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Geminids the Most Powerful Meteor Shower of the Year!

Geminids: the Most Powerful Meteor Shower of the Year!

The Geminid meteor shower takes place every December and can be seen everywhere in the world, but it is particularly spectacular to view in the Northern Hemisphere. This yearly light show will take place from December 9th through the 24th, however, it will be the brightest on the 13th and 14th around 2-3AM. So let’s learn how to utilize the power of this celestial sight and how it relates to Gemini!

What is a Meteor Shower?

Meteors are small pieces of space dust and debris that fall at high speeds through our planet’s atmosphere. Because these little pieces of space are falling so fast they leave behind brilliant streaks of sparkling light that can be observed by the naked eye here on Earth.

What’s interesting is that these celestial events are not random, we get to see these dazzling light shows every year at about the same time each year. This is because the Earth makes its yearly rotation around all the stars, and as it does so it passes through the constellations and meteors.

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Not a Comet, but an Asteroid… Maybe

The Geminids meteor shower comes from the asteroid 3200 Phaethon, which makes it unique since it’s one of only two yearly showers that come from an asteroid and not a comet… well, potentially.

Comets are made of ice, dust and debris. So, when they get closer to the Sun they change shape, creating “comas” and “tails,” and this change in shape is where most of our meteor showers come from.

However, asteroids are pure rock, so their shape is not affected by heat and proximity to the sun. Scientists are often discovering more and more complexities which affect the classification of these celestial bodies, so while 3200 Phaethon has been classified as an asteroid it’s actually still up for debate.

Phaethon 3200 is named for the son of the Sun god Helios. According to myth Phaethon begged and pleaded with his father to be given the opportunity to drive the chariot of the Sun, but when he was given the chance he failed miserably. He struggled to hold on to the reins and control the horses, resulting in him driving the Sun too close to Earth and then too far away. Zeus, seeing the chaos this was causing on Earth, strikes Phaethon down to his death with a single lightning bolt. His story is meant to explain why some areas on Earth are treacherously hot while others are unthinkably cold.

The (possible) asteroid was given this name since it flies so close to the sun in its yearly orbit

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The Geminids and the Constellation of Gemini

It’s only fitting that the Geminids meteor shower would have its radiant in the constellation of Gemini since this air sign rules over polarities.

Radiant is the term used to explain where the center point of the meteor shower will be, so for the Geminids the radiant is closests to the star Castor in the Gemini constellation. However, it’s important to remember that the constellations are the map we use to track our solar system. The stars which make up Gemini are very far away, so they act as the backdrop and locational point for meteor showers based on our vantage point here on Earth.

Gemini is the sign of duality, its archetype reminds us that humans are incredibly multifaceted. Gemini’s are thought to be social wizards, able to mold into the perfect shape in any human interaction. Because of this they get erroneously pegged as “two faced” when in actuality they are experts at communicating and are far better at reading the energy of the room than most other signs.

How to Work with the Geminids

This meteor shower is one of the most exciting to watch since the meteors are the brightest of any of the annual showers with 120-160 meteors per hour at its peak! 3200 Phaethon is somewhere between an asteroid and a comet, made up of solid rocks which form the meteors we see in the sky. These meteors tend to be much brighter, with a yellow hue, due to their density.

These meteors are easiest to spot when the moon is near its new moon phase, however in 2022 the moon will be a waning gibbous during the evenings of December 13th and 14th when the shower is at its peak. This means you likely will not be able to see all 120 meteors per hour with the naked eye, instead about 60 per hour will be visible. The best time to view the shower is between 2-3AM, so plan ahead to drive out of the city and into an area with less light pollution so you can see as many as possible!

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Next, find Gemini in your own natal chart to see what part of your life is being lit up by the Geminid meteor shower. Gemini exists in every natal chart, regardless of whether or not you have a placement such as your sun, Venus, Jupiter or Uranus in this loquacious sign! So everyone has the capacity to tap into this bright and witty energy in their life. In fact, the Geminids meteor shower is a wonderful opportunity to connect more deeply to this air sign and use it for positive manifestations!

How to Find Gemini in Your Chart:

Everyone has Gemini somewhere in their chart, and knowing where it sits will give you a big clue about what area of your life this meteor shower is shining a light upon. Take a look at the list below to see which house Gemini is in in your natal chart.

Rising Sign Leo House
Aries 3rd-communication and the mind
Taurus 2nd-money and self worth
Gemini 1st-the self and body
Cancer 12th-transformation and rebirth
Leo 11th-community and friends
Virgo 10th-career goals and life aspirations
Libra 9th-spiritual beliefs and personal philosophies
Scorpio 8th-emotional and energetic connections
Sagittarius 7th-serious partnerships
Capricorn 6th-health, habits and work
Aquarius 5th-pleasure and fun
Pisces 4th-home and family

Once you know where you have Gemini in your chart, create an affirmation to help shine more energy into that area of your life. For instance, if you are a Sagittarius rising and Gemini rules your 7th house, then you might want to create an affirmation such as “my relationships are healthy, happy and fulfilling.”

Then, go out on December 13th and 14th to see the Geminids shower and as you see each meteor gliding beautifully through the sky repeat your affirmation and send that energy out into space!

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