July 23, 2024
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The Many Different Psychic Tools and their Usage

Psychic and spiritual work is often done using tools, not just abilities.  This article will explore the many different psychic and spiritual tools you can use to direct, enhance, or deliver your psychic abilities.  If you want to work with someone with psychic or spiritual skills, then you may find certain tools resonate with you and help you connect with the experience more successfully.

This article will not provide an exhaustive list but will look at some of the most commonly used and generally effective tools for psychic and spiritual work and experiences.

How a Tool Works

It may seem rather obvious that we should all know what a tool is and does, but sometimes it helps to get down to the fundamentals, just as a starting point.  According to the Oxford Dictionary website, a tool is: a device or implement, especially one held in the hand, used to carry out a particular function.  In the case of psychic tools, they may or may not be held in the hand, but they are designed to help focus psychic and spiritual energy for various functions.

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Tarot/Oracle Cards

Most tarot/oracle cards have no special spiritual or energetic charge; they are made of thin cardboard or dense paper with printed images on them and they are mass-produced.  A deck that is handmade and one of a kind is a different story.  But since most tarot/oracle cards are printed using digital art rendering and machines, they are basically inert.

Tarot/oracle cards can be read without any psychic or spiritual energy or intent.  In short, they can be read psychologically instead of psychically.  However, if someone with psychic or spiritual skill chooses to, they can use the cards and the laying out of the cards as a way to focus psychic energy and deliver a spiritual message.

Stones and Crystals

Stones and crystals could be considered inert, but that is not really accurate.  Stones and crystals have a field vibration based on the make-up of the material or the crystal matrix.  The most famous of this group would be the crystal ball, which is most often made of clarified Quartz.  Black stones absorb psychic energy while different colored stones and crystal matrices enhance certain kinds of psychic energy.

Amethyst is commonly used for psychic protection, while jade is helpful for energy balancing.  Green jasper can help against deception, and onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy into positive energy.  Wearing stones and crystals on rings, bracelets, or necklaces is a common way to get the psychic value out of the stones.

Sound Objects

Two of the most common sound objects are singing bowls and tuning forks.  Each of these tools can help you enter a profound meditative state and “attune” your psychic and spiritual energy.  The most common singing bowls are metal and can be a mix of copper, gold, silver, lead, mercury, iron, and tin.  There are also crystal versions.  Sound is produced by running a wooden pestle along the rim of the bowl to create a sonorous vibration.

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Tuning forks are metal and can be used to release tension and help balance your emotions.  They tap into your psychic field through sound and can be especially effective if you are sensitive to sound.  Tuning forks vary in size, creating different frequencies for different uses in psychic work.

Your Palm

Palmistry is one of the oldest divination and psychic practices in human history.  Getting your palm read by a skilled and knowledgeable practitioner can reveal tremendous insight about your character, soul path choices, and intended goals in this lifetime.  Understanding and interpreting the lines on the palm involve much more than technical skill to see the spiritual purpose.

Your Whole-Body Field (Your Aura)

Besides your palm, your entire body emits an energy signature, more commonly known as your aura.  Your aura can be viewed with the aid of technology or by someone psychically gifted with aural sight.  There are even training techniques you can attempt to see if you can access the aural visual field.  Like most training processes involving psychic skills, proper setting and relaxation/meditation are necessary to tap into your own psychic abilities.

Aura Cameras

The aural field is composed of colors and can be captured on film using a sensor pad that you place your hand on that is connected to the aura camera.  If you get aura photos done at different times, you will see patterns in your aura as well as colors specific to what is going on psychically for you at different moments in our life.  My daughter’s mother had her photo taken before she was pregnant, while she was pregnant, and after she was pregnant.  All three pictures were amazingly different.

Casting Objects

Casting objects would include, runes, bones, dice, coins, yarrow stalks, and tea leaves.  The skilled psychic can focus and get messages from cast objects by understanding and intuiting the arrangement of the cast objects on a surface.  Sometimes the practitioner will allow you to cast the objects, sometimes they are the only ones who can cast the objects.  Coins and yarrow stalks are specific to the I-Ching; all others attune to the seeker and the practitioner.

Scent and Flame

Besides sound, scent and visual meditation can access psychic knowledge or do spiritual work for us.  Incense is the most common way to awaken our 6th sense through smell.  Different spices, florals, and herbs, when burned, give off scents that allow us to act with greater spiritual focus or tap into psychic messages.  The energy of something burning is the catalyst to release the scent and use those scents to activate our psychic energy.

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And, the flame alone, burning on the wick of a candle or in a fireplace, can prove one of the most profound meditative and spiritual tools if we allow ourselves to “stare into the flame”.  Like a crystal ball, the burning flame is a way to focus our attention to get past the conscious noise of life and into the depts of unconsciousness and spiritual knowledge.

The Right Tool for the Job

Do not use a hammer to put in a screw.  Some tools will resonate with us while others will not.  I bought my first tarot deck when I was 21 and they “made sense” to me immediately.  I have owned Runes at different times and they just feel like rocks with carvings on them that have no spiritual or psychic meaning for me in this particular lifetime.

If you want to use these tools and others for yourself, then allow that some may work brilliantly for you while others may be of no use to you at all.  If you visit a practitioner who uses a certain tool, then you want to be sure you get positive and clear results because they are a master of their craft and the tool is helping them deliver proper psychic and spiritual guidance to you.

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