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The Karmic Impact of Saturn In Sagittarius

The Karmic Impact of Saturn In Sagittarius

Religion, philosophy, and higher education significantly influence your karmic path. You will spend a lot of time exploring religion and philosophy to seek an answer to life. You cannot live your life not knowing why you are here, where you come from, where you must go, and what is the greater purpose of everything.

Until your 1st Saturn return (ages 27-31), you can be somewhat biased regarding religious and spiritual matters, as you will view things highly subjectively. However, after your 1st Saturn return, you will realize that we are all one, and the only thing that divides us is race, money, culture, and religion. Without those things, we would all be the same, which we are, in essence. If you do not realize this by your 1st Saturn return, you might lead a life leaning into a religious or spiritual extreme, entirely discarding the legitimacy of any others.

Your Saturn Return

By your 2nd Saturn return (ages 56-60), you will realize living your life being overly attached to one religion or spiritual value has limited your experience of life and caused you to discard other people and many elements of life. After your 2nd Saturn return, you will become more open and willing to see life through the eyes of others, even if you do not hold the same spiritual values or worldview.

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With Saturn in Sagittarius, you are highly generous, but you waste a big portion of your life-giving to those who do not deserve it and avoiding those who do. When you have learned your karmic lesson that we are all one and not separate, like how they make us believe by dividing us through cultures and religions, you can become a critical role in your community to helping others grow and learn.

Teach The World

Those with Saturn in Sagittarius make outstanding teachers, but not teachers in the traditional sense, such as in a classroom, but more teachers of the ways of life. Once you have broken down the barriers that allow you to be separated from others based on the conditioning you have been taught, you can play vital roles in the lives of others, teaching them insights that will forever change their lives. Your aim should be to live a life of true independence, free of attachment to religion, values, morals, and conditioning.

Your Past Life

In a past life, you were restricted. You could not travel or expand your perception, and you were forced to believe in a particular faith. In this life, your soul needs to experience the things it did not get to in the past. It would be best if you also learned that life is not only about one faith and belief; there are many truths. You must avoid enforcing your faith and beliefs onto others, as this is all you knew in your past life.

Tendencies to let go of: Overconcern with personal rights and freedom, overconcern with the meaning of life.

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Tendencies to learn: Having trust in the universe, letting life play its course.

If you have Saturn in Sagittarius, you want freedom and adventure so badly that you are willing to break the rules and step on many toes in the process. The harder you push to gain the freedom you seek, the more life will throw obstacles and challenges in your way, putting the access to freedom and adventure further away each time.

You will spend a great deal of your life studying the meaning of life, and when your obsessive tendencies wear down, others will begin to take you seriously, and you will be able to teach what you know to others. Over time, you will be able to push your obsession with your beliefs, values, and morals toward a productive avenue when you learn how to teach it to others without being pushy and overbearing.

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