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Parenting Weaknesses

Parenting Weaknesses Moms Run into Based on Their Zodiac Sign

Parenting, in general, is a tough gig, and all parents can agree with that statement even if they don’t agree with other parents’ style with how they raise their kids. However, just like the average parent, they do their best with raising kids since children never come with instructions. And, based on the zodiac of the mom (and dad), they have their strong points, but they also run into problems due which is indicated by their sun signs. Let’s go find out about the parenting weaknesses that moms (and dads) frequently run into based on their zodiac right now.

The Aries Mom – Patience Is Not Her Virtue

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and it is a fire sign, and as you are already aware, this sign represents passion, independence, and initiation. However, the downside of Aries is impatience, impulsivity, and aggression. That means that the one problem that the Aries mom frequently will run into is being insensitive and getting into heated conflicts with her kids.

She does not at all mean to be insensitive, but she will certainly come across that way if her kids are challenging her. The problem is that kids will always challenge their parents, and this always leads into butting heads with the kids, heated arguments, hurting the kids’ feelings, and general impatience. The best thing for this mom to do is to take a moment and take a deep breath and cool down the fire before saying anything she regrets, which is a challenge for the Aries!

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The Taurus Mom – The Indulgent Mom

Taurus is the second sign of the zodiac and it is an earth sign, and you already know that the common traits of this sign are a need for security and routine, a love for the material, which includes a love for food, and loyalty. However, the problematic traits with the Taurus are overindulgence and stubbornness.

This means that the Taurus mom will be extremely patient with her kids which is a great trait, but she will also be the type to overfeed and buy her kids anything they want. The problem with this is that she will keep overindulging the kids and that only means that they will likely end up quite spoiled and believe that they are entitled to everything later on. This mom may also have a difficult time as her kids reach different phases in their lives because the Taurus dislikes change.

This mom needs to be reminded that in order for her kids to grow up as well-rounded individuals to not spoil them rotten and to put money aside for their education instead of toys and clothing they love.

The Gemini Mom – The Moody Mom

Gemini is the third sign of the zodiac and it is an air sign, and as you know this sign is all about communication. However, the problem with Gemini is that this sign is associated with any Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde situation. This means that the Gemini mom is prone to be quite moody.

The problem with this is that one moment the Gemini mom will be patient and happy with her kids, and the next moment is that she will become upset with them for no apparent reason. This will only lead to confusion on the kids’ part, and even though this is a common Gemini trait, they can easily give her kids emotional whiplash. Kids are extremely intuitive and in tune with mom’s feelings and this is something that this mom will need to remember.

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The Cancer Mom – Helicopter Mom

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac and it is a water sign, and as you already know it is the mother of the zodiac signs, literally. This is the maternal sign, but it has downfalls such as being overprotective and overly emotional. This would not come to you as a surprise learning that the Cancer mom would be the ultimate helicopter mom.

She will not allow her kids freedom only because she is always going to be concerned about their safety and will need to check up on them all of the time. This will only lead to resentment on the kids’ parts, and they will end up distancing themselves from mom! The Cancer mom needs to give them the space they need so they grow to be independent and grow to become their own individuals!

The Leo Mom – Unrealistic Standards

Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac and it is a fire sign, and this is the King or Queen of the zodiac signs. Leo is the ultimate royal sign and those with this sign will do anything possible to make it known, and even though they have great playful quality and a strong creative side, they have the need to take up the spotlight. And, the Leo mom will also hold their kids up on the pedestal and will have unrealistic expectations of them.

This is because they want to brag about their kids being the best, and this puts a lot of pressure on them. If they fall off of the pedestal this will only make them feel like failures and will disappoint mom. This means the Leo mom needs to take a step back and lower her standards and be proud of her kids’ accomplishments no matter what.

The Virgo Mom – The Perfectionist

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and it is an earth sign, and as you know this sign represents the organization, health, service, and work. However, the downside is that those with this sun sign can be obsessive, too analytical, and have a perfectionist mentality. That means the Virgo mom will without a doubt expect perfection from their kids. Not for the same reasons as the Leo mom would because it has nothing to do with the show. This has to do with their health and work.

Even though the heart of the Virgo mom is in the right place, they will drive themselves nuts by making sure that their kids only eat purely organic and non-GMO foods and they will want their kids to get perfect grades. Even though it is always a good thing to serve healthy foods to the kids, if it gets to a point of obsessiveness, then that is not going to be helpful and cause the kids to worry as well. These moms may even get to a point of doing their own kids’ homework too in order for them to get the best grades. These moms need to realize that there is nothing perfect in life and it is okay if they eat some sugar as well as not always getting straight A’s.

