June 24, 2024
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Winter Olympics Game You Should Watch For Your Zodiac Sign

The Winter Olympics are on their way as they are taking place in Beijing, China, this year as it starts on February 4th until the 20th. Are you interested in watching the XXIV Olympic Winter Games? Some people are really into the summer and winter Olympics, whereas others do not. However, if you like watching the Olympics, whether it is the Summer or Winter, you may wonder which game you should watch. So, let’s talk about that now. What Winter Olympics game should you watch based on your zodiac sign? You will find out because you certainly want to watch a game that will interest you!

Aries – The Luge

Aries, you are full of passion and energy. That means there are many Winter Olympics games you would like to watch, but the one you would be most in favor of would be the luge. That game is a fast-paced one, and it is perfect for thrill-seekers which you can relate to very well! Luge made its way into the Winter Olympics in 1964. And you will love this one too because there are no brakes when it comes to the luge. That will keep your interest up, and you will look forward to watching it.

Taurus – Skiing

Taurus, you are the stable one, and you love your routine, and you do not like anything fast. However, suppose you are interested in watching the Winter Olympics. In that case, you will want to watch cross-country skiing because it is slow and steady, and you can relate to those top cross-country skiers because they need a lot of endurance to be a part of those games successfully. Furthermore, the Nordic countries will likely win the game because cross-country skiing originated in Norway. The other games you may not have an interest in watching.

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Gemini – Hockey

Gemini, you are adaptable, and you like anything fast-paced. That is why you would appreciate an ice hockey game and be sure to watch it during the Winter Olympics. Additionally, Geminis are excellent team players, and there will likely be games almost daily. Geminis may also be the ones to get together with friends to watch a good hockey game, but not necessarily either. Here is an interesting fact. Women’s Ice Hockey did not become a part of the Olympics until 1992 and did not make its official debut several years later, in 1998.

Cancer – Alpine Skiing

Cancer, you are the happiest when you are at home with your family and loved ones. And you are also a loner by nature. That is why you can appreciate Alpine skiing. That is because Alpine skiers do their part solo, and the competition has commenced in 1936, making it one of the longest-running sports of the Winter Olympics. Therefore, you will enjoy watching this game while at home and enjoying yourself by drinking some tea, having some snacks, and keeping warm with the fireplace running. That is especially if the night is extra cold!

Leo – Snowboarding

Leo, you like putting on a good show, or if you don’t, you enjoy watching it! However, if you cannot go to the movies because you are snowed in, you will look forward to the snowboarding part of the Winter Olympics. Snowboarders always put on an excellent performance, and it is a fast-paced game. The establishment of snowboarding happened in the 1960s and became a part of the Winter Olympics in 1998. Therefore, when you know that the snowboarding part of the game is approaching, you get excited because you always look forward to watching an exciting show!

Virgo – Ski Jumping

Virgo, you love to hash out all the details because of your super analytical nature. If you cannot analyze something, you are not interested in it. That is why the Winter Olympic game you will watch is the ski jumps because this sport requires precision, and it has been around since 1808, so it is an old sport. As you watch the ski jumping game, you will observe how they do it carefully, and you will even talk about it with those around you. They may not listen to the details of what you tell them, but it makes you feel good when you talk about it.

Libra – Curling

Libra, you want peace, and you are all about being peaceful. That is why a Winter Olympic game that is peaceful is the one that you would like to watch, which would be curling. It is one of the few games that is balanced and fair, and you may enjoy it even better if you can watch it with a friend or your partner, or you can have a few of your friends over on one of the days. Other than that, you may not particularly share an interest in many of the other sports that take place during the Winter Olympics.

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Scorpio – Bobsled

Scorpio, you are passionate and intense. So, it is not surprising that your favorite Winter Olympics game would be bobsled. You love the bobsleigh players taking a heavy sled and directing them down an icy ground at rapid speeds. Bobsled games became a part of the Winter Olympics in 1924, only for men. The women’s games did not enter the Winter Olympics until 2002, which was pretty recent. However, you may prefer to watch the intense game on your own, but you also won’t have any issue having your partner join you. But you will not be the one to invite friends over to watch with you.

Sagittarius – Freestyle Skiing

Sagittarius, you are happy-go-lucky, and you love anything free, which is why the Winter Olympic game you will love is freestyle skiing. This sport features acrobatic aerial skiing, and you have other intense and bumpy features that go along with this game. Therefore, Sagittarius would have a strong appreciation for those games and would be the ones ready to watch them once it comes on! Would you have a party too? Of course, you would because the more people around you who could appreciate the games on some of the days, the better! That would make it that much more exciting.

Capricorn – Speed Skating

Capricorn, your main interest is finishing up your work and meeting your goals. Therefore, you don’t usually like to spend much time doing anything other than that. However, everyone needs some downtime, which includes you! Therefore, when you want to take a break to watch the Winter Olympics, you may look forward to watching speed skating because you have a preoccupation with time. And face facts, speed skating interests you as you possess some analytical attributes to a lesser degree than Virgo. Therefore, it is not a surprise that this sport would interest you.

Aquarius – Skeleton Sledding

Aquarius, you appreciate anything unique and fascinating. That is why you gravitate towards the skeleton sledding game at the Winter Olympics. This game is similar to luge, but it is in reverse. The players race with one another facing down and with their heads first instead of racing on their backs with their feet heading first as they do with the luge. The sport looks riskier than it is as the steering is done in a gentler method than the luge, and not to mention it is not nearly as heavy as the bobsled, so if it rolls on you, you will be, for the most part, okay. It is an eccentric-looking game with a strange name that appeals to Aquarius.

Pisces – Figure Skating

Pisces, you are all about empathy, art, spirituality, and romance. So, it is not a shock that the game you would look forward to watching the most is figure skating, and it does not matter whether you are watching a team of skaters, pairs, or singles. There is an art associated with this game, which is why Pisceans appreciate it, and it is also graceful. Pisces and tough do not mix, so if there is a Winter Olympic game that is the gentlest and is like art, then figure skating is it! Additionally, it is the oldest game in the Winter Olympics.

You may also be the one who wants to see all of the games or most of them if you have the time for it! February is a drab month, and while still dealing with the pandemic, it makes it extra drab. Therefore, you may want to watch the Winter Olympics anyway for a distraction, even if you are generally not into watching the games. The XXIV Olympic Winter Games begin on February 4th and end on the 20th, in Beijing, China. So why not enjoy it for a temporary and healthy escape? I have to say I am not overly into these sports, but I am looking forward to it because it does take your mind off of the complex realities we face today.

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