July 13, 2024
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How the Zodiac Signs Deal with Quarantine

How the Zodiac Signs Deal with Quarantine

As everyone was counting down the seconds to the New Year on December 31, 2019, no one would have predicted that the New Year would have brought in a worldwide pandemic. Even in January when people were aware that the Coronavirus was spreading throughout China, no one would have thought it would have spread worldwide.

However, here we are in May, and most places in the world have been in quarantine in their homes since March to help slow the spread of the virus and to flatten the curve. Businesses that were non-essential such as most retail stores and salons had to close. Many places around the world have reached their peaks and are slowly opening up the economy again. The quarantine has been difficult for many people. Everyone reacts to being stuck in their homes in different ways. That also largely depends on their zodiac sign. Let’s see how the signs have been dealing with the forced quarantine.

Aries – Working Out

Aries is ruled by Mars and those who have this sign, whether it is their sun, moon, or rising sign would have had the urge to work out and to remove some steam. Arians cannot just sit still as they need to keep active and moving. Their second home is the gym as a result. Since gyms are closed, then the next best thing is working out in their homes. That is what they have been doing. They will most definitely come out of this being fit.

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Taurus – Meditating in Nature

It is easy to assume that those Taureans, given that they love luxury and have a strong appreciation for food and materials would indulge in those. It is easy to think that they would be the ones to indulge in food, drinks, and online shopping. However, even though some Taureans may have reacted this way – many of them need to get in touch with nature and do some meditating. Taurus is an earth sign which means they are the calmest outdoors – which they could do as long as they stay close to home and away from others.

Gemini – Reading and Learning

Gemini is the sign that never stops being curious. They need to keep reading, learning and talking. Therefore, those who have this sign are reacting to the quarantine by being even more of bookworms than they already are. They could read a book a day if they had to. They would also take online classes for the sake of keeping their minds stimulated. They would also be the ones to have many video chats with their friends.

Cancer – Video Chatting with Family and Friends

Cancer is all about the home and because of that, those with this sign have not been overly thrown by the forced quarantine. However, because this sign is also about family, Cancerians will have a difficult time being physically away from their family members. That is why they will spend a lot of their time video chatting with them. They will stay in touch with their friends to check up on them because that is what Cancerians do.

Leo – Starting a YouTube Channel and Taking More Selfies

Leo loves the attention given to them. Therefore, those who have this sign will invite more attention to themselves in quarantine. They want everyone to know how they are dealing (or struggling) with the quarantine. They will then create a video channel on YouTube and will take many selfies to share it among social networks. They have more time to devote to doing this since they are home more.

Virgo – Organizing Their Homes

Virgo is all about cleaning up and organizing. Since everyone is quarantined in their homes, Virgos, in particular, will focus on organizing and cleaning their homes. They will go through their items thoroughly. They will separate the ones that they plan to keep from the others that they want to junk or donate. They can finally give their home a good cleaning as well.

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Libra – Taking Vitamins to Attain Balance

Libras need balance and must feel in balance in order to function at all. Therefore, in order to attain that, they take vitamins so they can attain the balance they need. If they feel they are getting the nutrition they are getting through supplements, they will be able to tackle their chores at home. They will have adjusted to the new normal as well.

Scorpio – Obsessively Organizing and Cleaning

Virgos are the ones who are taking advantage of the cleaning and organizing their homes as they are quarantined. However, Scorpios take that and up it a notch or two. That is due to the fact that they can be extremely obsessive. Therefore, they will be consumed with getting their homes to look spotless and clean. They will likely purge out the items that have been taking up clutter and space during this time as well quickly. Pluto rules Scorpio and that is the planet that rules purging.

Sagittarius – Planning for Future Vacations

Sagittarius, ruled by jovial Jupiter, has that glass-half-full point of view. Therefore, those with this sign will just know by being optimistic that vacations will be a possibility once again. They are hoping it will be a thing sooner rather than later. However, whenever it can happen, it will. And it is never too early to plan. Sagittarians will be planning their vacations in advance, even if they are unable to go away for a good year!

Capricorn – Staying in The Loop with The News

As Sagittarians plan for vacations and fun things to after the pandemic ends, Capricorns do a different type of planning. They plan for anything that is a lot more serious. That is not a surprise since Capricorn is ruled by stern Saturn.

Capricorns stay in the loop with the news and stay up to date as much as they can. If the curve has not flattened yet (which it has in many areas), they will plan out when to shop for essentials and do it a little as possible. Once there is news about re-opening the economy, Capricorns stay in the loop about that and know about what precautions to exercise.

Aquarius – Analyzing Ideas for A Potential Cure

Those who are of the Aquarius sign have one thing that they are thinking about. That is how a potential cure will be developed. Since this is the sign ruled by progressive Uranus, they are thinking about what will happen in regard to wiping this away in the future. They have their own ideas and theories about how one will be established. They can obsessively think about what the potential cure and preventative could look like as well.

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Pisces – Netflix Binging

Pisceans will be doing one thing during the quarantine and that is by binging on Netflix. This is their ‘security blanket’ during this questionable time. They need to be comforted and the way this can happen is if they get lost in the land of movies and shows so they can stay away from the painful reality. They do this by indulging in popcorn and other sweets. Pisces is ruled by dreamy Neptune which explains this is the case.

This is certainly a time of uncertainty. What is your sign? Do you relate to this? How are you coping?

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