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How to Celebrate Independence Day Based on Your Zodiac Sign

How to Celebrate Independence Day Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Americans spend several days of the year in the summer enjoying barbeques and gatherings or prefer quiet celebrations at home. One of those celebratory days is Independence Day, where barbeques, fireworks, and friends and family gather around to enjoy the celebration. The Continental Congress passed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, which is celebrated as the Fourth of July today. As a result of this declaration, the 13 North American colonies separated from Great Britain politically. If you are American, how do you celebrate Independence Day? Let’s find that one out based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Having A Four of July Party

Aries, you are competitive, highly energetic, and do not like to wait around for anything, which means you will not wait around to have someone invite you to a Four of July party. That is because you will host a party as you plan for it. You will arrange to have some good food, plenty of outdoor games, and all you want to do is have a good time. Since you have a competitive side, you will want to be the one who will want to boast about having the best Fourth of July party on the block.

Taurus – Enjoyable And Indulgent Picnic

Taurus, you do not like parties unless there is plenty of delicious food. And that is because you are low-energy and sensual. Therefore, you will spend Independence Day by heading over to a park and having a picnic with some friends or your partner. And you will bring gourmet food with you. You have an earth sign, so you will find this activity enjoyable as you can get in contact with the earth at a park and do the very thing you enjoy the most, which is indulging in delicious foods.

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Gemini – Go On A Road Trip With Some Friends

Gemini, you are versatile, and you need plenty of movement. Not to mention, you are highly sociable and communicative. Therefore, the activity you will do on Independence Day is go on a road trip. You will likely take a few days off as you will take the weekend off and return home on July 5th (or you may take the entire week off for your trip). However, the Fourth of July holiday is a perfect reason for you to take a road trip with friends, which will probably be one of several over the summer.


How to Celebrate Independence Day Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Cancer – Have A Get-Together At Home

Cancer, your life is about the home. You are emotional and cherish the moments with your family and closest friends as you are sentimental. You also do not like to leave your comfort zone and stick to what is familiar to you. Therefore, you will likely have a quiet get-together at home with some close friends and family on Independence Day. You will make it enjoyable for the guests. You will cook up a meal or order some catering, have snacks, and if there are kids in the picture, there will be movies and outdoor games. It will be a special occasion for you.

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Leo – Either A Beach Party Or A Backyard Party

Leo, everything about you is extravagant, and you need excitement. Like Aries, another fire sign, there is no good Fourth of July celebration if no party is in the picture. You also love to be the star of the show. Therefore, you will be the one to host and organize the party because you want your guests to remember you for allowing them to have a fun time. If you live near a beach, you will arrange a beach party; if you don’t, you will host a party in your home and backyard with barbeque, plenty of music, dancing, and fun activities.

Virgo – Attend A Small Gathering At Most

Virgo, you are the highly analytical one and not the type to go to parties, let alone host one, unless it is a small get-together of close friends you can trust. You will gladly attend if someone invites you to a Fourth of July get-together or lunch, as you want to do something to get yourself into the spirit. However, because of your introverted nature, you would rather stay home and do chores, whether cleaning or creating your to-do list. You don’t like avoiding your routine too much on holidays.

Libra – Any Social Celebration

Libra, you are about fairness, beauty, and relationships, as you are the most social sign of the zodiac. Therefore, it is unsurprising that you would want to spend the Fourth of July at a party. You don’t necessarily care to host one, but you will do it if none of your friends are hosting a party. You are not the type that won’t wait to host one because of not knowing whether your friends will host it like your mirror sign, Aries. You are also not the type that wants to host the party for the sake of wanting to be the star of the show like Leo. You only want to socialize and enjoy yourself with others, so you won’t think of hosting a party if you have a friend doing so.


How to Celebrate Independence Day Based on Your Zodiac Sign


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Scorpio – Head To A Memorial Park Or National Historic Site

Scorpio, you are mysterious and private, and you are more of an introvert, which is why you will never be the one to host a party, and you will attend a small party if the ones who will be there are trustworthy to you. You may prefer to feed your mind on Independence Day, which is why you prefer to head over to a memorial park or a national historical site to learn something about the history of Independence Day. You may research them or listen to a podcast if there are none near you. And in the evening, you will head out to your yard or balcony and watch some fireworks from afar.

Sagittarius – Going To An Outdoor Music Festival

Sagittarius, you are freedom-loving and never want to be confined at home, which is also why you love to travel and go on several adventures. However, you will stay in town for the Fourth of July celebrations to celebrate Independence Day. Since you are full of energy and enthusiasm, you will want to do something to help you release your energy: going to an outdoor music festival. You can dance at the concert and have a great time; your enthusiasm is contagious, and others around you will do the same.

Capricorn – Going Camping With Close Friends Or Family

Capricorn, you are goal and business-oriented and quite high-achieving and ambitious. And you are also introverted, which means you have a few close friends, and the idea of partying with others you do not know does not thrill you when it comes to the Four of July celebrations. Therefore, you will arrange to go with your friends camping for the holiday instead as you will want to do some bike riding or hiking on the camping trip. Since your sign is an earth sign, you feel at home regarding the outdoors.

Aquarius – Going To A Party Then Doing Something Good For The Community

Aquarius, you are unconventional and friendly but like to keep others at arm’s length. Therefore, you will want to attend a party for the Fourth of July celebrations to experience the excitement. However, you will not stay that late because you will want to use that time to do something positive for the community. Therefore, you will help your community by volunteering to clean up, getting in touch with local veterans, and offering to help them in any way you can. You may also be the one to go to a party and then head over to the clinic to donate blood. Your humanitarian side will come out during these celebrations.


How to Celebrate Independence Day Based on Your Zodiac Sign


Pisces – Spending Some Time By The Lake Or A Pond

Pisces, you are sensitive and imaginative, and you need a lot of solitude to recharge because life can overwhelm you. That is why you will not be the one to head over to a barbeque or a party unless your good friend is hosting them. The best Fourth of July activity for you is heading over to the lake or the pond and enjoying some “alone time” so you can recharge. You will stay there until the fireworks show is over.  If you do not live near a lake or a pond, you may soak in the tub for some time to do the same. You have a water sign, so the water connection is important to you.


The number of Fourth of July celebrations you can do to honor Independence Day and have some fun simultaneously is endless. And if anything, the ideas for celebration listed are something you can think about if you are unsure what to do for the day, regardless of your zodiac sign. You may decide to have a barbeque with your family and some friends and enjoy some fireworks, or you may do something more unconventional. Whatever you do to celebrate the Fourth of July, make it fun and stay safe.




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