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There is a magnetic attraction between Scorpio and Aquarius that can become repulsion as the time progresses. Scorpio and Aquarius have to face many challenges before they can form a compatible relationship. There is a mismatch of various traits that make the zodiac love match of Scorpio and Aquarius incredibly awry. Both signs possess a cautious and reserved nature; they will not be able to confide in each other making their relationship a fickle thing.


The emotional self-expression of Scorpio with Aquarius takes a huge hit; they simply cannot connect with each other. Emotional depth is a very important thing for Scorpio, which is why Scorpio compatible signs should hold emotional connections in high regard. Aquarius does not have the emotional intensity that is needed to connect with a Scorpio; they often remain unattached and cool during relationships even if they find their partner likable. Aquarius is not most compatible with Scorpio because of this aloof behavior.

Even more, there is a battle of expression and trust between Scorpio and Aquarius. Scorpio compatibility with zodiac signs that have good self-expression is very high, lack of one makes them feel that their partner is unfaithful. Scorpio best love match needs to pay attention to their partners in private, whereas Aquarius does opposite and likes to socialize, they function best as a social butterfly.

Scorpio and Aquarius: Romance and Dating Compatibility

When a Scorpio dates an Aquarius, there are several traits that they can work upon together to form a compatible relationship. Both signs have a mutual intellectual and creative nature that they can develop and work upon as they date each other. Scorpio compatibility with Aquarius can improve on this notion of imaginative behavior, over which they can become friends and later companions that share a mutual intellectual attraction.

Both signs hold a curious nature that makes them want to take part in the opposing activities that their partners enjoy. If Scorpio and Aquarius find a balance between the push and pull of their own hobbies and the hobbies that they could share with their partner, then they might have a chance to develop a long-lasting companionship based mutual activities and love.

Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility can improve over time as the couple learns to have great conversations because they have a limitless number of a topic that can sate each other curiosity. However, neither of the partners will enjoy small talk; they do not want superficial conversations, which can become a bit tedious on the long haul. Scorpio may find the reluctance of this superficial conversation as an attempt towards infidelity; they will still want to know about their partner’s day, even if they dislike this type of discourse.

Nonetheless, Scorpio will extremely enjoy the intellectual nature of their Aquarius partner, who can offer many possibilities that may interest them. Scorpio and Aquarius can thrive as a couple on many of these complimenting traits of they learn not to take the other for granted; they should take a step back and enjoy each other company as is.

Scorpio man Aquarius woman zodiac compatibility

You would think that the most emotion zodiac man could never fall in love with the most aloof zodiac woman, but it happens, and it happens due to inherent magnetism between the signs. Other than the initial attraction, the Scorpio man will also like the intellectual nature of Aquarius woman, who will have a strong interest in the creative. Aquarius woman will find the mysterious nature of the Scorpio man very interesting; they will want to peel off the initial layers and find a potential partner under their veils.

Scorpio man can become a deeply affectionate partner through sexual interactions, while the Aquarius woman finds sex as another activity that they can share with their partner. Even if the Aquarius woman is satisfied with the sexual activities with their Scorpio partner, their Scorpio partner will always find it lacking and emotionless. Nonetheless, Scorpio man and Aquarius woman can have good compatibility if they build their relationship on their mutual love for intellect and compassion.

Scorpio woman Aquarius man zodiac compatibility

There will be a mutual fascination between a Scorpio woman and Aquarius man; they will be drawn to each other on that account. Scorpio woman will find the social and charismatic nature of an Aquarius man incredibly attractive. While Aquarius man will be fascinated by the mysterious and dangerous air of beauty of a Scorpio woman. Both partners can have an incredibly passionate affair that can bloom into love if they can find a balance from each other’s opposing natures.

Scorpio woman cannot balance her emotions; she finds it hard to keep track of ecstasy and despair without a stable partner. Aquarius man can somewhat provide stability as their void of emotions can take in excess of emotion in their partner. He can learn to express their own feeling by helping their partner control their feelings. There will be instability between Scorpio woman and Aquarius man as both will want to be in control of the relationship. Aquarius man can take the lead by pleasing the Scorpio woman and giving her affection and attention that will keep her jealousy in check.


Scorpio and Aquarius can have an extremely intimate connection through their mutual love for the intellectual and creative side of life. They can share many interests together and have a number of possibilities that can make their relationship last a long time. If Scorpio and Aquarius learn to compensate for each other’s weakness and work upon the strengths, then they can become a power couple with an incredible dynamic.

Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility
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