June 23, 2024
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omicron wave of the pandemic

How The Zodiac Signs React to the Omicron Wave of the Pandemic

Here we are in the third year of the pandemic, and it was believed by now it would have ended. Heck, I predicted that it would have switched to endemicity in many parts of the world last year. Still, since there is a lot of traveling going on, the pandemic will not end until every part of the world becomes immune through vaccination and/or infection. As life was looking better late last year as the Delta wave was controlled in many places globally, right before Christmas came Omicron! Yes, another super contagious variant has put us back to almost square one with the pandemic! Everyone is exhausted and frustrated, and that includes me! Let’s see how the signs handle the ongoing pandemic and see if you resonate with your zodiac sign.

Aries – Makes it Clear Vocally That They Are Done

Aries, you are so passionate, and you are also very impatient and can be impulsive. If anyone is done with this pandemic, it is you. That is why you will be very vocal about how angry you are about the fact that we now have another highly infectious variant to contend with, which is why you are very snappy. You know that the best thing is to be still careful when it comes to crowds, but you are too tired of caring, and you will go to crowded places if there is something you need to do, such as shop at the mall. You are clearly done with this.

Taurus – Shops Online and Eats

Taurus, you are stable and have a love for luxury and possessions, which includes food. You are definitely not happy that the Omicron wave has put everyone back, but at the same time, you distract yourself by buying items online and cooking up a storm and eating. You will still dine out if restaurants are open in your area, but you also don’t have a problem with ordering take-out as well if you have the urge to eat in and watch a good movie. Again, you are not happy about this, but at the same time, you are coping through your sensual side.

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Gemini – As Long as There Are People to Talk to, All Is Well

Gemini, you are sociable, chatty, and intellectual. You are tired of the pandemic like everyone else, but at the same time, you also don’t care as long as you can talk to others. And you will still see your friends in person as long as no one is infected, or you will chat with them through text, email, video, voice, or messenger. You will also study the Omicron variant and compare them to others, and even provide your friends with details about your findings. You follow a group of epidemiologists on TikTok or other platforms so you can learn about updates and so on.

Cancer – Happy to Keep Hunkering Down While Worrying About Everyone Else

Cancer, you are an emotional homebody, so, therefore, you are not upset about having to continue to hunker down at home until things settle again. However, you are apprehensive about your loved ones and friends potentially getting sick from the Omicron variant. Therefore, you will be the one to call them often or text them to find out how they are doing and if they need anything. Even if they are physically healthy, you will be there to support them since this is all mentally taxing. You are also going to have a good cry about this prolonged pandemic.

Leo – Upset About the Situation and Will Make it Known To Everyone

Leo, you are highly expressive and angry and upset that this pandemic is going on as long as it has. Therefore, you will not keep quiet about how you feel because you want to first get your feelings out in the open, and you want others to notice how you feel. Therefore, it is not a surprise if you go on Tiktok or social media creating videos about your frustration about how long this is going on. You need to be seen and heard, and once you are, you will feel some relief!

Virgo – Worries About Catching It

Virgo, if anyone is worried about catching Omicron, it is you. And if you already have seen it, you would do everything possible to make sure you are eating well and not near anyone. The only focus is to heal and get back to being your productive self. If you have not caught it, you will do anything possible to ensure that you don’t by carrying extra hand sanitizer around and ensuring you wash your hands after being somewhere away from home. You also are angry that nothing has settled after all of this time, and you may even not keep quiet if you don’t see someone socially distancing properly.

Libra – The One Who Is Attempting to Calm Everyone Down

Libra, you are all about balance, and you are also a great friend who is there to keep your friends calm during this time of further uncertainty. While your friends call you up or text you about how tired they are of this never-ending pandemic, you are the one who does what you can to remind them that this will not last forever and redirect them to other things to focus on, such as other current events involving entertainment. You want to bring balance to your friends that are feeling very upset and out of sorts. But at the same time, since you don’t always express yourself the way you should, you are feeling just as frustrated as they are. You need to take your own advice.

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Scorpio – Resigned to This Reality and Focusing on Your Survival at the Same Time

Scorpio, you are one of the few signs that are not showing any anger towards a prolonged pandemic as you are only resigned to what is and know that you cannot fight it. You know that it is futile and frustrates you to see others making a scene about how tired they are. Your attitude is that it is what it is, and all you care about is focusing on your survival and health. If it means you have to hunker down a little longer, so you stay healthy, so be it. You usually are very intense, but when it comes to this pandemic, you have run out of steam to feel passionately angry about it.

Sagittarius – Looking for Silver Linings

Sagittarius, you are an optimist, and even though you are upset that you still cannot travel much, you are looking at the path forward. You see Omicron as a silver lining because if everyone gets infected, that is added immunity for the community, which puts a way forward to endemicity. You don’t have to be a scientist to know this fact. Each time you encounter someone who thinks that this pandemic will never end, you will tell them that all pandemics do end and become endemic instead. Therefore, it means the virus will never go away, but at the same time, it will become manageable eventually like the flu is each year.

Capricorn – Worries More About the Health of the Economy

Capricorn, you don’t mind hunkering down for a little longer, and you know how to keep yourself as healthy as possible, so if you do get sick, you have a great chance at beating it. However, the one thing that is really upsetting you is that on the economic side, things are not good. Therefore, supply issues, inflation, and job losses are those things that are keeping you up at night because of this prolonged pandemic. Unfortunately, that means all you can do is stock up on non-perishables until things begin to settle, and since you tend to look at the pessimistic side at times, you don’t see that happening for a very long time – longer than it likely will settle.

Aquarius – Keeps Up with the Evolving Science

Aquarius, you are not the type to show any emotions, but you are still extremely upset about how long this pandemic is going. However, the one thing that can keep your mind at ease is following what epidemiologists and immunologists are saying and keeping up with their updates. In addition, you are following up with the upcoming treatments that can show promising results, such as the antiviral pills, which can help put an end to this at some point. You may even be the one to relay the information that you hear from the experts to your friends and family, so they are up to date about what is happening.

Pisces – Hunkers Down and Gets the Creative Juices Flowing

Pisces, you don’t mind hunkering down a little longer because you are not keen on crowds, to begin with. However, you do worry about your friends and loved ones getting sick, and you feel helpless that you cannot stop that from happening. You have a lot going on in your head, and what you are finding, and your creative juices are flowing a little more, which is a good thing. Therefore, you will indulge in some creative writing, painting, or even creating music during this time. It is a positive distraction for you because reality is too painful right now, even for those who are naturally more grounded.

As you can see, no one is happy about this pandemic prolonging, and there is also the worry that even once Omicron dissipates, new variants can become problematic. However, my Sagittarius rising is saying, if everyone does get infected with this variant, that can be an excellent way to create extra immunity for future variants because your immune system is familiar with COVID-19. So that definitely is a step forward to this pandemic. And there is one thing to always remember, even during this frustrating time. Life now is not the same as it was back in March of 2020. This is because our immune systems have had exposure to COVID-19 through vaccination, infection, or both. That was not the case in March 2020 which is why it was a lot more problematic then.

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