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How Much Sleep Do You Need According to Your Zodiac Sign

How Much Sleep Do You Need According to Your Zodiac Sign?

How well do you sleep? And how well do you handle the days when you don’t get much sleep? If you are able to sleep for 5 hours a night which is not healthy, but if you are able to do it and get by on it, then maybe it has to do with your zodiac sign.

But the fact of the matter is, everyone needs a good quality of sleep for seven to eight hours a night. It is never a good idea to get less than six hours or more than nine hours of sleep. Getting too much sleep daily can be as bad as sleep deprivation. And even if you feel you can function on very little sleep, eventually it does catch up with you so taking naps here and there is a great thing to do. Let’s now find out how well you sleep based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Five Hours of Sleep or Less

Aries is highly energetic, passionate, and initiating. They constantly have ideas in their minds when it comes to starting new endeavors and more often than not, they need to get a good workout in. That is why it is not surprising to know that Arians can remain energetic even after getting five hours of sleep or fewer.

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They can go to bed at midnight and rise up at 5 am and immediately do their morning workout. However, even for the Aries, getting five hours of sleep is not enough. They will get tired during the day and aiming for a cat nap or two is what they should really do.

Taurus – Requires at Least Eight Hours of Sleep

Taurus needs to have stability in their lives and they absolutely need their routine. They do not do well with disruptions. They also need plenty of sleep and they can get a good eight hours of sleep each night in which helps them get on with their days. However, if they get fewer than eight hours of sleep, it throws their days off.

Therefore, they won’t function very well during the day and they will become quite moody. Again, they do not do well with disruptions and it is no wonder that Taurean parents of young kids have a very difficult time. They need their sleep.

Gemini – Six Hours of Sleep or Less

Gemini is all about communication, versatility, and socializing. Their minds are constantly busy and they are constantly talking with their friends through texting or emails. Gemini can get by on six hours of sleep a night and they don’t necessarily need a cat nap during the day. They get just enough sleep each night to recharge their active minds so when they wake up, they are texting away. Or they will go and fetch the latest news story about the latest development first thing in the morning. Rest is not a priority for Gemini.

Cancer – Seven Hours of Sleep

Cancer is the most nurturing sign of the zodiac, and they need enough sleep, in order to stay that way. This is because Cancer is at a high risk of burning out while caring for the needs of others. They can easily forget about tending their own needs. But they realize how important it is to do that after waking up from a seven-hour sleep and feeling well-rested. And they can properly care for the home, for their families, and anything else that is relevant in their lives.

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If a Cancer does not get ample sleep, then they become extremely moody, teary-eyed, and are in a dire need for a long nap in the daytime.

Leo – Eight Hours of Sleep

Leo is the royal sign of the zodiac and those that have this sun sign must be the star of the show. They are great with self-preservation as they know to get their much-needed rest and they definitely are the type to make sure their needs are met first. This way, they can rock their performances if they are well-rested.

They realize the recommended number of hours of sleep is seven to eight hours per night. They will make sure they attain so they can be their very best. And when it is time for their shuteye, they will remove all distractions that can interrupt their sleep otherwise.

Virgo – Six Hours of Sleep

Virgos are hard workers and are very detailed. They really don’t like to sleep because it takes time away from them that they could use for organizing, cooking, cleaning, and being productive. They are perfectionists by nature. However, at the same time, they realize that sleep is important for their health and for them to perform at their best.

They will aim for seven to eight hours of sleep each night for that reason, but their active minds end up waking them up sooner. The first thoughts that come up are ‘what room should I clean and organize first’, or ‘what meals should I plan for the rest of the week’. Those thoughts cause them to rise early. And they also will go for a nap if they must in the afternoon.

Libra – Seven Hours of Sleep

Libra is all about balance and beauty. Therefore, Libras definitely want to have their beauty sleep. They also know how important sleep is for their bodies to stay balanced. If they are sleep-deprived, then their inner balance is disrupted, and they will be quite moody and out of sorts as a result.

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The one thing that you do not want to take away from a Libra is their beauty sleep. And they will find a way to have it if they don’t get their full seven hours in the night through cat naps.

Scorpio – Seven Hours of Sleep

Scorpios are intense. And the reason that they need the same amount of sleep as the Libra is for very different reasons. They are highly passionate about what they do and are passionately intimate with their partners in the bedroom. That tires them out. Therefore, they need ample rest to recharge themselves so they can be themselves for the next day. If you did not think that Scorpios needed much sleep, they definitely do.

Sagittarius – Five Hours of Sleep

What does a Sagittarius like to do? Go on adventures and explore. Their belief is that there is ‘no rest for the wicked’ which means they believe they have an abundance of energy. However, just like anyone else, they run out of fuel and cannot stay active all night. They will crash at some point. But they seem to be fine if they get a good solid five hours of sleep even though that is not really enough. They have too much to look forward to which is why they don’t sleep for very long.

With that said, they will often become tired during the day and opt for taking a nap considering they don’t get enough sleep.

Capricorn – Six Hours of Sleep

The Capricorn is too busy working, planning, and multitasking in order to sleep for many hours. They will get the minimum of recommended sleep because they know that they cannot afford to run on empty otherwise. They have too much to do between working, managing the home, and their families if they have them.

However, you can expect Capricorn to go to bed late at night because they have to finish up a project. Then they will also be up bright and early to get an early start to the day. There is no time to waste.

Aquarius – The Number of Hours of Sleep They Need Is Erratic

Aquarius is one of a kind and marches to their own beat. That also means that they will get as much sleep as they need or want on any given day. Some nights all they get is five hours of sleep. Then on other nights, they will get nine to ten hours of sleep. It depends on what they are doing, what they are working on, and what they are thinking – and their moods.

There is no stability with Aquarius and their sleep is no exception.

Pisces – Over Nine Hours of Sleep

Pisces is the dreamy sign and it is not a surprise that they require a lot of sleep. Yes, they love to hang out in their dreamland. However, they have the ability to connect with the spirit world and when they are sleeping and dreaming, they can have a party with other entities that can last a long time.

In addition to that, Pisces needs to recharge often as they become overloaded while having to face some hard realities. They are also empathetic which means they will hold onto energies that others emit which can be draining. Therefore, it is not a surprise that they will need more than nine hours of sleep. However, getting too much sleep is not a good idea either which means they will have to work at getting no more than nine hours of shuteye.

What is your sign? Do you feel this is fitting? If not, then your Moon or rising sign could be playing a role. Again, it is recommended to get anywhere from seven to eight hours of sleep. However, if you don’t feel that is attainable, then work at getting no fewer than six hours. Don’t exceed nine hours of sleep either. You need a balance!

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