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Cancer Zodiac Color

“Let my toes teach the shore

how to feel a tranquil life

through the wetness of sands  

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Let my heart latch the door

of blackness, as all my pain

now blue sky understands”

― Munia Khan (Cancer Moon) 

Cancer is a water sign. These people experience many different emotions most of us can only dream of encountering. When color-coding their life, it will be helpful to keep this in mind. Water is colorless, yet it can mirror colors from nearby elements, and take in the color of its surroundings. Cancers have a similar nature to water, where they mirror other people’s emotions back to them, without them even being aware of it. Water flows and is constantly changing, which is also symbolic of the constant changing emotions of the Cancer.

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Cancer Zodiac Color Guide

Cancer is ruled by the Moon. In astrology, the Moon rules over our emotional nature. It governs how we process our inner emotions and emotionally react to the world around us. Just like water changes to the environment, it is in, the moon does not have a constantly visible form and is always in a different phase, which goes hand in hand with the different moods of a Cancer.

Although the Moon has the different phases it goes through, it still remains the same, and the same can be said for Cancer, where they are still able to return to their true self after everything has passed.  They are naturally sensitive individuals, although some of them might have a protective shell over them so it might be hard to tell.

They might lack the energy and drive most fire and air signs do, however they have an ability to feel the undercurrents of people’s emotions. Due to them constantly experiencing an ocean of emotions, it will be beneficial for them to ensure they surround themselves with the colors that can calm them.

The Cancer wardrobe

Cancers tend to dress in a way that expresses their sensitive emotions. Blue is a calm color, and it does not arise many heated emotions, which is why it will be good for a Cancer to always incorporate elements of blue into their outfits to stop those bad emotions from affecting them. Blue is known to be a color of tranquility and peace. It is known to bring stability, and stability and control of emotions is something a Cancer can aid from.

Cancer Females – It is best to avoid overly bright colors as it can cause them to become overwhelmed if they become the center of attention. Grey shirts, dresses, and sweaters are good to portray neutral, stable, and balanced energy, as Cancer females can sometimes wear their hearts on their sleeves, grey will make them appear more in control.

Cancer Males – Blue is known to be the color most favored by men; therefore most Cancer guys will already have quite a few blue additions in their closet. It will be good to mix up blues with colors such as white or grey, as too much blue can have too much of a calming effect and give people the idea that they are “feeling blue”.

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The Cancer home

Cancers are homebodies and home is usually where their heart is. They love to be at home as they love to be surrounded by loved ones who understand them, and the public environment can be overstimulating to them. Having blues, white,s and greys in their homes can keep them in the right mood.

Gray pillows and bedding can help a Cancer remain calm and stable and will bring a more settled feel to their environment. White is good to keep their mindset clear and allow them not to be overwhelmed by outside forces, especially after a long draining day. There are no negative implications with white and will always lead to positivity. White walls with blue and grey decor are the best color scheme for a Cancer home.

The Cancer workspace

Blue walls are always a must, as people have shown to be more productive in rooms with blue. Blue also lowers your heart rate, so it is beneficial in stressful environments! Additions of grey such as curtains and couches will bring a more formal serious feel, which can help keep Cancers focused and in the right mood.

White desks are good for offices, as white represents all colors of the spectrum and can aid in creativity in the workspace. White also creates a sense of order and can help keep Cancer’s mind clear in the workspace.

The Cancer car

Cancers love taking their families with them and having a car that will ensure enough space to accommodate everybody is suggested. A Blue, white or grey vehicle will be a good pick. If they are a more career-oriented person, then a grey vehicle will make them appear more mature and sophisticated.

Blue cars are good for Cancer moms and it keeps everybody calm. White is known to be a color of protection, and it can be a good choice if you have to drive into dangerous environments.

Colors to avoid

Cancer zodiac signs need to stay as positive as possible, therefore darker colors such as black and brown are best avoided as they can allow darker emotions to resurface.

Black can be useful to some; however, Cancers can sink into melancholy easily if they are in a negative environment and darker colors can aggravate it.

A lot of exposure to black can lead to depression, so always be sure to add additions of blue and white if possible.

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