July 23, 2024
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Preparing Your Tarot Deck for Readings

Preparing Your Tarot Deck for Readings

First, take your deck out of its box and place it on a sunny windowsill for three days and nights.  This infuses the deck with positive energy from the sun, as well as feminine and ancestral energy from the moon.

If you can, get a wooden box big enough for both the cards and several crystals.  Wood is a natural energy absorber, absorbing negative energy, so this would be your best type of box to use. 

Always place the cards back in the box after each reading. You don’t want the next reading to have the energy from the last person you read.

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Crystals are like batteries, if you feel the energy is weak put the crystals back on a sunny window sill.

If the cards continuously give you negative (no) answers, you may wish to re-energize the cards as well.  It’s always a good practice to keep the crystals on top of the cards, inside the box, in the sun.

Mix up the cards before using them.  Cut the cards into two piles and make one face up and one face down. Then shuffle both piles.  Shuffle for a good length of time. You don’t want all of one suit coming out in a reading. If that happens, it’s most likely you haven’t shuffled them enough before dealing them.

Suggested Crystals for Your Tarot Deck


Recommended Crystals: 

  • Clear Quartz: optimism, vitality, and the future.
  • Amethyst: for making decisions, relieving stress, and keeping life balanced. Citrine/Pyrite: prosperity-abundance.
  • Sodalite: a health stone that also diminishes depression, sadness, and despair.
  • Black Tourmaline: the most powerful stone for protecting you from others’ negativity.  Rose Quartz: love, happiness, joy, and inner confidence.
  • Carnelian: a calming stone that quells anxiety and worry.

When you read for yourself, give the cards a good shuffle.  Then pull the cards one at a time.  If you want to give yourself a professional reading, record it as if you were doing it for someone else and then listen to it the next day.  It works better than rushing through the cards and missing out on important information.

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When you read for another, have them sit to the left of you, not opposite you. In this position, they are seeing the cards as you see them.  Energy comes into the left side of the body and leaves through the right.  When you are shuffling the cards the universal energy comes into your body, your energy goes out of your body and into the cards, thus creating a full-circle moment.

Ask the question and then shuffle that question into the cards.  Make sure the question is as specific as possible, including times, dates, names, companies (if for a specific job), the name of the romantic significant other, so you can ask if it will be in their best interest to continue to stay together, etc.  This is all done silently.

Questions could be:

“Will I get the job with XYZ company, which I interviewed with last week, by the end of the month?”

“Will I get along with all of the XYZ staff and fit in as a team player?”

“Will my marriage to John James on December 31, 2021, be in both of our best interests?”  If its only in one’s best interest, the other partner may be unsatisfied and leave.

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Place the cards in your Querent’s (the client-seeker) left hand. They shuffle the cards thinking of their question. If the question(s) aren’t specific enough tell them how to reframe it for better accuracy.  Make sure the Querent is concentrating or they may get an answer to another question.

They hand them back to you, placing them in your left hand and then you draw them into whichever spread you are using.  A simple yes/no spread can be used for many questions.

Three Simple Tarot Spreads

Always shuffle the cards while thinking of your question. If you are distracted, you don’t know what you will be answering.

  • Shuffle the cards well. Be sure to think of the question while you are shuffling and ask that the answer be positive for your Querent. You then turn over the first card on top of the deck.  If upright, it is a yes.  If reversed or upside down, the answer is no.
  • Shuffle your cards well while thinking of your question. You may then pick a card from anywhere in the deck.  Upright is a yes and reversed is no.
  • Shuffle your cards well and put them into two piles.  Then put your left hand over each pile and see which top card you energetically feel. Choose your card. Then turn over the top card in the pile you chose.  As always, upright yes; reversed is no.

Very Accurate Ace Spread for Yes/No Answers

  • Shuffle cards well as you think of your question. 
  • Make three piles with the cards using your left hand.
  • Shuffle each pile and then return them to one pile.
  • You may ask, “I seek guidance into my life (or name of person) for the next year.”
  • Always ask for your Querent’s best interest and give specific time frames.
  • Make three piles of 12 cards or until you get an Ace in that pile.

This means, you can deal the cards in one pile up to 12 cards.  If you don’t get an Ace then continue to the next pile. You can stop the pile you are on once you get an Ace. Then continue to the next pile and then the third pile. In essence, you can have three cards in this spread if you drew the Aces first for each pile.  Deal the cards up to twelve unless you get an Ace and continue with the next pile.  If you don’t draw any Aces, you will have twelve cards in each pile.

No Aces = No

One Ace = Slim chance – 25% chance

Two Aces = Most likely -75-80% yes

Three Aces = Yes 100%

If you would like to take this spread further, you can deal twelve cards in each of the three piles and read the top, or last card drawn, for insight or useful information.

  • The last way to interpret cards in this article is to pull cards for a quick response is to spread out all the cards on a table in a line or half-moon shape; then put your left hand over the cards and see if you feel a cold or hot spot, or you just intuitively feel the need to pull a particular card, etc. Draw three cards and you will have a mini reading for yourself.

I hope you learned a little bit about preparing your cards, as well as how to begin giving readings using this simple tarot spread technique. Good luck and many blessings.

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