July 17, 2024
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Taurus Love Languages

What is Taurus’ Love Language?

This sensual earth sign loves nothing more than being in love. Being a fixed sign, meaning that their sun season is in the middle of a season (Spring in the northern hemisphere and Fall in the southern), this sign can be pretty stubborn and set in their ways. Still, no one loves more luxuriously, so if you have a lover with a Taurus placement you should absolutely work to keep them around for the long run!

Taurus Sun: Acts of Service

Your sun sign is the basic foundation and building blocks of your life; it tells you about the things you value and hold dear. For any earth sun, the qualities of honesty and loyalty are more than just valued, they are make or break for any serious relationship. To gain their trust as well as their love you need to stay true to your word and prove to be a reliable person, otherwise they’ll dump you and never look back!

Taurus suns love the acts of service love language more than any other sign, so if you’re in love with a Taurus you’ll want to be as helpful as possible. So when you notice that your Taurus sun partner is more stressed than usual, ask them what’s on their to do list and pick out a few things you can help them with. Be sure to double check that it’s ok for you to help with that task because they might already have a plan in place and you do not want to mess with a Taurus’ plans!

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Taurus Moon: Quality Time

Your moon sign tells you how you need to be nurtured and comforted throughout your life, it’s also the best indicator of your natural temperament. As a fixed sign, Taurus moons are known for being stubborn, especially if you’re messing with the plans you’ve made together. However, this is the exalted placement for a moon sign, meaning that having a Taurus moon gives you a kind and loving heart, making these people excellent partners!

Punctuality is important when it comes to spending quality time with this earth sign; constantly showing up late or flaking on plans is a sure fire way to get dumped by a Taurus! When you make plans to see each other you should always try your best to honor them, because consistently showing up and sharing your time with your Taurus lover is one sure fire way to let them know that you not only love, but also value spending time with them.

Taurus Mercury: Words of Affirmation

Your Mercury sign explains how you think and process information as well as how you communicate those ideas to other people. Earth sign Mercuries, such as Taurus, tend to speak slowly and more methodically, thinking through their response before they say it aloud. They take their time putting together a sentence to make sure that their point is clear and well said.

You should seek to put as much consideration into the words you use when you’re communicating with your Taurus Mercury partner. It’s best to be direct and honest, even when giving compliments. So instead of using poems and prose, just give it to them straight. I mean, you can throw in some flowery language from time to time, but when it comes to the big and important conversation, always shoot straight from the hip.

Taurus Venus: Gift Giving

Your Venus sign is the best indicator of what you find beautiful in the world, who you’re attracted to romantically, and how you like to be courted. Taurus is ruled by Venus, so love comes naturally to people with this placement. These earth signs love love, and being in love feels like the most natural and comforting thing to them. So, if you’re lucky enough to be loved by a Taurus Venus you should work to keep that love alive because they will be doing the same.

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Gift giving is very important to a Taurus Venus, but knowing what kinds of gifts to give this Venus ruled sign is necessary. Taurus Venus has a taste for the finer things in life and sometimes that means that they feel most loved when they are being doted on with expensive gifts, spa days and luxurious weekend getaways. On the other hand, this sensual sign is often just as happy with something cheaper so long as it ignites the senses. So you can always woo them by ordering their favorite junk food for dinner, buying them things that are cozy like satin sheets or a wearable blanket, or helping them add to their vinyl collection.

Taurus Mars: Physical Touch

Mars is the planet of sex and war, so understanding this part of your birth chart means better understanding your primal and instinctual nature. Taurus rules over the 5 senses: taste, touch, smell, sight and sound. When Mars is in this sensual earth sign, the physical world lights up. They have sensitive bodies that like to be touched almost everywhere (though especially on the neck). Moving slowly and enjoying every step along the journey, whether in the bedroom or out, is important to the happiness of this Mars placement.

Physical touch is about more than sex or kissing (though those things are both great), it’s about cultivating intimacy with someone through being physically in contact with them, and that’s because their emotional and romantic intimacy is not only shown, but received through physical closeness. Not being able to hold and cuddle close to their romantic partner can feel like torture to this Mars sign, so never hold back on physical displayed of intimacy if this is your partners Mars placement. Every touch is an opportunity to build a stronger bond!

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