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How to Attract an Aquarius Man

7 Tips on How to Attract an Aquarius Man

Being the Air sign, he is, Aquarius is seldom known to be fond of longer commitments, and truly few of them are willing to settle down early. They love to wander, explore the possibilities the world may offer. Only by letting go of the end of the rope handed to him can you expect him to feel trusted. If you want to know how to attract an Aquarius man, let him know you have faith in him and his decisions.

If it is profoundly obvious that you should be well aware of what you might be getting yourself into. Take a step at a time to get closer to a person who has a profound love for exploring, exploiting and rebelling against all the rules restraining him.

1st Tip: Unconventional Lovers

Your eccentricity may attract an Aquarius man before anything else! What matters to him that you stand out and once you do, you have his attention. Don’t blow it away by behaving like a typically pampered girl who demands more. Just act open and natural. Prefer comfort over choking yourself excessively to please others. He would appreciate that.

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2nd Tip: Be close to him

Talk about things you normally wouldn’t. Indulge in an intellectual conversation and be sure of what you are talking about. Aquarius men admire that! A way on how to attract Aquarius men is to respect their views. They love exploring and finding new ideas. Speak like a mature individual who understands that not everything will mold itself into your liking and he will respect it. They love creativity. If you have any creative hobbies, don’t hold them back!

3rd Tip: Be a friend too!

What is most important when considering a relationship when an Aquarius man is to let him confide in you. Be his friend and he will grow closer to you when he begins to trust you. Tell him things and be confident. The lack of melodrama would be the lever that brings him closer to you more than ever. Come to peace with the fact that the water-bearer cannot be caged. That is the most important factor you need to know how to attract an Aquarius man.

4th Tip: Keep things interesting

Keep him interested but don’t brag or complain. Giving him something out of the blue may not be a bad idea and chances are that he may not refuse the gift. It’s an Aquarius! The creativity star of the entire night’s sky and once he falls for you, you shall truly have a life worth the risks.

Go out together, visit an art museum or perhaps go out for lunch at a place he does not expect. Live more, and he will want to live for you.

5th Tip: Diversity

A way on how to attract an Aquarius man is by keeping things diverse and challenging in a delightfully astonishing way. Unravel bits and pieces of who you really are, and he will remain intrigued in finding more about you, exploring all of your facets and all that you have to offer. But, most importantly, in an attempt to make him stay, don’t let go of who you are by masking it beneath a face that is not really yours. If you are not his type, it does not matter, so be true and let him know. Otherwise, he will sprint past you without further notice.

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6th Tip: Hindrances

It really takes a lot of patience and dedication to make an Aquarius fall for you and confess his love out openly. Sometimes, there are those points in your life when the water-bearer feels a permanent commitment is a lot for him. Such chances arise when an Aquarius feels that the woman he loves is hindering his drive to experience the world around him.

7th Tip: Way of Life

Surprisingly, Aquarius men have a life of habits, which often makes it harder to make to let go of something that bothers you about some particular habit. They tend to judge other people by the same standard they have molded into their minds. A clever way to steer through this is to show that you have a constant ethical code of conduct in your life to abide by. Trust me; he will be impressed by this even if some of your rules are not to his preference.

An Aquarius may not seem very conservative upfront, but an excessive amount of skin does not necessarily appeal to his prudish nature. Surprise him and stand out of the crowd, so when he is tired of all that he has to face in life, you are the little breather he needs to remind him why he fell for you in the first place.


How to attract an Aquarius man? Don’t make it too obvious that you are trying to impress him! Do you want to have him hooked? Hold him with the sheer surprise when you unravel the things that others don’t really get to see or know about you. The reason why an Aquarius cherishes his freedom is that he believes that you have given it to him. Once he understands that, he will let you have your freedom. An Aquarius is a sticky sign but once you both know the limits; every day will be an adventure for you both!

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