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The Multiple Dimensions of Gemini, zodiac sign gemini

The Multiple Dimensions of Gemini

Gemini is the most controversial sign in the zodiac. People think they are manipulative, liars, two-faced, and fake. There is a lot of hype surrounding Gemini. as a mutable sign, there are many variations, there even is a true gem within Gemini who is angelic and pure. Also, there is even a silent Gemini who only talks to people that they like. Make no mistake they can be shady (or maybe were when they were younger) but they also have a lot of good qualities. Let’s have a look at the Multiple Dimensions of Gemini.

Here are some Multiple Dimensions of Gemini:

  • Things with Gemini are rarely boring
  • This zodiac sign is fun, vital, and exciting
  • Gemini is wicked smart
  • This zodiac native likes to do things and enjoy life
  • Gemini is a wonderful conversationalist
  • Gemini has a wonderful eye
  • This sign tends to be popular, witty and charming
  • Gemini is generous
  • Gemini is hospitable
  • This zodiac is known to dress to impress
  • Gemini doesn’t hold grudges
  • He/she makes friends easily
  • Gemini is bright and fast-paced
  • They have an eye for beauty

Reasons to embrace Gemini energy

These are just some reasons to love a Gemini. While they might be rattling cages in the beginning when they truly commit themselves to someone they let go of all that stuff from their past.

It’s important for them to figure out what they want for themselves and their life. Otherwise, life runs astray for them. They do have to put in the effort, and think about their future, or else they will end up with wasted potential.

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A lot of people love to party and socialize and kill time that way, but if they don’t find a balance between party and work they will not be successful or happy.

Gemini has a lot of potentials. They just have to do more than just see it in themselves, they have to take action on it.

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What Do the Multiple Dimensions of Gemini Look Like:

The Gem

This will be a very good, angelic person who is extremely kind and cares about others. This person does not fit the description usually given to describe Gemini. They are sincere, honest and very good-natured. This person will be true to you, even if they linger out of your life, they will still hold loyalty for you.

The Elitist

This is the type of Gemini who won’t even talk to you if they don’t think you are cool. This Gemini will not talk a lot and will only talk to people they like, consider friends, or trust. This Gemini may not be honest, but they will be sneaky, almost mirroring Scorpio energy, you will never know what they are up to.

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The Player

It’s hard to believe a word this person says. They will have the gift of the gab and know exactly how to use it. They will stretch the truth and lie so hard that they believe their own lies.

Plus, they will have a secret life that their family knows nothing about. They will try to be likable and project good-natured vibes, but at the root, they have fully selfish instincts.

The Popular

This Gemini is rarely ever alone. They thrive off others and need to be around people all of the time. And they will be highly social and very adventurous. They will be impulsive and love to go out and have a good time.

The Impulsive

Will be very anxious and fail to pay attention most of the time. They will always be on their phone. And they need constant stimulus and excitement to keep their adrenaline pumping. They are not good at an emotional expression or tapping into their emotional core.

The Criminal

Twelve of the most prolific serial killers have been Geminis. They can be a bit of a troublemaker or a loudmouth. Take for instance bad boy Donald Trump and the ever-so-controversial Kanye West. These  people tend to get attention for negative behavior.

The Beauty

Gemini is known for their good looks, but they will live off their beauty. Meaning they never have to wait in line at the club, get tipped extra big, and often get things for free.

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More on the Multiple Dimensions of Gemini

These are only some stock Gemini creatures that exist in the zodiac, but many are a mixture of these types. Although, you probably will spot that true gem who doesn’t show any side of shady.

Gemini is an exceptional sign and shows tremendous amounts of greatness and potential. He/she is a master at whatever they put their mind to and in life they will have great influence.

Gemini is rarely a follower in life, they tend to make their own rules and have their own mind, which others usually look up to.

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