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How to Get a Yes or No Answer from Tarot

How to Get a Yes or No Answer from Tarot?

When it comes to tarot card reading, most people will use the cards to find answers to complicated questions. Each card can tell a story and provide a detailed and in-depth answer to any question. Even when you’re using the tarot cards to get a general understanding of the past, present, or future, you’ll find that the answers are rarely simple or straightforward. Is it possible to get yes or no answers from tarot cards?

In this article, we’re going to explore the idea of a yes or no tarot spread. We’ll explore some of the various possibilities for how the tarot deck can provide yes or no answers, but we’ll also consider some of the pitfalls that you’ll have to be careful to avoid. By the end, you should know how to get a yes or no answer from tarot decks.

Burning Questions

Sometimes, when we are using a tarot deck, certain questions are given priority over others. We don’t always have time to take part in a full reading and we’ve all been in the situation where we simply need yes and no answers. If you’re taking part in a rather rushed burning question tarot reading, you’ll need a system for determining which cards mean yes and which cards mean no.

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Before diving straight in, you might want to consider making a list of your questions. You need to make sure that they aren’t too complex, but also, that an answer of yes or no is possible. For example, you could ask “Will I meet the love of my life within the next year?” as this could be answered rather simply. In contrast, asking “When will I meet the love if my life?” isn’t going to be answered with a yes or a no.

Questions can also be too complex such as “will I find happiness this year?” While it is possible to answer this question in the yes/no manner, happiness can come in many different forms. You might be happy in some aspects of your life but not in others. So, how are the cards supposed to answer it without going into more detail? This brings us to our next problem: Do you know how to get a yes or no answer from tarot cards?

Yes or No

So, let’s look at some examples of how to get a yes or no answer from tarot cards. Many people will use the cards in slightly different ways. Ultimately, it’s going to be your decision about which method you choose. My advice would be to pick whichever technique seems the least confusing and comes the most naturally. The last thing you want to do is create any unnecessary confusion during a reading.


The first technique is a rather unreliable one, but it is quite a common method. Tarot cards are typically viewed as having positive or negative cards and as every card is illustrated in some manner, the colors on the card often reflect its positive or negative personality. This means that when you select a card, you would be selecting either a positive card, which would mean yes or a negative card, which would mean no.

The problem with this method is that not all decks are clearly divided up into positive or negative colors.

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Similarly, you could select cards and determine whether it has masculine or feminine energy, with one of these being assigned yes and the other no. Again, this can be slightly arbitrary and may give rather inconsistent answers.

Numbers and Suits

Personally, when it comes to learning how to get a yes or no answer from tarot cards, the method that I find to be the most logical and effective is to remove all the major arcana cards from your deck, provided you’re only using your cards to determine a yes/no answer. With only the minor arcana cards left, you effectively have a similar deck to standard playing cards: an ace, 2-10, and royal cards, with these same cards appearing across all four suits. There are two very simple approaches here.

The first approach is assigning an answer to two of the suits. For example, you could decide that Pentacles and Cups are ‘yes’ cards, while Swords and Wands are ‘no cards. Then you can use all the minor arcana cards. So, for example, if your question was: “Should I search for a new job?” and you selected a Cups card, then you would know that the answer is yes.

Another approach, which is just as simple, is to use the card numbers as being indicative of yes and no. Ace is universally a ‘yes’ card within the tarot deck and so when learning to get a yes or no answer from tarot, you should always consider the ace to represent yes. As such, you could make all the odd cards (ace included) ‘yes’ and all the even cards ‘no’. Don’t rush into your reading just yet though, there is still another matter to discuss.


Once you’ve chosen your favored method for how to get a yes or no answer from tarot decks, you need to choose a technique for selecting your cards. Choosing unwisely at this stage could lead to results that are completely random. Card selection is supposed to involve your energy and the energy of the cards, it isn’t random.

For example, some people will choose a method as simple as shuffling the cards and selecting the card on the top of the deck. Other people will have a number in mind and will shuffle the card, deal out the number of cards they have in mind, and turn the final card over to reveal their answer.

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Everyone has their own approach, but my advice would be to treat the selection process in the same manner as any other tarot card reading. Just because you’re learning how to get a yes or no answer from tarot cards, doesn’t mean you should just select cards willy-nilly.

Shuffle the cards and lay them out so that you can see all of them. Don’t be afraid to touch a card first to get a sense of its energy prior to selecting one. If you aren’t drawn towards any card at all, then collect them all up, shuffle them again, deal them out, and try again.

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