June 13, 2024
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What is the Best Side Hustle Idea for Each Sign?

When looking for the best products and services, you immediately think to attain them from large companies such as Amazon. However, many small businesses need to thrive, and one of the best things anyone can do is support any small business.

For example, instead of going to the supermarket to get a decorated birthday cake for someone, why not find a small cake decorating business to buy the cake from?

May 10th is Small Business Day when you want to support any small business. Of course, you want to support a small business on any day, but that will be your focus on that day. Anyone also can start a side hustle which would count as well. And if you are thinking of starting one, why not see the best side hustle for your zodiac sign?

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Aries – Fitness or Motivational Coach

Aries, you are highly energetic and competitive, and if you would like to add some cash to your day job, one of the best side hustles for you would be a fitness or motivational coach. Your ruler, feisty Mars, is the reason behind that, given that you have a fire sign. You may want to be a trainer at a gym if that is what you prefer, or you may want to do the fitness coaching from home virtually. You will be the one to give your clients the “tough love” approach, and if you don’t want to do fitness, you will also make a great motivational coach in other areas. Your energetic passion is contagious, so you make the best coach.

Taurus – Gourmet Basket or Cake Decorating Business

Taurus, you are stoic, and you are sensual, as you have a love for material items, and that includes food. You love anything luxurious given your ruler Venus, the planet of beauty and luxury, and you have an earth sign being the influence. Therefore, the perfect side hustle for you would be selling gourmet baskets or creating a cake decorating business. And you may have to take a cake decorating class before establishing one, but that would be ideal for you as the nature of your sign would do well with those kinds of side hustles.

Gemini – Freelance or Ghostwriting

Gemini, you are the master communicator, and you have a way with words as communicative and thoughtful Mercury rules your sign in addition to being an air sign. Based on that alone, being a writer is something you would do well with because that would be your specialty. Therefore, you could be a freelance writer or a ghostwriter, or you could do both. A freelance writer writes for clients and publications using their name as the author. Ghostwriting writes for a client who places their name on your written work. You could get started by opening up an Upwork account.

Cancer – Making Crafts and Selling Them

Cancer, you are a homebody, and working from home is something you prefer to do. However, you will love anything homemade, and that includes crafts. Therefore, your side hustle would involve anything crafty, and you would sell your creations on sites like Etsy. The sky is the limit regarding what you could create, as you may want to crochet scarves or blankets, or you may want to crochet some dolls. You appreciate sweets as you have a sweet tooth too, so you may make and sell some decorative chocolates. Anything that you can make from home is what you would sell.

Leo – Graphic Design

Leo, you enjoy showing off your creations, and you want others to notice them, so therefore, one of the most lucrative sides hustles you could do graphic design. You are creative and can learn how to create cover images, blog post images, social media images, and logos. Graphic design would be one of the ideal side businesses, and you could make a lot of money. Yes, there is a lot of competition in that field. But the beauty is that you know how to stand out, which will only help you and your business.

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Virgo – Professional Organizer

Virgo, you are analytical and have an excellent eye for detail. But you also need to organize and clean your spaces. Of course, you would be happy to help others declutter, organize, and clean, and that is why the ideal side hustle you can offer is providing a decluttering and organizing service, or you could be a cleaner for hire. You can even offer a coaching service where you can help coach people to keep their lives organized and tidy, but that area is the best area for you based on your characteristics.

Libra – Start a Clothing Line

Libra, you are into fashion, so the best side hustle for you should pertain to fashion. You can begin your clothing line. That may sound like a full-time job, but it does not have to be. You can curate your clothing line if you start dropshipping because you can choose from many dropshipping clothing suppliers. You would have to build an audience through social media or fashion blogging, and you can curate clothing pieces they may like. Yes, it will take a lot of work initially, but your charm will build that audience fast.

Scorpio – Mystery Shopper

Scorpio, you are passionate, intense, and mysterious. That is why a mystery shopper is the best side hustle for you. You can go to various shops and get paid for jewelry, shoes, gadgets, and fashionable clothing currently in style. And you can critique the items anonymously, which you prefer to do because you like to keep yourself private. You also care about your opinion making an impact, which is why this is your ideal side hustle. Many companies offer mystery shopping opportunities, and you are excellent at probing for information so you can sniff out the fake ones.

Sagittarius – Travel Agent or Writer

Sagittarius, you love to travel, and if your side hustle could have something to do with travel, you would be happy. If you have the time outside your main job, you may be a travel agent part-time or prefer to become a travel writer. If you can write about all the exotic places you have visited and write about recommendations of attractions and restaurants to your audience, you would be happy. You could make some excellent money by writing about travel.

Capricorn – Proofreader, Editor, or Resume Writer

Capricorn, you are ambitious as it is. You have an entrepreneurial spirit, and one side hustle you may enjoy creating is a service where you provide editing and proofreading services. As an earth sign, you have a great gift for detail, which means you will iron out anything unclean when it comes to other people’s writing. Additionally, since Capricorn represents careers, providing a resume-writing service to job seekers who want to give any potential employer their resume makes sense. Hence, they increase their odds of landing an interview.

Aquarius – Tutor or Course Creator

Aquarius, you like to spread your knowledge, and you are also independent, which is why you work alone as opposed to working with others is something you would instead do. Therefore, you may be interested in becoming an online tutor, as companies such as VIPKid offer opportunities for those who want to tutor other kids virtually. Another thing you could do as a side hustle is to create courses. For example, you would use your knowledge of something, even if it is a hobby you have, and create a 101 course in it.

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Pisces – Pet Sitting

Pisces, your empathetic ways may cause you to like the idea of working with animals, and that is why pet sitting may be a side hustle that you would want to do. Your intuition helps you communicate with animals, making you an excellent pet sitter or walker. Companies such as Rover and Wag allow people to make money while pet sitting or dog walking. You can watch any pet you want, as you would offer that in your profile. You may prefer to only dog sit, or you may prefer to only cat sit, or do both.

The desire for you to go with the type of side hustles you want matches your moon sign more than your sun sign or the sign that is on your Sixth House cusp, which is the house that represents work and service. The Tenth House cusp rules your career and reputation, so your side hustle could become your career if you succeed. Even though my sun is in Leo and the moon is in Taurus, Gemini is on my Sixth House cusp (no planets), but that explains why my side hustle for years has been freelance-writing for years.

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