June 16, 2024
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4 Zodiac Signs That Are Cat People

4 Zodiac Signs That Are Cat People

There are some Zodiac signs that tend to be very feline-friendly and enjoy having a cute kitty in their life over others. Not that they don’t like other pets, but cats definitely tick all of their boxes.

Your sign has a lot more to say about if you are a cat person than you might think. Here is a list of signs that are more drawn to cats than any other sign.

Why these 4 Zodiac Signs Are Cat People?

When accepting that the stars shape and directly affect our personality as human beings, then we have to assume that there might be some astrological reason why some people may prefer to keep cats as companions, rather than dogs.

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Of course, Leo’s have to be on this list, their sign is signified by a cat after all! Leo’s are extremely proud, much like cats. They also have a stubborn quality to them; ever tried to make a cat like you? It is impossible, the same can be said if you try to impress a Leo too much, it’ll simply turn them off.

Leo’s have the same passion that kitties have, especially if you make them angry, you don’t want to mess with a Leo because you might see their claws come out and it definitely isn’t pretty. Another thing that cats and Leos have in common is that when they like you, you feel like the most special person on earth. You pretty much know you have won at life when this happens!


Taurus is one of those signs that likes what it likes and loves to have a routine. This sign doesn’t mind doing the same thing day in and day out, and the same can be said for our feline friends. Cats will often get into a routine and follow the same sleeping and eating habits, much like Taurus.

And speaking of sleeping, Taurus loves sleeping almost as much as any kitty. They need a lot more hours than any other sign in the Zodiac. And if you know cats, then you know they like to snuggle up for hours on end.

Cats make wonderful pets for any Taurus because they can give a sense of comfort and they are pretty easy to take care of, which is wonderful news for any Taurus because they do tend to be a little lazy at times.

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There is something about cats that make them seem a little snooty and snobby. They will quickly turn up their nose if they’re unsatisfied with something, and the same can be said about any Capricorn.

This sign has very high standards and knows exactly what they want out of life. When they’re unhappy about something, they come out and say it. Capricorns also seem to share the same detached and cold manner that cats have.

Cats only give attention and affection when it suits them, much like their Capricorn counterparts. Both of them are very selective about who they get close to, but this is what makes them both so interesting and mysterious!


Cats and Scorpios have many similar qualities, they’re both intriguing, mysterious, and very intense. Cats have the same kind of death stare as Scorpio who either loves or hates you!

When you are disliked by either a Scorpio or a cat, you will definitely feel their wrath coming your way. But on the flip side, cats are just as intuitive and sensitive as Scorpios. If you’re not quite feeling yourself or you are having a bad day you will often find that your kitty keeps close to you.

4 Zodiac Signs That Are Cat People – Conclusion

It is said that a cat’s purr is actually quite therapeutic and can help ease trauma you may have experienced. And Scorpios are often drawn to being therapists or healers because they have an innate ability to be able to help others.

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