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How Do You Make Your Gingerbread House Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How Do You Make Your Gingerbread House Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Thanksgiving happened, and now the holiday season is in full swing. As you prepare for the holidays, you will feel so many emotions as you will face joy, sadness, and perhaps grief if you lost a loved one this year with whom you will not spend the holidays and excitement simultaneously. It is complex, and one way to get your mind off stress and onto something fun is to make some gingerbread houses.

You can be proud of your masterpiece before you eat it. December 12th is Gingerbread House Day, dedicated to making houses out of those cookies and decorating them in a way your heart desires. How will you make your gingerbread house? Let’s find that out based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – A Few Graham Crackers, Frosting, And Gumdrops

Aries, you are passionate, and you are the one that wants to get projects done as quickly as possible. Patience is not your virtue, so you are not the one who will create an elaborate and detailed gingerbread house because you need more patience, even though you have the energy for it. Instead, you will swiftly take three pieces of cookies or graham crackers, use one as the floor, and then use the other two to create a roof.

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You will seal the top with the frosting and put some frosting on different parts of the cookies, where you will “glue” on the gumdrops. If you are afraid that someone will make a better gingerbread house, you can still decorate your little cookie house better than someone else since you are very competitive.

Taurus – Elaborate Gingerbread House With Gourmet Chocolate

Taurus, you are stable, stoic, and a hard worker. You are also very patient and have a lot of determination. You take the time to create an elaborate gingerbread house and ensure the frosting that holds together the gingerbread cookies is strong. For decoration, you will use gourmet chocolate to give your masterpiece a luxurious touch.

You will also add other gourmet candies to the house to make it that extra special such as high-end gummy bears to use as the “residents” of the house. You are not the type to show off but want to prove to yourself that you have the patience and determination to create a beautiful and high-end gingerbread house that is not easy for most people to make!

Gemini – Buy A Kit And Decorate It In Any Way You Wish

Gemini, you are versatile, but you are also the one that, like Aries, will not spend the time to create an elaborate gingerbread house. It is not so much that you are impatient, but something can distract you from the focus you need to build. That is why you will get the gingerbread house kit, as Oreo, for example, makes them.

It will make it easy for you to assemble. However, the work area where you will have a lot of fun is after putting it together; you will enjoy decorating it. And you will not necessarily use holiday-themed decorations. You may use sweets in your pantries, such as Halloween candy you did not use up, marshmallows you use for baking, and some sundae sprinkles, for example.

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Cancer – Adds Candy Furniture Inside

Cancer, anything about a home excites you, which is why you get excited whenever you have the opportunity to create a gingerbread house. You have the patience to build a cute gingerbread house, but before you start putting the gingerbread cookies up as roofs, you will take some candy and create pieces of furniture.

For example, you may take a part of a KitKat bar, put some gumdrops underneath to make a table, and put extra gumdrops around it to create chairs. It would be best if you started a candy home with furniture before working on the exterior of it for your sign.

Leo – A House With Your Picture On The Exterior Window

Leo, you love to be the star of the show, and if you are the one who creates a masterpiece, you want the world to know that you are the master creator. That is why after you work hard to create a beautiful gingerbread house, you will take a picture of yourself and place it on the candy window outlined by vanilla frosting.

It will have the appearance of you being in the house and looking out the window as others will find that clever, and you will like how others compliment you for your creativity. That is the point of doing it.

Virgo – A Minimalist Gingerbread House

Virgo, you are the highly analytical one and are not into bells and whistles, which is why you will create a basic gingerbread house. You will put together the gingerbread cookies as expected to make a house. Then you will fasten them up with the frosting and draw pictures of windows and doors on the house’s exterior.

You won’t even bother with putting gumdrops or M&Ms on the exterior. You will decorate the home with frosting. You will use a different color frosting to decorate the exterior, but that is the most you will do.

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Libra – A Beautiful Gingerbread House With Fruit Roll-Ups For Windows

Libra, you are about balance and beauty, and you will have a lot of fun creating a gingerbread house. First, you will ensure that your gingerbread house has perfect symmetry. For example, you will create two windows on the front of each side of the door. Your gingerbread house must have ideal balance, as that is an example.

Then you will begin to decorate your windows with pieces of a fruit roll-up because your gingerbread house must have stained windows, and the fruit roll-up would have to have a mix of colors. That will be a beautiful work of art.

Scorpio – A Basic Gingerbread House With Black Licorice And Black Candies

Scorpio, you are the intense one who appreciates the dark. So you may add the leftover Halloween touch that you have to the holiday gingerbread house. You will create a basic gingerbread house and will, add black licorice pieces on the frosting, and place black candies on the windows.

You may even add a few candy corn candies as decoration. That is your type of gingerbread house since you love anything intense and gothic. The colorful candies and candy canes surrounding it are not your things.

Sagittarius – An Elaborate Gingerbread House With Plenty Of Colorful Candies

Sagittarius, you are the happy-go-lucky one who would brighten up anything you create. Therefore, you would build a beautiful gingerbread house and decorate it with plenty of colorful candies.

You will decorate the windows with different colored gumdrops and the doorframe with M&Ms, and you may even keep the door open as you may place a small figurine inside that appears to welcome any guests that want to enter the house. You will make it bright, colorful, full of life, and inviting because that is how you are.

Capricorn – Create A Gingerbread House With Plenty Of Details Over A Longer Period

Capricorn, you are the very goal-oriented one, and you are very industrious. You are not putting it together in one shot when building a gingerbread house. You will do a lot of planning when it comes to focusing on the details you want to add, and then as you build the gingerbread house, you will add the details as you build instead of doing it after.

For example, if you want to create an elaborate door with plenty of candies glued to the frame, you will do that as you build instead of waiting until you build the masterpiece. You will take twice as long to build the gingerbread house as someone else because you take your time to make sure it is perfect.

Aquarius – Who Says You Need To Build A Gingerbread House?

Aquarius, you stand out and do want you to want, and with that said, who says you need to build a gingerbread house? You may choose to make a gingerbread rocket by taking a few Twizzler pieces and taking frosting to glue them together and encase the Twizzler bunch with narrow gingerbread cookie pieces fastened to the Twizzler bunch with the frosting, for example.

Or you could make a gingerbread car or a gingerbread school. Or, if you do make a gingerbread house, it will look like a roofless and modern home instead of a traditional one.

Pisces – Gingerbread House With Marshmallows And Lots Of Sprinkles

Pisces, you are dreamy, creative, and very artsy. Therefore, any gingerbread house you build will have a dreamy and artsy feel. First, you will make a basic gingerbread house and draw the doors and windows with colorful frosting. Then you will begin to put pieces of marshmallows all over the house.

You may use only white or colored marshmallows. Either way, you will put frosting on each piece and add some sprinkles. That gingerbread house you create will appear as if it is a dreamy work of art, which is what you create.


What kind of gingerbread house will you make? And you will want to make one on December 12th as it is Gingerbread House Day. It is a great day to create a masterpiece because it is far enough away from Christmas so it can receive the attention it deserves instead of everyone else getting lost in the actual holiday. So gather your gingerbread cookies or other cookies if you want to use them instead, as well as the frosting and decorative candies, and you can have some fun with them.

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