, table cloths will aid them in creating the welcoming feel they are looking for. Taurus people love their comfort, so having many soft fluffy pillows and blankets everywhere is a must for them!

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The Taurus workspace

Pink is a color that represents hope, and it is useful in the workplace as it can ease stress and bring a soothing feeling. Taurus individuals strive in careers that include creativity, self-expression and beauty such as fashion, art or design. Taurus females do well in beauty industry jobs such as salons and in these cases, it is always beneficial to have a feminine, pink-themed environment. When working in a more corporate, fast-paced environment, cream desks or couches, and well-selected soft toned pink decor will ease tension.

The Taurus car

Taurus females usually enjoy driving a more girly car like a Mini Cooper. The Pink Mini’s and Lamborgini’s you see driving around town are most likely the Taurus females. A Taurus woman has no fear in making her vehicle bright pink or choosing a vehicle that showcases her femininity to the world.

Taurus men prefer practical vehicles, and because you do not usually see men driving around in Pink Mini’s, it is suggested for them to get a car that has a white-cream tone. They will usually choose a vehicle for function over appearance, however choosing a color that shows purity and class is good for Taurus men.

Colors to avoid

Colors that are overly striking and bright are best avoided, as they can be overpowering along with the strong, fixed nature of Taurus. Although they do have a peaceful nature, they do have a strong presence, and they can become overwhelmed when the environment is overstimulated by bright colors and crazy color schemes. Taurus’s symbol is the bull, and as you know, when a bull sees the color red, it can become provoked. Although Pink is recommended, red on its own can have an aggravating effect, therefore it should be used minimally.

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