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Zodiac compatibility is a particularly favorite topic of everyone interested in astrology, even if they joined the club only a day ago. This sort of popularity, coupled with the accurate knowledge that the movement of the planets provides, makes topics like Gemini compatibility all the more interesting. When talking of Gemini and Aquarius, there are very few things, in fact, near to zero, which may result in altering the relationship.

Everyone understands how hard it is to find a zodiac love match in the world today when everyone is so concerned about their privacy. However, if you do find an Aquarius when you are a Gemini, or it happens the other way around, be sure never to let it go because you might not get this good of dating compatibility ever again.

Gemini Compatibility: Gemini and Aquarius

Two factors primarily contribute to any two signs being able to form a compatible relationship. Gemini with Aquarius banks on both of these as it moves on to foster some of the most beautiful as well as understanding relationships of all the zodiac sign combinations. The first factor that plays a very important role in a compatible relationship, according to astrology, is that of zodiac elements.

As you may already know, astrologers believe in the concept of four elements, each having the power to bestow certain personality traits to a person born under their influence. These also go on to shape the approach they take towards life and how they spend it in its entirety. These four are something that can be commonly found in our surroundings; earth, fire, water, and air.

Decrypting the Zodiac Elements for Gemini and Aquarius

As astrology goes, these elements form the basis of compatibility just like they would act in nature themselves. In that bid, water tends to be very compatible with earth, as both help each other grow. Fire, on the other hand, is very compatible with the element of air because of how one acts as the fuel for the other. In another bid, it is also to be noted that two similar elements are always compatible with each other because there interests match so well even they might get surprised.

In the case of Gemini and Aquarius, the stars aligned themselves a little too perfectly because both of these belong to the element of air. Some may even term Aquarius to be the Gemini best love match. In addition to matching interests, these two signs have something of a very similar approach towards life. Some people term it even more important than similar interests because these are the very things which carry a relationship. Where interests might only make you like each other, an approach towards life ensures that both of the people in Gemini and Aquarius go together in their path no matter what comes in between.

The Second Reason behind Gemini Compatibility: Gemini Dates

Gemini and Aquarius compatibility, while being termed as unique on many fronts because of the very good dating compatibility they have, however, the parameters to judge these compatibilities remains the same for all the zodiac signs in the calendar. Another one of the factors behind Gemini compatibility being so good with Aquarius is that of Gemini dates.

Astrology works on a simple principle which states that everything on the earth is a direct translation of what is happening in the skies, taking inspiration from the movement of the celestial bodies, otherwise known as planets. Being in constant motion, these planets tend to go into similar formations after a while. Two different dates in which these planets go even into a part of a similar formation tend to be very compatible birthdays. This is where Aquarius becomes a sign most compatible with Gemini, all because of similar planetary positions.

Aquarius as one of the most Gemini Compatible Signs: The Gender Combination

The gender of a person does affect their natal chart and the positions of the planets on a certain date, however, they do not affect the qualities bestowed upon a person by the planets in general. In a typical example, a Gemini man Aquarius woman combination will bear pretty much the same fruits as a Gemini woman Aquarius man companionship.

In any relationship, such as that of a Gemini and Aquarius person, a few considerations are taken in when determining to declare a combination of two signs compatible or not compatible. These include factors like trust, emotions, regard for values, etc. However, something that tops that list by a wide margin is sexual intimacy and closure. After all, if that is not achieved, how will a relationship progress beyond the third date? A Gemini and Aquarius relationship is very lucky in that regard. It might even be that the bed was just invented for these two to lay together, and we’re not even kidding!

Gemini and Aquarius Trust and Emotions

Imagine a couple where one finds lying to the other ridiculous, while the other is comfortable enough having done anything that they would always trust their spouse with it. At this level of trust, one can only marvel and wish for the same in their relationships too.

As for emotions, this is a tricky ride. This is perhaps the only factor where Gemini compatibility with Aquarius tends to take a blow. This is not because one is emotional and the other is not. The story is quite different here. Both of the people in a Gemini and Aquarius relationship might be so devoid of emotions that they would consider moving out of a relationship better than thinking with emotions and trying to solve the problem. This abundance of straightforwardness is perhaps the Achilles’ heel of a Gemini and Aquarius relationship.

Gemini and Aquarius Compatibility
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