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How You Used To Play Outside Based On Your Zodiac Sign

How You Used To Play Outside Based On Your Zodiac Sign

There is a lot of concern about kids not being active enough and being indoors all the time, as they spend too much time on the screens and do not get enough exercise. Before technology, kids played outside a lot more because, other than a television, there were no smartphones or tablets.

There is a day dedicated to playing outdoors: National Play Outside Day, on the first Saturday of December, and this year that is December 3rd. The day’s purpose is to help kids appreciate nature’s beauty and get active outdoors again as children did in the old days. Let’s talk about how you loved to play outside based on your zodiac sign.

Aries – Played Any Sport

Aries, you are the one who is full of fire and competitive. You are energetic, and your ruler, Mars, influences you. Therefore, the best outdoor activity for you was playing any sport. Whatever sport got you bouncing or running around, whether basketball, soccer, or even tennis.

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However, sports keep you physically stimulated as you need that, or else you end up getting too restless and irritable. Besides, the fresh air from being outside is good for your psyche. If that is how you played outside in your youth, your zodiac sign is why.

Taurus – Flew Kites

Taurus, you are stable, stoic, and not energetic. You may be pretty sedenary and were that way as a child, but you always have an affinity for the outdoors, given that you have an earth sign. Therefore, your outdoor activity was flying kites.

You did not have to run around too much, and since you are all about your senses, you enjoyed watching the kite flying the sky, which is why this outdoor activity meant a lot to you. You still love it!

Gemini – Jump Rope And Hop Scotch

Gemini, you are versatile and active, and you love being with others as you are a sociable individual. You were always up for a fun game of hopscotch, especially on the school grounds. You found it enjoyable being in teams; even if your team lost, you did not care. You found the game refreshing.

You also enjoyed jumping rope as it kept you active and with others. Sometimes you would even make it more challenging by wanting to play some games of double Dutch. And you would even love the idea of doing that today.

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Cancer – Sitting Outside Chatting With A Close Friend

Cancer, you are nurturing and emotional, and you are not the type that would be into playing sports as you are somewhat more sedentary like Taurus. That is why when you played outdoors when you were a child, you did not play per se. Instead, you would sit with a friend and chat with them somewhere outside.

For example, you would talk to your friend at recess on the school grounds in the playground or on a porch of a portable classroom. And today, you may sit on your patio during a nice day, wanting to talk to a family member or a friend.

Leo – In The Playgrounds

Leo, you are the one that is full of fire, but you want others to notice what you do, and the playground was where you played, and not only did you have fun, but you did it to show off. You would be the one who slides down the slide in the playground and yell simultaneously because you want others to see how well you can slide.

That was one example of why you liked showing off on the playground and found it exciting. You also loved the swings. You may be too big to go on those swings now, but visiting any playground nowadays would give you some nostalgia.

Virgo – Bird Watching Or Collecting Rocks

Virgo, you are analytical and also highly detailed-oriented. You also are not the one to socialize unless you have a close friend who you can trust. However, your outdoor activity was bird watching as you looked at the fine details of the birds you saw near you.

You would have needed a pair of binoculars to examine those birds thoroughly. If there were no birds around you, or you did not have your binoculars, you would go collect rocks and examine them. Each stone would have its color, texture, and size, which would have fascinated you.

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Libra – Catch Fireflies

Libra, you are the one that loves peace, and you appreciate beauty, given that your ruler is Venus. Sure, you are very sociable, and any outdoor activity would appease you if you could enjoy it with friends. However, the one thing that you loved to do in the evenings was to go out and catch fireflies.

The way they light up amazed you, and you thought they were beautiful. So therefore, you would look forward to those nights that you could go firefly catching, and you love to do that even to this day!

Scorpio – Playing Catch

Scorpio, you are the passionate and intense one, and you are full of surprises, which you want to appear to be because of your mysterious nature. Your favorite outdoor sport was playing catch. Firstly, you would love to surprise the friend who would toss something hard to the point that it would have been impossible for you to catch by catching the item.

However, when it was your turn to throw something, you would surprise your friend by tossing it so high or so low. The look on their faces amused you because you startled them by throwing what they did.

Sagittarius – Scavenger Hunt

Sagittarius, you are adventurous, and you have always enjoyed having fun. So it is not a surprise that your favorite outdoor activity is by going on a scavenger hunt. That is something that you could do indoors too, but you liked it better outdoors as it gave you a good reason to go and explore to find hidden items.

You love surprises, so you would also be looking forward to what you could find. Your enthusiasm towards scavenger hunts is still pretty strong, as there are many grown-up ones that so many people enjoy.

Capricorn – Started A Nature Collection

Capricorn, you are goal-oriented and a hard worker, and because your sign is an earth sign, you would have an affinity for the outdoors. Therefore, your favorite outdoor activity was starting a nature collection.

Since you accept only anything high-quality, you would collect flawless nature items and set a goal to find several things when you do this activity since you have a goal-oriented nature. For example, if you put your mind to finding five perfect items, you would do everything possible to meet that goal. You must discover the ideal chestnut, rock, acorn, or whatever else you find!

Aquarius – Did Whatever You Wanted

Aquarius, you are the one that marches to your drum, and you are not into the typical outdoor activities such as playing scotch, sports, flying kites, etc. Therefore, you did whatever activity you wanted.

Sometimes you would take a hike somewhere to be alone, or other times, you would sit near the school grounds to read a book. If you were at home, you would sit on the porch to do that. Other times, if you wanted to socialize, then you would be the one to initiate a game of tag or a game of catch. It all depends on your mood.

Pisces – Did Some Art Outdoors

Pisces, you are the dreamy and artsy one, so it would not be surprising that your favorite outdoor activity involves art. That would involve anything from using sidewalk chalk and expressing your artsy self on the ground, or you would do some arts and crafts outdoors.

You could use a picnic table, park bench, or a folding table to put your art supplies, such as paint, crayons, pens, glue, and other materials, and start creating a few masterpieces. You may find it relaxing to this day to create some art outdoors.


Many outdoor activities were not listed; you should learn more about them before National Play Outside Day. Since the day for it is December 3, when it may be quite cold in the northern part of the world, you and your kids (if you have any) will need to bundle up. Even if you don’t have kids, play outside and enjoy it. If there is already snow, then why not make a snowperson or have a snowball fight play? There is a day to put the screens away and enjoy the outdoors.

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