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According to Chinese zodiac, people born in one of the following years belong to the sign of the pig, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, and 2007. Pig is the last to complete the list of Chinese Zodiac signs, in which it belongs to the earthly branch Hai, occupies the time of the day between 9 p.m. and 11 p.m., and carries yin energy. People born in the year of the pig are honest, happy, and easy-going. They are very educated, brave, and can achieve great things in life, but can also be self-indulgent, materialistic and lazy. 

Lucky Signs for Pigs in Chinese Zodiac

Success does not come without hard work and smart choices for pig, and on that journey pig zodiac sign will find the following symbols especially lucky:

  • Numbers – 2, 5 and 8, along with such numbers as 258, 25, 85, and so on.
  • Colors – gold, brown and grey.
  • Flowers – marguerite, pitcher plant and hydrangea.
  • Directions – northeast and southeast.

These are the unlucky signs that everyone born under pig should avoid:

  • Numbers – 1, 3 and 9, and any numbers containing them, like 139, 93 and 31.
  • Colors – green, blue and red.
  • Directions – east and west.

Pig Personality

Pig zodiac sign meaning is good luck and fortune. Contrary to the common perception of pigs as being clumsy and dirty animals, those born under pig zodiac sign are independent, responsible and generous, born with a desire to have successful lives. They are lucky people and like to relax and have fun wherever they go. Thanks to this easy-going approach to life, they may often procrastinate. Genuinely believing in themselves can get them far in pursuit of their dreams, but to achieve their goals they must employ hard work and diligence. Perhaps one of the best qualities they possess is their kind-hearted nature.

They are interested in the well-being of their family, relatives, and friends, and won’t shy away from helping when the situation is presented. It is rare to see them fight with anyone unless for a good reason since they appreciate others and care about having good relationships with those around them. Pigs’ strong character traits in Chinese astrology include being compassionate, reliable, generous, popular, caring, frank, resolute, kind-hearted, innocent, just, romantic, contented, optimistic, and tolerant. Their weaknesses are being dependent, indolent, emotional, unsuspicious, short-tempered, self-tolerant, and impulsive.

Personality by Five Elements of Chinese Zodiac

The personality of the pig sign in Chinese Zodiac is divided into five categories according to the elemental theory of Chinese astrology. Depending on their birth year, those born under pig may correspond to one of the five elements, such as wood, fire, earth, metal and water. An element is unique which repeats in one animal sign only once in 60 years, and it can have great influence on the pig personality.

Wood Pig

Wood pigs are born in 1935 and 1995. These people are honest and simple, resilient and jovial, and work great in the company of other people. Being aware of their generosity is a must, as they tend to give away more than they can afford.

Fire Pig

The years of birth for the fire pigs are 1947 and 2007 in Chinese Zodiac. They know how to manage their finances and generally do not have to worry about not having enough money. Thanks to keeping their ears wide open and valuing other peoples’ opinions, they can have great success in life and career.

Earth Pig

Born in 1959 and to be born in 2019 in Chinese Zodiac calendar, earth pigs excel in social networking skills. They always know who to call when they need help. Responsibility and favorable luck helps them amass wealth during their lives, so they become more successful with age.

Metal Pig

The year of 1971 is the year of birth for metal pigs in Chinese astrology. They are best characterized by being open-minded and kind. They are great friends and family members and know how to make good use of trends and innovations to make money quickly. On the downside, they can lose money just as fast because of their impulse to invest in new things on the market.

Water Pig

Water pigs are born in 1983. They are quick-minded, smart, and know how to achieve what they want. Being serious and responsible is what defines them best, and they are doing great in life when they do not let others influence their choices and feelings too much.

Health for Pig

Pigs are blessed with good health among Chinese Zodiac signs. They are not prone to suffering from any major disease during their life. The only things that could ruin their good health are stress and depression, but if they keep sharing what is weighting them down with friends and family, there should not be any reasons to worry about. To be as strong as tigers, pigs should do regular physical exercise, have a gym routine, go running or walking. Considering their stubborn nature, they should keep in mind that there is always tomorrow, in the event, they do not feel strong enough to run that extra mile or lift that barbell one more time.

Business and Career for Pigs in Chinese Astrology

Career and business seem to be what people under this sign were born for. Through responsibility, ambition, dedication, and good fortune they can manage quite a lot and prove themselves very hard to replace at any workplace. Pig will contribute all their effort in completing the work they do and pay close attention to detail. They are diligent and thirsty for knowledge.

Best jobs for pigs in Chinese astrology are teachers, innovators, dancers, editors, bakers, painters, singers, cooks, gardeners, and scientists. When it comes to business partnerships, they work best with tigers, rabbits and sheep.

Pigs’ Relationships with Other Signs of Chinese Zodiac

Pigs’ relationships with other signs of Chinese zodiac are practical and simple. They do not wish for passionate, complicated or challenging partners and instead look for easy-going, relaxed partners like themselves. They are very sociable and popular among their friends. They value their friendships and will not betray their friends. When it comes to romantic relationships, pigs are sensual and affectionate partners. They are committed and prefer long-term relationships to one-night stands or flings. The best matches for pig are tigers, rabbits, and sheep, while they have the worst compatibility with Chinese Zodiac signs of snakes and monkeys.