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How Kids Handle Summer Vacation According To Their Zodiac Sign

How Kids Handle Summer Vacation According To Their Zodiac Sign

Summer is usually a fun time for kids and is very short because before they know it, school starts again. But many kids can look forward to going to camp and enjoying barbeques, and they can also enjoy vacations and picnics. Thus the question: How Kids Handle Summer Vacation?

Well, there are plenty of summer concerts that they will enjoy too. However, sometimes there are challenges regarding summer vacation and kids. Sometimes they get bored because you cannot occupy your kids enough if you have kids, that is!

How Kids Handle Summer Vacation?

So let’s look at how kids handle summer vacation based on their zodiac sign.

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Aries – Excited To Try New Things

Your Aries child is the passionate one, as you know, and they will have plenty of energy, so they need to be occupied often. However, they will find new things to do independently because they have a strong, independent streak.

For example, they may find a puzzle to try, and they may also keep themselves busy by playing in the yard with their toys, and the neighbors’ kids may join them. That keeps it easier for you because you do not need to be the one to occupy them. However, you must ensure that you enforce plenty of rules to keep them in line, and that is for their good.

Taurus – May Want To Explore Gardening

Your Taurus child loves the outdoors, even during the winter, as they would work very hard building a snowperson. Therefore, your Taurus child will love to try some gardening or other outdoor activities. But they also like to work and want to work hard.

Therefore, introducing your Taurus child to gardening will provide them with an opportunity to develop a green thumb. And after your child works hard, ensure that you get them a hammock so they can rest and enjoy more of the outdoors.

Gemini – Summer Camp Is Perfect For Them

Your Gemini child is versatile, loves to try new things, and must be kept busy. Therefore, your Gemini child will thrive at summer camp. They will learn to do archery and canoeing, enjoy arts and crafts, and learn to do some cooking.

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They will thoroughly enjoy all of the experiences that they have at any summer camp. You will want to find the camp that offers them many experiences because they will become bored if the camp only provides a few for them.

Cancer – Swimming

If your Cancer child enjoys bathtime, then you know there is a reason for that. Cancer is a water sign, the cardinal water sign, which means it is the first water sign of the zodiac, and therefore, your child will love swimming.

You will want to sign your child up for swimming lessons or take them to the local community pool on weekends. If your Cancer child becomes bored and unruly, one of the best things you can do is take them swimming. That will settle them down.

Leo – Group Activities

Your Leo child wants to have a good time and to be the center of attention. That is why your Leo child will love cookouts, as well as playing games with others and neighborhood parties. The best thing you can do for your Leo child is to find group activities and get them involved.

Community centers offer plenty of different summer activities such as art, dance, and music classes. Those are the best options for your Leo child if there are no neighborhood parties.

Virgo – Create Structure

Virgos need structure, which is why your Virgo child will struggle the most during the summer because of a lack of structure. However, there are ways around that, and you must create a routine for your Virgo child. Give them projects to do that will help them stay busy and feel secure.

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Create a schedule, and that way, they can follow it and be happier because these kids require a routine. It is more work for you, but you can always include cleaning in the schedule, as Virgo children don’t mind that anyway.

Libra – Let Them Socialize

Your Libra child is a social butterfly. That means you want to ensure that they socialize as much as possible this summer because that will make them happy. Since they love art and music, you may wish to enroll them in art camps and programs.

Also, take your Libra kids to outdoor concerts as they will appreciate and enjoy the music. If you do not get your Libra kids socialized enough, they will be unhappy and may even withdraw. You do not want to see that happen.

Scorpio – Keep An Eye On Them

Your Scorpio child is not the type that will want to go camping and be around many other kids. They will have one or two friends they will hang around and are close friends. They usually like to go and probe into things, such as digging into the ground to see what is inside of it.

You do not want to discourage your Scorpio child by doing what is most natural to them, but you also want to keep an eye on them because they could get into trouble. Their need to unravel mysteries is why they do what they do.

Sagittarius – They Need To Be On Different Excursions

Your Sagittarius child is going to want to explore everything this summer. You must plan for some type of family trip, even a road trip. That will be enough to satisfy your Sagittarius child. Also, explore what is in town, such as museums, hiking trails, and even camping for a weekend or several weekends.

Your Sagittarius child needs to go on one adventure after another, or else if they are stuck at home all summer, you can expect them to become upset and misbehave.

Capricorn – Selling Lemonade

Your Capricorn child is the one that is the go-getter and will be the one who will want to set up a lemonade stand and start selling lemonade. You would have to check to see if your jurisdiction permits that; if not, your Capricorn child will want to make themselves useful somehow because they are all about business.

They may also want to help you if you decide to do a garage sale this summer. And they may be the ones to do the selling if you make a garage sale.

Aquarius – Find Programs With Little Structure

Your Aquarius child will be the one to do what they want on their terms. That is why they will not be happy at a camp with a lot of structure. Therefore, the best thing to do is to find a program where your child is supervised but is free to do what they want.

You could keep them at home, and they would find activities to do on their own, but since you have to work and it is not healthy for them to be at home all summer, then an unstructured program is the best thing.

Pisces – Any Type Of Art Program Is Perfect

Your Pisces child is creative and imaginative, and the best type of program for your child is an arts camp. It can be arts and crafts, music, or drama. Any of those programs will make your Pisces child happy because they have the opportunity to use their creativity and imagination.

You also have to remember that Pisces is a water sign. Therefore, taking your child for a swim here and there would also make them very happy. Anything involving arts and water will be a perfect way to fulfill your Pisces child’s summer.

To simply sum up how kids handle summer vacation

Summer is a time for kids to take a break from school, so they enjoy themselves, whether they go camping, to an arts camp, or a swimming program. Perhaps you can also do some traveling, which is what many families can do during the summer since going during the school year is trickier except for March or winter break.

However, those ideas to keep your kids busy during the summer listed above can help you find things to do for your kids regardless of their zodiac sign. That will make the summer holiday easier for you and them.