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How the Major Arcana is Associated with Different Careers

How the Tarot’s Major Arcana is Associated with Different Careers

When people think about the different careers out there, they think about the fact that a certain personality must be a good match to go into a certain career and avoid others.

For instance, if someone is the type that likes to go on one adventure after another and does not like to be tied down, then the right field would be the travel niche, not teaching or caregiving.

And when you think about careers, you may think about what astrological signs are the most fitting for certain careers. Have you considered how each of the tarot cards in the Major Arcana fits with careers?

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How the Tarot’s Major Arcana is Associated with Different Careers

Let’s look right now at that and determine which careers are associated with each of the 22 cards.

The Fool

The Fool is about going into something that is brand new which is not known about. And because this card is associated with the planet Uranus, innovative careers would be fitting. Careers such as social media management or careers in tech would be associated with this job as both are constantly evolving and entering new territory.

The Magician

The Magician is about creation and starting something new and is ruled by Mercury. Careers in sales as well as in communications would be fitting for the Magician as both involve effective communication. You could also say careers in tech and social media management like the Fool could be fitting due to the nature of the careers as well. All about communication.

The High Priestess

This is the card that shows you that it is time to tap into your own intuition and is associated with the Moon, as it indicates digging into things that are hidden or mysterious. Careers such as being a detective, a psychologist or psychiatrist, or an endocrinologist are fitting for this card.

They all have to do with uncovering hidden things whether it is in regard to the psyche, physical health, or something that needs to be located. This card is associated with psychic jobs as well.

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The Empress

The Empress is the card that is associated with creation and motherhood and is represented by Venus. Careers in teaching, nursing, fashion, beauty, as well as working from home such as freelancing are what is associated with this card.

Working from home is what many moms do so they can stay at home and contribute financially while caring for the kids. It is a win-win since childcare is also expensive otherwise.

The Emperor

This card is associated with authority and order and is associated with the sign, Aries. This card is associated with being a CEO in any type of business, as well as management, and government jobs. Being self-employed also is associated with this card.

The Hierophant

This card is associated with conformity and sticking to the rules, and sticking to familiarity, and is associated with Taurus. Careers in bookkeeping, or in religious organizations such as being a minister are what is associated with this card. Careers in education that are not related to teaching can also be associated with the Hierophant.


The Lovers is about making choices and having partners and is associated with Gemini. Careers that involve partnerships and getting other people together such as in public relations, advertising, marketing, networking, and sales are what is fitting for the Lovers card.


The Chariot is moving towards a successful destination quickly and is ruled by Cancer. Careers that involve transportation, software development, postal services, and quality control would be quite fitting.

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This card is about finding your inner strength or strength in situations and is associated with Leo. Careers involving human resources, animal care, care of the elderly, children, and the disabled, as well as in dentistry are associated with Strength.


This card represents you having to be introspective and looking within and is associated with Virgo. Careers in the healing industry such as Reiki, reflexology, massage therapy, and acupuncture, as well as writing, proofreading and editing, and teaching, are related to this card.

The Wheel of Fortune

This card represents a change in events, and Jupiter is associated with this card. Careers that have to do with making changes are what is fitting for this card such as being a motivational coach, a dietician due to changing ways of eating, or careers in investment due to aiming to go for positive changes in finances.


The card that represents cause and effect or karma is the justice card which is associated with the sign Libra. It is not a surprise to know that careers in law are associated with this card. However, the same goes for health and fitness-related careers. You eat well, stay active, and you will be in shape, which is an example of cause and effect.

The Hanged Man

This card is the one that represents sacrifice or the only way you can move forward is by giving something up. The associated planet is Neptune and the fitting careers for this card are related to psychology. Because of Neptune’s influence, careers in art, music, creative writing, as well as pharmaceuticals are associated.


The most feared and most misunderstood card is Death which means transformation and is associated with Scorpio. Because of the nature of the card, careers in the funeral industry are fitting. Additionally, careers that are in insurance, finances, taxes, as well as counseling in the substance abuse field are fitting as well.


Temperance is the card that represents moderation and spirituality in general, which is why Sagittarius is the fitting sign. Careers in healing, travel, news, as well as in humanitarian-related roles are what is associated with Temperance.

The Devil

Addictions, obsessions, and extreme materialism are what is associated with this card and it is associated with Capricorn. It is also the card that represents a commitment. Careers in IT, mining, farming, and negotiations are what is associated with this card in addition to self-employment.

The Tower

Another card that is quite feared is the Tower because it presents unexpected destruction which means the old is destroyed to make room for the new, and it is associated with Mars. It is not a surprise that any career related to demolition work as well as in the military is associated with the Tower. An anger management counselor is also associated with this card.

The Star

This is the card that represents hope and wishing, which is associated with Aquarius. The fitting careers are healing, technology, the film and entertainment industry, as well as in public service in general.

The Moon

A mysterious card that represents illusions is associated with Pisces. The fitting careers are detective work, graveyard shift workers in any field, art fields, as well as working in hospitals but not necessarily a medical specialist.

The Sun

The happiest card in the Major Arcana is the Sun as it shines bright and this is a most welcome card to be seen especially after dealing with some tough times. Suitable careers for this card are working in fields that require outdoor work, working with kids, as well as leadership-related careers.


A card that shows up when you have entered a new state of consciousness or have had a new awakening is the Judgement card ruled by Pluto. Pluto is the transformational planet and the fitting careers for the Judgement card are careers in politics, human resources, management, as well as being a judge.

The World or The Universe

This card comes up when you have accomplished something and are ready to go onto the next level. Saturn is the planet that is associated with it because it is the planet of accomplishment and it is a karmic planet. Careers in rules and regulations, teaching jobs in higher education, the government, as well as in land and natural resources are associated with this card.

If you can associate other careers with any of the cards in the Major Arcana that are not listed here, which ones would you choose and why?

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