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How Do You Spend Your Black Friday Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How Do You Spend Your Black Friday Based On Your Zodiac Sign?

The day after Thanksgiving is Black Friday when so many people rush to go shopping because that is when you will find so many incredible deals and discounts. And since that is the day to complete your holiday shopping chores, some people could not be bothered with Black Friday because of the hype and crowds.

And many people find it ironic that the day before Black Friday is the day to express gratitude for everything they have, while Black Friday is when you see so much greed. How do you plan to spend Black Friday this year? Let’s look and see how you spend that day based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Take The Best Advantage Of It

Aries, you are the aggressive one and have a lot of passion. Therefore, since you are too busy to do your holiday shopping most of the time, you will take the best advantage of Black Friday. You will be the first to line up at the store you want to do your shopping, and you will also be the one to ensure you are first at grabbing the items you wish before anyone else will get to them.

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In addition, you will not allow anyone to fight you on that day because you will make it clear that you will not make it happen – and they will back off because they know you are serious.

Taurus – You Turned Into An Expert

Taurus, since you have an earth sign ruled by the planet that rules money and love, Venus, you take great pride in your possessions as you also love to shop. You have learned the secrets of how to get the best deals and discounts during previous Black Fridays, and this year will be no different.

Before running off to any store because of the sales, you will strategize and maximize the benefits of making the most of your deals. Needless to say, you will not put the day to waste. You will accomplish a lot by saving money and grabbing many items.

Gemini – You Will Go To As Many Stores As Possible

Gemini, you are as versatile as you can get, so you will never spend your Black Friday shopping at one store. You will go to multiple stores at the plaza or mall, and if you miss out on a deal because others got to it before you did, you will not care.

You will find it at another store. Therefore, you will only want to go Black Friday shopping with those interested in buying items from different stores instead of only one.

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Cancer – You May Wait For Cyber Monday

Cancer, you do not like crowds, and because of your empathetic nature, you may find yourself looking for Black Friday deals at home. Sure, you may tough it out if you have a loved one who is set on going with you.

But if it were up to you, you would sit on your comfortable sofa and look for deals online – better yet, you may wait for Cyber Monday as you could still find some good deals on larger items even then. Either way, going shopping in person on Black Friday does not appeal to you.

Leo – You Will Buy More Items Than You Thought

Leo, you can think big other than being the one who wants to be noticed. However, you are not overly concerned about being noticed on Black Friday. If you get to an item you want to buy, you will make it clear that it is yours to keep.

But you will end up buying more things than you had initially planned. You may go into the store thinking that you will only end up with two items, but you end up with ten because you love the deals and shop, and you can’t help but think big!

Virgo – You Don’t Think Too Much About It

Virgo, you are the one who is analytical and observant, so you see that the deals that you learn about on Black Friday are not anything worth spending your energy on because you can find other discounts and deals at different times of the year.

For example, you have found better deals on computers on back-to-school sales than on Black Friday or Cyber Monday. You may look at flyers to see if any discounts are worth it on Black Friday, but you often do not fall for them.

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Libra – You Only Care That This Is A Big Shopping Day

Libra, you love beauty, you are the one who loves to shop, and you have no qualms about spending money. You don’t even think twice that Black Friday is a day to make the most of your savings while buying holiday gifts or anything for yourself that you want or need.

You will only head to the mall or plaza to shop until you drop. The first place you will head over to is the clothing outlet because you need to buy new outfits every so often, and this is a perfect opportunity for you to do that.

Scorpio – You Will Take Advantage Of It Through The Comfort Of Home

Scorpio, you are intense and do not want to be around crowds because they overwhelm you. That is why you never want to step foot at a store during Black Friday. You do take the deals and discounts seriously.

Therefore, the only Black Friday shopping you will do is from your couch or bed on your laptop, tablet, or phone. You will only buy the items you need and a few select items to give as gifts. Those who you truly cherish will get holiday gifts from you.

Sagittarius – The Experience Thrills You

Sagittarius, you are adventurous and optimistic, and you find Black Friday enticing because it is always an exciting experience while shopping on such a big shopping day. You are not there for the deals; you are there to go on an adventure.

You will choose the store you want to shop at, and you will even head to the store the night before to camp out on the property of the mall or plaza (which you may get kicked out of doing, and that would be an experience in itself). If so, you will sleep in the car until it is time to start shopping when the stores open. Then you will make the most of whatever experience you have during your Black Friday moment.

Capricorn – You Wait In Line Very Early

Capricorn, you are the one that takes everything very seriously, and you also are sensible, which is why you live a frugal lifestyle even though you lean towards luxury. Therefore, you will do what you can to make the most of Black Friday because you can get some high-quality items for a low price.

Consequently, you will be one of the few to get in line very early, so you can be one of the first to buy the items you want and need. You would be the one who will fight with Aries for the same thing as Mars rules their sign, and Mars is exalted in yours, and you naturally butt heads.

Aquarius – You Act Like You Don’t Care, But Deep Down You Do

Aquarius, you do your thing and dislike the idea of conforming. That is why you act as if you don’t care when it comes to Black Friday. You don’t want to hear anyone talk about it because you don’t like to be a part of what others are excited about since you like to stand away from the crowd.

However, even though you act as if Black Friday is not a big deal, you secretly look at sales and discounts online and see if there is anything worth purchasing besides your holiday shopping. You will not step foot at the store, though.

Pisces – You Love How Inexpensive Things Are

Pisces, you are the one that is dreamy and may not factor in all of the facts about so many things. You love the idea that there is a day when you can buy items that have prices that you would see a decade or two ago. Inflation has been giving everyone anxiety, and since you are extremely sensitive, you have been feeling it the most.

And it is a relief to see prices that don’t reflect that so you will think that all the items are cheap. But the thing is, there are better deals on Black Friday than others, and you will be amazed at the lower prices to the point that you will not factor that in when you do your shopping.


I think it is ironic that Black Friday falls on a day after everyone expresses gratitude because you see a lot of greed coming out. However, aside from that, it is the best time to do holiday shopping. Some people love to shop in person and be part of the action, and others prefer to shop online and say away from the crowds. I will be one of those people who will do my shopping from home because I do not like crowds, even though I am a Leo.

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