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Leo Full Moon Tarot Reading

The Leo Full Moon Tarot Reading

On 1-28-2021 The Moon in Leo rose at 4:52 pm CST.  It is in Leo until Saturday, January 30th, 2:11 am CST.

The Wolf Moon in Leo Tarot Card Reading

angel tarot leo full moon

Major Arcana: Why it is Important

The 3rd card is a Major Arcana card meaning Knowledge. The Wheel of Fortune is X (Ten) 10. In this reading, its meaning is a major manifestation. In this reading, it is the 3rd card which means the 3rd day of the Full Moon. Ten also means your thoughts may be influencing. The number 1 suggests staying positive. The number 0 signifies there is no end. No matter what occurs, there is no end. The Angels are bringing this with a word of reassurance of Divine Guidance.

The Significance of Cups and Water

The 2nd card is Water. The Queen Cups. Flowing, Fluid, Immersed, Not Solid, Full. Also signifying Empty, Drained, and Overflowing. The full moon clears out what is not needed or necessary as does the Queen of Cups. The Queen of Cups is nurturing and supportive. She is about love and family. She shares this message today: “May the love and support you show and have shown, be appreciated and returned to you in kind.”

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Cups and Water are Emotions, Deeply Felt. They are not light nor fleeting. Pay special attention.

The Importance of Swords and Air

The 1st card is Air. The Queen of Swords. In this reading, it signifies Enlightened Thinking and Thinkers, Education and Thinking, and Stages of Love. Along with the Wheel of Fortune, it signifies Four Stages of Life; child, teen, young person, and older person. It comes with the message: “To stay in an Enlightened, no matter what.”

Swords and Air are Thought, Belief, The Mind, Subconscious, and Communication. The mind can powerfully affect emotion. The mind (swords/air) leads to the emotions (cups/water) which leads to the Wheel.

The End Result and Conclusion

The Wheel is: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. The end result is “Wind.” And the message is “God will see you through.”

With Love and Light

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