July 17, 2024
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Zodiac Signs That Crave Inner Peace Ranked from Most to Least Spiritual

Zodiac Signs That Crave Inner Peace Ranked from Most to Least Spiritual

If you crave a lot of inner peace, that shows you that you are a spiritual individual. Many people want to have inner peace because they have a spiritual attitude towards life, and if they don’t have it, it does not feel good internally. Those who are spiritual appreciate life and will approach anyone with kindness.

However, that does not mean they lack boundaries as if anyone tests them; they will push back – no matter how spiritual they are. Do you think you are the spiritual type who wants inner peace? Let’s find that out and see where your zodiac sign ranks. Let’s look at the zodiac signs that ranks from the most spiritual to inner peace to the least.

Sagittarius – Highly Spiritual

Sagittarius ranks as the most spiritual, which is why they need to travel and seek adventures. It is not all about them wanting to have a good time. They seek meaning from having new experiences that involve traveling and seeking out new adventures.

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Their spiritual ways are also highly optimistic and will look at the bright side. They know that life is not forever, and there is no time to waste being negative. That is why they want to make the most of their lives and live a life through the lens of the glass being half-full.

Scorpio – Sensitive and Intuitive

Scorpio may be passionate and appear to have unhealthy coping mechanisms such as being overly obsessive. They may also appear to be full of vengeance. However, the truth about Scorpios is that they are highly sensitive, intuitive and need to have a lot of alone time so they can recharge and rest.

In addition, they are very private individuals because they do not want anyone to disrupt their peace, so they are highly secretive. Finally, Scorpios are compassionate towards the vulnerable and those who cannot defend themselves, such as the disabled, elderly, animals, and children.

Pisces – No Patience for Materialism

It is not a surprise that Pisces ranks high as a sign that craves inner peace. Pisces is known to be highly spiritual as those who have the sign only care about the essential things in life and do not have any patience for materialism and superficial people.

There is a reason that Pisces needs to retreat as those who have the sign are very sensitive, and others can drain them quickly. Therefore, they need their private time to recharge to be in tune with their spiritual side. When they are in tune with their spiritual side, they feel the most at peace.

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Cancer – Wants Inner Peace but Gets Very Emotional

Cancer is the most emotional and nurturing sign of the zodiac. Cancers are intuitive and have a spiritual side, and they want inner peace. However, they feel the most at peace while with their loved ones. If they are alone, they tend to struggle with finding it somewhat.

They also tend to cause their own imbalances by allowing their emotions to get out of control. Cancers make mountains out of molehills and need to remind themselves when they become calmer that they will not have the inner peace they want if they allow their emotions to take over.

Aquarius – Spiritual but Practical

Aquarians are the freethinkers of the zodiac, and they are very open to metaphysics and spirituality, but they also are not impractical about it. Therefore, Aquarians want inner peace, but they also tend to be thoughtful and are the types that want to solve problems in difficult situations.

They do not feel peaceful until there is a resolution, and the only way a solution happens is if they do some problem-solving. They don’t rely on spirituality alone to get through difficult times. However, because Aquarians are not the emotional type, they know how to step back and figure out a plan in a detached way to solve a problem.

Leo – Prefers to See the Good in Others

Leo ranks in the middle when it comes to ranking the zodiac signs that crave inner peace. This is because Leo does have a materialist and egotistical side. That is why they want to be the center of attention. However, they do have a strong spiritual side as well. Therefore, they choose to see the good in others, even those with too many redeeming qualities.

They also feel peaceful when they give generously because even though they have a solid egotistical side, they are pretty generous. They also feel at peace when they are generous and spend time with someone who is having a rough time and cheer them up.

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Gemini – Good Intentions but Not Overly Spiritual

Gemini is versatile and needs to socialize and learn, and they love all forms of communication. Gemini is that those who have the sign are striving to improve and have good intentions even though it may not appear that way since their moods change at the drop of the hat, and they don’t always follow through on their commitments.

Gemini wants to make the world a better place. However, those with the sign are not the type that can sit still and meditate as they need a lot of intellectual and physical stimulation.

Libra – In Touch with Their Spirituality Side but Needs to Be with Others, Somewhat Materialistic

Those who have the Libra sign are very much in tune with their spiritual side as they like to explore different philosophies and beliefs. Libra is the type that wants to be there for others, but at the same time, those who have the sign do not want to stay alone as they crave being around people. Additionally, those who have the sign are also somewhat materialistic.

They like fashion and beauty and would be more likely to have a desire to wear trendy and stylish outfits. They’d rather be complimented on their good looks than receive a compliment about them being a kind soul.

Virgo – Has an Interest in Spirituality But Is too Analytical

Virgo is the highly analytical type, and those who have the sign are the ones that need an explanation for everything. Additionally, they are not the type to sit and relax until something pressing is completed. However, that does not mean they don’t have an interest in spirituality, as they would happily pick up a book to read about it.

Though Virgo is high-strung, it is not easy for them to sit back and look for their inner Zen. If you put a Virgo in a quiet room by themselves, they will not meditate. They will begin cleaning it and organizing it instead.

Aries – Too Active to Center Themselves

The one thing about Aries is that they are too passionate and energetic that centering themselves is the last thing they want to do. So instead, they focus on what they need and want and nothing other than that.

However, when Aries is not after anything or charged up, they may think about the mysteries of life and may be interested in learning about spirituality. And the only times they will center themselves and count to ten is if their temper is starting to flare at an inappropriate place, such as work or in a setting where they want to appear impressive.

Capricorn – Doesn’t Dismiss Spirituality but Too Practical

The one thing about Capricorn that everyone can agree on is that those who have the sign are highly ambitious. But additionally, they are too practical and don’t care about finding their inner peace because if they have to complete something, that comes first.

So, a Capricorn will not be overly open to metaphysics and spirituality, but that does not mean they dismiss it either. All it means is that they are too practical to be open to the spiritual side, but they don’t deny that there is something to it either.

Taurus – Too Down to Earth and Practical

Taurus is the most sensual sign, and all they care about is something to touch, feel, smell, see, and taste, and at the same time, they become hyperfocused on anything they want. That means they will go after what they wish to through determination and find methods to get through obstacles that have nothing to do with spirituality and faith.

Taureans are too practical for that, and they are not the types to quit until they get what they want. That does not mean they are dismissive of something greater out there the same way Capricorn is. However, Taureans are not the spiritual type because their practicality takes over.


However, what if you know of a Taurean who has to do their yoga and meditation each day before heading out to work, so they stay centered during the rush hour traffic? They likely have their moon or rising sign in a spiritual sign such as Pisces or Scorpio or may have a stellium in their Twelfth or Eighth house. Always remember that the sun sign only tells you a partial story of who someone is. Anyone can be spiritual, but some are more practical than others which means the practical ones are less spiritual.

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