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Taking the third place among the Chinese Zodiac signs, tiger zodiac sign meaning is bravery and strength. It was chosen to replace the lion in Chinese zodiac as the Jade Emperor considered him strong enough to take the place of the king of the jungle. Tiger years are 1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, and 2010. People born under the sign of tiger in Chinese Zodiac calendar are natural born leaders who are brave, healthy and overconfident. Tiger zodiac sign occupies the hours between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m. in relation to the Twelve Earthly Branches’ symbol of Yin and carries Yang energy. 

Lucky Signs for Tigers in Chinese Zodiac

When people of the tiger sign are looking for lucky charms or symbols of the year, they can always refer to lucky symbols for those born under the sign of the tiger:

  • Colors – orange, white and gray.
  • Numbers – 1, 3 and 4.
  • Flowers – cineraria.
  • Directions – east, southeast and south.

If you belong to tiger, avoid these unlucky symbols for your year:

  • Colors – gold, silver, brown, black.
  • Numbers – 6, 7 and 8.
  • Direction – northwest and southwest.

Tiger Zodiac Personality

Most people born under the sign of tiger are strong, powerful, brave and independent. Similar to how tigers are not afraid of entering swamps or climbing rocks to follow their pray, these individuals have a lot of energy and are loyal to their projects, friends and values. Persistent and ambitious with his goals, once tiger sign in Chinese Zodiac starts something, he will follow the project until completion, regardless of the obstacles or misfortunes he encounters on his path. People under the sign of tiger in Chinese astrology might also be drawn to boasting about their achievements, which irritates others around them. Besides that, they are not very flexible and tolerant in their views, which may create problems at work or at home.

The strengths of people who belong to tiger include being powerful, brave, strong, vigorous, intelligent, loyal, trustworthy, competitive, friendly, and lucky. Some of their weaknesses are being arrogant, irritable, and overindulgent.

Personality by Five Elements of Chinese Zodiac

While every sign of Chinese zodiac has distinctive personality traits according to a person’s Ben Ming Nian which occurs every 12 years, the five elements, such as wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, come to complete the profile of each animal sign and repeat in this sign every 60 years. Chinese zodiac based on the elemental theory describes more precise personality traits of the tiger sign in each element.

Wood Tiger

Born in 1914 or 1974, wood tigers among Chinese Zodiac signs are gentile and like to cooperate and help others. They are self-righteous and do not like to be ordered around, but they have strong diplomacy skills and work best in teams toward achieving their goals.

Fire Tiger

The years of birth for fire tigers are 1926 and 1986 in Chinese astrology. They are talented and tolerant, which opens a lot of doors for them in their career and relationships. Popular and loyal, these tigers earn the respect of their co-workers with their diligence and hard work.

Earth Tiger

If you were born in 1938 or 1998, you are an earth tiger in Chinese Zodiac calendar. You are ambitious, arrogant and proud. Your confidence and ambition will be reflected in your entrepreneurial endeavors. You are kind-hearted and like helping others.

Metal Tiger

People under the sign of metal tiger in Chinese Zodiac are born in 1950 and 2010. They are peaceful, loving, kind and family-oriented. Sometimes, they seem vain and self-centered, but it might be due to their optimism.

Water Tiger

People born in 1962 belong to the water tiger sign in Chinese Zodiac. They are curious individuals with a strong desire for knowledge and artistic abilities, calm and careful, who are great observers and think outside the box. Sometimes, they may come across as indecisive and they find it difficult to choose one solution among many available.

Health for Tiger

Full of vitality and tenacity, people of the year of the tiger always find room in their schedule for physical activity. It is rare that these people are affected by small illnesses. Among other Chinese Zodiac signs, tigers also show enthusiasm and energy in their work and projects and are very productive. Although the stars gave tigers in Chinese astrology good health, they should watch their body and rest and relax after hard work or physical activity in order to avoid illness.

Business and Career for Tigers in Chinese Zodiac

A natural born leader, the person belonging to tiger feels most comfortable in a position of power and control. To give his best, this sign will have to first understand and overcome the obstacles. Once the tiger zodiac sign manages to keep his arrogance and boasting about his achievements under control, there is nothing to stop him from everlasting success. As an entrepreneur, tiger should think about starting a business between ages 35 and 50, after gaining experience and understanding of the environment he wants to succeed in. Ultimately, there is nothing that can stand in the way of the tiger if he sets his eyes on an objective and follows through with his plans.

Workplaces, where tiger in Chinese Zodiac calendar will feel most comfortable, include office work, government, clinical medicine, literature, judiciary and police. When it comes to business partnerships, the signs of pig, horse, and dog will help them succeed.

Tigers’ Relationships with Other Signs of Chinese Zodiac

Tiger implies that those of the sign are powerful and confident, and maybe even imposing individuals. They do not like to communicate with others outside of the workplace and formal social occasions. Due to their constant mindset of being on top and searching for success, they become rather overconfident and commanding, which ultimately affects their capacity of making deep connections with those they know. Sometimes, tigers might even seem superficial and senseless in their conversations, especially if they begin boasting about their achievements.

In their love affairs, they are loving and loyal, but they lack a sense of romance and sensitivity to their partner’s needs. In dealing with tigers, their partners must employ tact, understanding and patience. These people are trustworthy, reliable and sincere in their romantic relationships. The best compatibility tigers will find with dragons, horses and pigs, while the worst with oxen, tigers, snakes and monkeys.