June 22, 2024
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Neptune Retrograde 2023: Swimming In The Deep Blue Ocean

The celestial force of water, Neptune, is going retrograde from June 30th until December 6, 2023. Some associate it with the astral, mystical unseen realms. While others see it as the god of the oceans and the seas. But what could Neptune going “backwards” really mean? And most importantly, what could it mean for you? Keep reading to find out.


The Story of Neptune: What Can We Learn From Going Backwards?

Neptune, one of the three modern planets, was only discovered in 1846, and interestingly enough, that was around the same time photography went commercial, in 1950 to be precise. Why do we mention photography? Well, Neptune you see has a lot to do with the invisible, imaginative realms. The world of dreams, of the vast deep blue oceans. Also referred to as the etherical planes, this is the land where all possibilities exist. A land where the unknown holds all brilliant and genius-like ideas. A land where individuals like Thomas Edison or Einstein often delved in. A land of dreams and hopes, yet to be realized.

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And photography in a way was, an unimaginative invention, a hope first of its kind, which brought forth the possibility to capture the unimaginative. It became a way to eternalize such realms. A way to capture emotion, feeling, love, moments, all of that subliminal coding going on within the human structure, capture that within space, within time, forever. A memory stored in our hands for us to relive, over and over again.

And this Neptune retrograde period is here to remind us of this. That we’re not here just to be spiritual beings. We’re here to bring our spirituality forth. Capture it in time. Be a genius. Our own genius. In whatever shape or form we find fit. It’s time for us to bring our inventions forth. And they don’t necessarily have to be Einstein-like. In the digital economy, the invention is you. Simply you. Your identity. That unique alignment of passions, skills, background, and experiences makes a very unique brand, a very unique combo, that when applied diligently in the digital economy, creates an intersection of depth, excitement, value, fun, and money. Which kind of makes life a whole lot more spiritually fulfilling, really. But that’s a topic for another time.

The key really here is to get started. And as Poseidon always held united the trident in his hand, the sacred Trinity into One unit. So you, hold your Passions, Money, and Field of Interest all formed into One cohesive personality which is brought forth into the earthly planes as You.

Be a Neptune Genius

Because you see spirituality isn’t only love, kindness, and ascension or transcendence. Those are definitely starting points. But eventually one realizes that to sometimes pass certain exams within the test of water, you need to discover your fire. Your own unique set of fire. Sometimes the test isn’t so much about surrender, but it is about empowerment and manifestation. How good one is at creating something out of nothing. How good she or he is and giving shape to that which constantly fights shape. To formalize the formless. How adept she or he is at being given an idea from the ethers, within his imagination, and then following through till it’s done. Till its completion.

Because you see, Neptune, in Pisces, the innate planet of the Piscean people, even though it can be deeply spiritual, deeply dreamy, and deeply watery, let’s also not forget that it is also ruled by the God of Water, Poseidon. The protector of the seas. The appointed half-human, half-Atlantean prince, is said to be the protector of the 12 royal species within the 12 islands. The traveller god of the seas. A noble, magical man who also exemplified the fiercest role model of a warrior of unconditional Love.

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The main principle is this. It is not the vastness of the sea which gives it its true power. But its ability to entirely shift into feeling the smallest drop, if it chooses to. To become the smallest drop, if it chooses. All water is One. And so are You. Your own One. So be One. The One you were created to always be.

Your own, individual droplet of Source. Unique. Beautiful. Self-sustaining. Ever giving.

How To Prepare For Your Individuation Through Neptune Retrograde?

Considering the energy of Neptune is that of the unseen, liquidity, and imaginative realm, these areas of life are emphasized during the retrograde period. Meaning that if one is to work on them, he or she will experience double the usual results than if the planet was in direct motion. So with that in mind, here are 5 practical tips for you to steal from us and apply to your life, over the course of the next 5 months of our Poseidon in reverse season.

Bring out an idea out of the imaginative realms and manifest it in the physical world. Choose one big one within a 3-month achievable timeframe.

Allow your mind to ponder and sit with the stories and visions you see of who you could potentially be, which in reality already shows you, who you are deep inside, and as you sit with this image, allow it to unfold, to manifest within the realms of your mind. As you do this, you create the potentiality for it to also manifest as a tangible physical event within your physical. Do this for 10 mins per day and keep repeating until your vision becomes real life.

Ponder your spiritual evolution and gifts and CONNECT a tangible businessy practice.

It can be as simple as joining a marketing startup or a government administrative job. It is not the nature of the environment or the occupation itself which matters. But the fact that your innate genius will be activated through the right circumstances professionally.

The main theme here is to get in the practice of your gift, your talent. To give it shape and form in the tangible digital world. Whatever area or craft you are naturally very good at spirituality, go out and put it in a simple, boxed system. This will give you the necessary environment for your higher self to fully manifest through and show you how to advance at a much faster pace.

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Start feeling your way through life. Waaaait for the energy.

During this period where the astral realms are augmented and the emotional worlds are easier felt, it is a fantastic time to start practicing the Art of Feeling. So make it a habit. Make it a habit to make fewer decisions from the mental, noeutical realms and more from the emotional, astral realms. There’s a dinner scheduled at 8 pm tonight but your body gives you an “uh-huh” feeling? Dare to be brave and cancel it. You need to get to your 9-5, but your body keeps screaming “no”? Start becoming deeply aware of your body’s signals and see what it is trying to communicate to you. Deeply and gradually over time. The pace of your response is always relevant to the concerning event of course. The key here is awareness. Becoming aware of the emotional or astral realms requires body sensitivity, which simply heightens itself through your presence in there. Feel the neurons. Feel the different pulls of life and adjust your being accordingly.

This is an obvious one, but connect with the element water. Connect with Poseidon, the archetypal King of Water.

Feel what it’s like being a master of the watery, emotional realms. How do you act? How are you holding yourself in the room? Are you excited? Calm? Grounded? Talkative? What’s it like to you, being an adept in the works of water? What emotions is a master feeling? How is he grounding the room or others? Does he do? Or does he be? As you shower, feel yourself being One with the elixir of life dropping down on your skin. If you happen to go to the beach, immerse yourself in the deep blue ocean and like a droplet vanishing in the vastness of the sea, see how that applies to you. For are you your body or the information inside of your body? Where do you begin and where do you end?

Connect with physical water, drinkable water.

Start buying different brands of water if you’re drinking bottled. Experiment with different tastes and variations of potable table water. Experiencing its different chemistries and compositions. Are some sweeter? Are some fresher? Are some blunter? Becoming familiar with something, is to know it. After you have grown accustomed to the different colors of taste of water, you may start inducing your own vibrations in it. Do so by blessing it, holding an intention intensely in your heart-mind as you’re in contact with the water. The go-to one is thankfulness. Simply be grateful for the elixir of regeneration you have been blessed with to recharge your body.

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