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There have been many instances when people come to ask astrologers of Taurus compatibility. This is widely with regards to how good of a personality match these two zodiac signs harbor and how much of their approach towards life is similar. When it comes to the dating compatibility between Taurus and Aquarius, however, there are very few chances of such a couple moving forward smoothly.

Two situations play a significant role in the compatibility of any two zodiac signs, and these are what astrologers rely on as a tool to determine whether it is an excellent decision to go forward with a particular relationship or not.

Taurus Compatibility: Taurus and Aquarius

As mentioned before, let us now get into details about the two factors that result in not too good of zodiac compatibility between Taurus and Aquarius. The first one among these is that of Taurus dates. This is quite simple to understand as all of the zodiac compatibility science stems from it. Astrologers believe that a person born on the same or somewhat matching position of the planets as their lover or partner is bound to find better compatibility than a person born on a different position of the planets.

As it happens, Taurus and Aquarius are somewhat entirely opposing forces in terms of their astrological positions. This makes it very hard to match even in one of the factors on which a relationship is usually judged.

Bringing zodiac elements in the mix of Taurus with Aquarius

By now we have quite repeatedly mentioned how Taurus compatibility with Aries is something not to bet your money on. We gave one reason with regards to how Taurus dates do not have a space to cater to Aquarius. However, there is one more very important reason that comes from basic astrology principles and which can be used to explain the peculiar mismatch that Taurus and Aquarius are for each other.

This one comes from the four zodiac elements and how they relate to each other. In a simple bid to answer this question, zodiac elements find compatibility with each other just like these elements find compatibility in real life. Out of the four zodiac elements, water tends to go well with earth, just like they do in nature.

Similarly, air tends to go with fire, just like nature again! However, in the case of Taurus and Aquarius, there exists a very conflicting match between earth and air.

A Little more perspective to this debate

As the theory goes, Taurus and Aquarius belong to the earth and air elements respectively. While one could argue that both of these do exist in nature in harmony, there is a little contextual background to it. The element of air brings about an air of free will and liberty, urging its people to go about doing their business in any way they like, getting as much exposure as they want by trying new things all the time.

In a different turn of events, the element of earth favors permanence and constantly settling down. This brings both of the elements in direct conflict with each other which results in a not-too-good zodiac love match.

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility regarding Trust

This is perhaps the luckiest trait among the Taurus and Aquarius relationship, although it still falls very short of the average. It is things like these that end up making Aquarius not one of the Taurus compatible signs. In a compatible relationship, many factors have to be taken into account. And when something as important as trust lacks so much, there remains little to declare Aquarius as a Taurus best love match. The leading cause behind the said lack of trust arises from the lack of flexibility that an Aquarius person shows. And when the other person is not given their fair share of space, they are bound to try and wriggle out of such a relationship for sure.

Sexual Intimacy between a Taurus Man Aquarius Woman

Be it this, or a Taurus woman Aquarius man combination, the results are pretty much the same. We discuss this here because the part where how good two people are in bed is perhaps even more important than building trust in a relationship because it comes before everything else. And in such a situation too, we would not dare term Aquarius as a zodiac sign most compatible with Taurus.

Let us break this down into simpler words for you. Did you hear of the two people who never wanted to go out with each other because the other person was too dull or too crazy for them? The same is the case when it comes to a Taurus and Aquarius relationship. One thinks of the other as crazy, while the other thinks of the first one as dull. It is so simple it probably does not even need any further explanation. A whole majority of relationships only do not work out because there are a few interests that do not match between two people. In a Taurus and Aquarius compatibility issue, none of the interests match at all!

The Elements in the Sexual Life

As explained before, the zodiac elements tend to play a major role with their signature attributes in the sex life as well. For instance, the sign with earth as its element wants to settle down and turn their boy/girlfriend into their spouse. While the sign with air as its element does not even want to conform to the rules of society, let alone the rules of marriage.

It is such things and more that make it totally difficult for Taurus compatibility to function properly in front of the zodiac sign of Aquarius. So before you make any decisions, know how well the planets are aligned for you!

Taurus and Aquarius Compatibility
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