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The Libra Mom – The Doormat Mom

Libra is the seventh sign of the zodiac and it is an air sign, and as you know Libra is associated with fairness, balance, and beauty. However, the downside of this sign is that those who have this sun sign avoid confrontations like the plague and are unable to make a decision.

That means the one challenge that Libra moms run into is that they allow their kids to get away with so many things that are not acceptable. That is because they want to avoid having conflicts with them at all costs. That makes the Libra mom as a doormat, and they have to remember that in order to remind the kids who the boss is, they have to face potential conflicts with them. They always need to be reminded to obey the rules and to be disciplined when necessary.

The Scorpio Mom – The Snooper

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, and it is a water sign. As you know this sign is all about extremes, and passion, as well as unraveling mysteries, and it is a cryptic sign. This means that moms who have the sun sign of Scorpio will end up doing something that her kids will not be happy to know.

The Scorpio mom is secretive and will do anything to unravel any kind of mystery. That means she will frequently find ways to snoop into what her kids are doing privately. As it is important for parents to monitor their kids’ online activity since there are dangers that they could be trapped. However, this is not what we are talking about. The Scorpio mom will find a way to snoop into anything her kids are doing, no matter how innocent it is. Even though parents need to be on top of what their kids are doing for safety purposes, kids need their privacy as well and parents need to respect that.

The Sagittarius Mom – Is Mom the Parent or the Friend of Her Child?

Sagittarius is the ninth sign of the zodiac and it is a fire sign. The traits that are associated with this sign are optimism, a love for adventure, a love for learning, and exploring. The downside, however, is that there is a lack of routine and responsibility that comes with this sign. This means the Sagittarius mom will end up bending any rule for her kids and befriend them.

It is fine to be your child’s friend as long as there is a healthy balance between that and setting the rules and being a parent. However, the Sagittarius mom will bend the rules, and be the type to take her kids out in the middle of a school day to take them out for ice cream. Even though kids need to have fun with their parents for bonding purposes, they also need the same parents to reinforce the rules and to actually be their parents as well!

The Capricorn Mom – Mom That Doesn’t Believe in Fun and Is Way Too Hard on the Kids

Capricorn is the tenth sign of the zodiac and it is an earth sign, and as you know, the Capricorn is all about work, organization, and career. The downside with this sign is that those who have this sun sign definitely are too serious and don’t believe in having fun. That means there is only work and no play with this one.

That means the Capricorn moms are a 180 from their Sagittarian counterparts. Whereas the Sagittarius mom only wants to have fun and wants to bend the rules, the Capricorn mom is the exact opposite. She expects her kids to only work, whether it is working hard at school or doing house chores and will not want them to have fun. That is because she doesn’t believe in fun! This only increases the chances of her kids rebelling! This mom needs to remember that even though kids need to develop a work ethic and work within the rules, they need to have some fun too. Balance is everything.

The Aquarius Mom – Mom Expects Them to Agree with Her All Of The Time

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac and it is an air sign, and as you, Aquarius is associated with free-thinking, innovation, and anything that is unique. However, the downside about this sign is that those who have this sun sign are prone to rebellion and can be condescending towards those who think differently from them.

That means the Aquarius mom will teach her kids to embrace their unique side and will encourage free-thinking, which is a strength! However, the moment that her kids challenge her with their free-thinking, she will not accept that. And, she will not be happy to say the least. These moms need to realize and accept that when they teach their kids to become free-thinkers, that means they will end up developing their own views that could potentially oppose their own.

The Pisces Mom – Mom with Her Head in The Clouds

Pisces is the twelfth sign of the zodiac and it is a water sign, and it is a known fact that Pisces is associated with dreaminess, intuition, creativity, and art. However, the downside of Pisces is that it is also associated with not being in tune with reality, and not being grounded.

The Pisces mom will be the type to, unfortunately, have her head in the clouds and pretend that nothing is wrong in order to not face reality. That means if her child is having problems at school or having problems with a classmate, she will tune those issues out and believe that the problem will always resolve itself – without acknowledging for a moment that there really is a significant problem that needs to be addressed. A problem that needs intervention because it will not resolve itself on its own. The Pisces mom needs to start grounding herself to reality and use her strong intuitive abilities to find something around that will really help resolve any issue with her kids.

Now you know about the parenting weaknesses that are displayed by each sign. That means, however, any parents regardless of their sun sign can find ways to work with the weaknesses associated with their sign. And, if you are a parent, and if any of this resonates with your own sign, let us know. And, let us know as well how you were able to work with the weakness.

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