June 17, 2024
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Career Direction Questions and Answers Using Tarot

As a professional tarot reader, clients often contact me for many different reasons, but the top two concerns I address most often are relationships (familial, romantic, and friendship) and career. Tarot and oracle cards can prove surprisingly helpful when asking questions and seeking answers about most any part of your life and incarnated journey. This article will focus on how to ask the most helpful questions and get the most insightful answers about career direction.

The Deck

For this article, I have selected the Mystical Medleys Tarot. The Mystical Medleys Tarot was published in 2021. The artwork mimics vintage cartoon art from the 1930s, particularly rubber hose animation.

Asking the Questions

I know, from experience, that clients often want to know a future outcome more than the spiritual work of a situation, which is why people often sit down across from me and ask, “will I make a lot of money in my career?” or “will I get into my dream career this year?” These questions seek future outcomes that give up the agency of the person asking the question. The better questions might be “should I strive to be an entrepreneur?” or “would I enjoy working for a large corporation?”

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There are ways to ask questions about career that are extremely useful when looking for answers through a tarot reading. First, all questions should be self-focused, “Should I start my own business?”, as well as, “Should I manage other people?” You might also ask, “Should I work for a non-profit”, or, “Should I work in government?”

A Three Card Reading

One of the most basic reading spreads is a 3-card reading, drawing one card for the past, one for the present, and one for the future. I am going to suggest modifying this spread using a series of three questions, “What do I need to know now?”, “What is my challenge?”, and “What do I need to know going forward?” Let’s begin with “Should I strive to be an entrepreneur?”

Question 1: Should I strive to be an entrepreneur?

The cards drawn are the following:

Four of Wands Two of Pentacles Four of Cups



What you need to know is the Four of Wands, indicating that it would be a good path if you can find someone to work with you, doing something in the public eye. There would need to be a performance or entertainment quality to the work. Your challenge is the Two of Pentacles, reminding you that you need to figure out how to get up and running. What do you need to do, practically, to start a business? Finally, the guidance going forward is Four of Cups, telling you that you may need to accept help to get started. It is possible, but you might be your own obstacle.

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Question 2: Would I enjoy working for a large corporation?

Page of Wands Ace of Swords Six of Cups



The first card selected for “what you need to know now” is the Page of Wands, indicating that there would need to be something exciting about the opportunity. It would be great if the job included travel and adventure. Your challenge is the Ace of Swords, suggesting that the decision needs to acknowledge that work for a corporation is usually impersonal and something you choose because it is logical. Lastly, going forward, the Six of Cups, indicates that you will want to work where you know someone well, perhaps someone from your past. You will also want the job to be filled with people who are emotionally supportive, which is not often the case in corporate work. Proceed with caution if you go down this path.

Question 3: Should I manage other people?

The Fool Three of Wands King of Pentacles



What you need to know now is the Fool, which means you probably would not enjoy the responsibility and want to remain carefree in your career choice. Your challenge card is the Three of Wands, which is letting you know that it may look good from a distance, but until you are in the work, you will not really know what is involved and whether it suits you. Your guidance going forward is the King of Pentacles, which is a very positive card for this question. It suggests that you could grow into the role over time, and you would enjoy the power you can obtain managing others.

Question 4: Should I work in government?

Page of Swords The Empress Three of Pentacles



What you need to know now is the Page of Swords, indicating that you want to work where you can bring new ideas to the job. How feasible is that in government work? Your challenge card is the Empress, suggesting that you want to take care of and protect others with your work, making certain areas of government very appealing. Therefore, your guidance going forward is the Three of Pentacles, which suggests you will only want to go down this path if you can feel passionate and committed to do the work, which will most likely be demanding and hard, but also potentially productive and rewarding.

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As you can see from these sample readings, each set of card combinations offers different insights around questions about career. If you add more cards, you will add more information. Always remember that you are the agent of your life story, even when others are part of the story. Use the tarot to help you be more conscious about your choices and how to make successful and happy ones.

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