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Compatibility astrology is a very curious topic. A lot of people look to the stars to find answers, especially to see if they are compatible with their lover. The book “The Astrology File” by Gunter Sachs contains a collection of marriage statistics from the Swiss “Federal Office of Statistics – Population Development Department” for marriages between 1987-1994 which included the birth dates of both partners. This book consisted of data for 368,764 couples. We have studied this to determine which zodiac signs are the most compatible with each other, and which zodiac signs need to avoid each other! It is important to remember that love is the strongest force we know, and regardless of anything, if you truly love someone, you can beat the odds!

Aries, Gemini, and Taurus were the signs that had the most divorce cases. There were low divorce rates with them in combination with a few other signs, however, the overall conclusion leads to them having the highest probability of separating with their partners.

Scorpio and Sagittarius were the signs least likely to separate, and in the findings, it is clear that they are predominantly the most successful in their relationships with all the signs of the zodiac.

Discover the zodiac signs most likely to divorce ranked from most to least.


When observing the statistics, it is clear that the sign that is most likely to divorce when in marriage with any other sign will be Aries. This could be due to their stubborn, headstrong nature. They do have the ability to form lasting unions with signs such as Sagittarius or Scorpio. Partnerships with Aries can be challenging as there can be a lot of fiery emotions involved from both parties, and Gemini and Pisces relationships can lead an Aries to sometimes feel unstable.

Challenging Combinations

  • Aries Female and Aries Male
  • Aries Male and Gemini Female
  • Aries Female and Pisces Male

Best Combinations

  • Aries Female and Sagittarius Male
  • Aries Female and Scorpio Male
  • Aries Male and Sagittarius Female


Taurus also ranks high up there with the signs most likely to split up. This could be since once they make their mind up about something, they will not change it. The best combinations are the partnerships wat Scorpio and Sagittarius, and challenging partnerships are those with Aries, Gemini, and people with the same sign as them, Taurus.

Challenging Combinations

  • Taurus Female and Aries Male
  • Taurus Female and Gemini Male
  • Taurus Male and Taurus Female

Best Combinations

  • Taurus Female and Sagittarius Male
  • Taurus Female and Scorpio Male
  • Taurus Male and Sagittarius Female


Gemini is the 3rd most likely sign to separate, likely due to their constantly changing nature. They can get bored easily and require a partner who can keep them on their feet! Gemini and Aries couplings are the most troublesome, along with Gemini and Gemini relationships whereas partnerships with Sagittarius and Scorpio seem to succeed.

Challenging Combinations

  • Gemini Female and Gemini Male
  • Gemini Female and Aries Male
  • Gemini Male and Aries Female

Best Combinations

  • Gemini Female and Scorpio Male
  • Gemini Female and Sagittarius Male
  • Gemini Male and Sagittarius Female


Cancers can be very loyal and attached partners, that is why they do not rank very likely to separate. Along with fellow water sign Pisces, it does depend on the combination, as partnerships with Aries, Taurus or Pisces could be challenging, however, partnerships with Sagittarius and Scorpio’s can be rewarding.

Challenging Combinations

  • Cancer Female and Aries Male
  • Cancer Female and Taurus Male
  • Cancer Male and Pisces Female

Best Combinations

  • Cancer Female and Scorpio Male
  • Cancer Female and Sagittarius male
  • Cancer Male and Sagittarius Female


Leo’s are loyal partners. They are warm and when in a good relationship, can be a rather pleasant partner. They can have very lasting partnerships with Scorpio and Sagittarius. Relationships with Pisces can be challenging, as well as Aries and Gemini relationships.

Challenging Combinations

  • Leo Female and Aries Male
  • Leo Female and Gemini Male
  • Leo Male and Pisces Female

Best Combinations

  • Leo Female and Scorpio Male
  • Leo female and Sagittarius Male
  • Leo Male and Sagittarius Female


Virgo’s are levelheaded and intelligent which is good for partnerships. They are very grounded and tend to have lasting relationships. Combinations with Sagittarius and Scorpio will do well, and partnerships with Aries and Gemini can lead to rocky roads.

Challenging Combinations

  • Virgo Female and Aries Male
  • Virgo Female and Gemini Male
  • Virgo Male and Aries Female

Best Combinations

  • Virgo Female and Sagittarius Male
  • Virgo Female and Scorpio Male
  • Virgo Male and Sagittarius Female


Libra is a sign that loves peace and harmony, that is why divorces are unlikely as they do not like quarrels. They tend to consider all sides to a story which is a valuable trait in partnerships. Scorpio and Sagittarius are the best matches, and Taurus, Aries and Gemini partnerships can be challenging.

Challenging Combinations

  • Libra Female and Taurus Male
  • Libra Female and Aries Male
  • Libra Male and Gemini Female

Best Combinations

  • Libra Female and Scorpio Male
  • Libra Female and Sagittarius Male
  • Libra Male and Sagittarius Female


Scorpio’s are the 2nd most unlikely to separate. Scorpio’s usually form intense attachments to their partners that can last for life and have intense connections with their lover. The best relationships are those with fellow Scorpios and Sagittarians. Relationships with Pisces and Taurus can be challenging

Best Combinations

  • Scorpio Female and Scorpio Male
  • Scorpio Female and Sagittarius Male
  • Scorpio Male and Sagittarius Female

Challenging Combinations

  • Scorpio Female and Pisces Male
  • Scorpio Female and Taurus Male
  • Scorpio Male and Pisces Female


According to the stats, this is the sign with the least chances to divorce. They are very truthful people and they cannot hide things or lie which can make them very good partners. Sagittarius and Scorpio make good combinations as they are both very committed and serious about relationships, and partnerships with Aries and Gemini can be challenging.

Challenging Combinations

  • Sagittarius Female and Gemini Male
  • Sagittarius Female and Aries Male
  • Sagittarius Male and Aries Female

Best Combinations

  • Sagittarius Female and Scorpio Male
  • Sagittarius Female Sagittarius male
  • Sagittarius Male and Scorpio Female


Capricorns are very traditional, and family orientated. With low divorce rates, they love being part of a big, loving family. Best matches for them are Scorpio and Sagittarius, and combinations with Aries and Taurus can be challenging.

Challenging Combinations

  • Capricorn Female Aries Male
  • Capricorn Female Taurus Male
  • Capricorn Male Aries Female

Best Combinations

  • Capricorn Female Scorpio Male
  • Capricorn Female Sagittarius Male
  • Capricorn Male Sagittarius Female


Aquarians can be very complex individuals. They usually form lasting connections as they put a lot of value into their relationships. Partnerships with other Aquarians can be challenging, as also with Aries. Scorpio and Sagittarius take the top spot for relationships yet again!

Challenging Combinations

  • Aquarius Female and Aquarius Male
  • Aquarius Female and Aries Male
  • Aquarius Male and Aries Female

Best Combinations

  • Aquarius Female and Scorpio Male
  • Aquarius Female and Sagittarius Male
  • Aquarius Male and Scorpio Female


Pisces divorce rates depend largely on the combinations, coming up with high and low likelihoods. Combinations with Libra and Sagittarius prove to be rewarding, and Aries and Gemini partnerships can be difficult.

Best Combinations

  • Pisces Female and Libra Male
  • Pisces Female and Sagittarius Male
  • Pisces Male and Sagittarius Female

Challenging Combinations

  • Pisces Female and Aries Male
  • Pisces Female and Gemini Male
  • Pisces Male and Aries Female


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