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The Horse is the seventh animal of the Chinese Zodiac. According to legend, the Jade Emperor decided to assign twelve animals to the Zodiac. The announcement went out to the entire land. The order of the animals would be determined by which one arrived at his palace first. Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, and Snake were the first six to arrive, and Horse followed soon after.

The horse symbolizes the hard-working spirit of people who are dependable and value community above all. Horses were the key to the development of civilization because they helped humanity with farming and provided transportation. These individuals are capable, active, and good at communicating with others.

The Exact Dates and Elements for the Years of the Horse

Date Element
Feb 17, 2026 – Feb 05, 2027 Fire
Jan 31, 2014 – Feb 18, 2015 Wood
Feb 12, 2002 – Jan 31, 2003 Water
Jan 27, 1990 – Feb 14, 1991 Metal
Feb 07, 1978 – Jan 27, 1979 Earth
Jan 21, 1966 – Feb 08, 1967 Fire
Feb 03, 1954 – Jan 23, 1955 Wood
Feb 15, 1942 – Feb 04, 1943        Water


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Lucky Signs for Horse in the Chinese Zodiac

Quality Positive Negative
Numbers 3, 7, and 9, including every number that contains one or more of the lucky digits, such as 379, 73, and other numbers 1, 5, and 6, along with numbers such as 15, 51, 561, and others where these digits are present
Colors green, yellow, and purple white, gold, and blue
Flowers jasmine, marigold, and calla lily  
Direction Northeast and Southwest  
Lunar Month 5  
Season Summer  
Western Zodiac Match Gemini  
Yin or Yang Yang, the active male principle of the universe, is characterized as male and creative and associated with heaven, heat, and light  
Hours of the Day 11 am to 1 pm  


Horse Personality

The most outstanding personality traits possessed by Horse people include hard work and self-reliance. Horses are persistent animals, and people born under this sign are devoted to their jobs and strive to do their best in every project they work on.

They build and achieve success steadily because they believe that consistent effort always pays off. Such individuals are very active, energetic, and sociable. They enjoy crowds and go to parties, meetings, sports events, and concerts often.


Being cheerful, romantic, optimistic, passionate, sociable, friendly, just, talented, fashionable, perceptive, attentive, insightful, and independent.


Being impatient, short-tempered, subjective, influenced by other people’s opinions, stubborn, arrogant, and impulsive.

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Personality Based on the Five Elements

According to Chinese Astrology, every sign of the Chinese Zodiac has an elemental attribute corresponding to it: wood, water, metal, earth, and fire.

Wood Horse

If you were born between Feb 03, 1954 – Jan 23, 1955, or Jan 31, 2014 – Feb 18, 2015, then you are a Wood Horse. Wood Horses are sentimental people who easily get irritated by little things. You have a wild imagination and are very creative, but you also possess good analytical skills.

Fire Horse

People born between Jan 21, 1966 – Feb 08, 1967, or Feb 17, 2026 – Feb 05, 2027, are Fire Horses. Some of their strongest personality traits include being smart, lively, and charismatic. These people are very enthusiastic, both at work and in their personal life.

Earth Horse

Individuals born between Feb 07, 1978 – Jan 27, 1979, are Earth Horses. These people are optimistic, righteous, and kind-hearted, filled with boundless energy and contagious enthusiasm. They are responsible and helpful.

Metal Horse

Metal Horses were born between Jan 27, 1990 – Feb 14, 1991. These individuals are kind and always ready to help people in need. They are calm and rational, able to apply their analytical skills to an array of issues and circumstances. They are also very sociable and straightforward, and others appreciate their honesty.

Water Horse

If you are born between Feb 15, 1942 – Feb 04, 1943, and Feb 12, 2002 – Jan 31, 2003. Reliable and helpful when it comes to your friends or people in need. You are amicable and find it easy to attract the attention of the opposite sex. You are also sentimental and emotionally sensitive.

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Health for Horse

Keeping a positive attitude helps Horse individuals maintain good health. Sometimes, they may spend too much time at work, forgetting to relax, which makes them weak and lowers their immune defenses.

It is important for these people to get enough rest when they realize they have worked too hard. People born in the year of the Horse should pay close attention to negative changes in their bodies, which can indicate problems that need to be addressed with their diet, exercise routine, and patterns of work and rest.

Business and Career for Horses

People of the Horse are attracted to professions where they can communicate with others and work in teams. They prefer to work in professions where consensus and agreement are the trademarks of success.

They are extroverted people who always want to be surrounded by others, so if they decide to start their own business, it probably will not be a sole proprietorship.

Their connections with others will influence their journey to success, as they will seize opportunities to improve their skills and expand their knowledge. When it comes to partnerships in business, good matches for them will be Pigs, Snakes, Goats, and Dragons.

Horse Relationships with Other Signs

Horses get along best with all the other signs, even the ones they struggle with because they so firmly believe in being a team player. They have a pleasant disposition and find it easy to get along with anyone due to their geniality and humor.

Such people are very popular and have many friends. They know how to connect people and can be the anchor for any group of people. As romantic partners, they are loving, supportive, generous, and loyal.

The Horse individual matches best with Tiger, Goat, and Rabbit; has okay relationships with Dragon, Monkey, and Dog; and struggles with Rat, Ox, and Rooster.

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