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What Is On The Cards For Love And Romance In The Month Of December

What Is On The Cards For Love And Romance In The Month Of December?

December is always a fun month! It is the festive season after all! Everyone is jolly and there are so many year end parties to attend – chances are high to meet that special someone! Especially because the planet of love and relationships is in the partyloving sign of Sagittarius for the beginning of the month! This sign is all about fun, optimism, adventure, and exploration. However, matters of love take a serious turn on December 9 when Venus enters Capricorn. A sign known for its seriousness, responsibility, and somberness. The fun might take a bit of plummeting towards the middle of the month. Luckily Jupiter is moving back into Aries on December 20, helping everyone to let loose, be wild, and open to taking greater risks. Love is definitely a mixed bag for everyone this month, but take a look at what you can expect from love and romance for your rising sign this month:


The theme of this month is to stay open-minded and adventurous, especially when looking for potential partners. You never know who might come your way when it comes to love, so keep your eyes open.

Your chances of meeting someone from another country are high. It’s time to be brave, so don’t let factors like a long-distance relationship prevent you from getting to know someone you feel romantically attracted to. It’s not impossible to find a way around this, and have I not mentioned that this season is all about adventure?

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Whenever romance is real and true, it will find a way, so don’t close off your heart when the situation seems impossible. Connections happen for a reason, so explore the possibilities with the person you are attracted to – it may be the beginning of something wonderful.


There is no doubt that this Venus transit will be enlightening for you. Having a deep, personal relationship and yet wanting to break free and be independent might make you feel like you are being pulled in two directions.

What makes you think you can’t be both? The rules of your relationship are up to you, so you get to define what matters most to you in your relationship. Your relationships should allow you to feel independent and free while still feeling intimate and close.

Our constant desire to be with our partner can sometimes kill the romance. Despite this, romance feels better when we give each other space and allow ourselves to miss each other. Feel free to be more independent and free-spirited this month and see if it improves your connection with your significant other – you might be pleasantly surprised!


This month, Gemini, love is definitely in the air. The mood of the Venus season reflects what you want in a relationship. It’s really possible right now that you’ll meet someone who inspires adventure, excitement, and optimism in you!

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Now is the time to decide what kind of relationship you want and communicate it to the Universe. Put together a list of the characteristics you are seeking in a partner and believe that they are on their way to meet you. This exercise is incredibly powerful!

Let go of your fears and believe that anything is possible. Be open to allowing yourself to romance deeply, as romance is on its way to you. Your gut instinct is always right, so trust it. Let your heart guide you instead of your mind!


It’s all about self-love for you this month, Cancer. Consider giving yourself love instead of focusing on receiving love from others. Your openness to receiving the love you truly desire will increase when you feel all loved up and high from the care you give yourself.

You will never have a more important relationship than your relationship with yourself. Practicing self-care is important. Become more active and eat healthier as part of your new lifestyle routine.

How you take care of yourself has a lot to do with how you will behave in relationships. You can’t be treated badly when you make yourself your number one priority. The more you love yourself, the more likely it is that any potential partner will do the same. What you put into it is what you get out of it.


Let’s get our flirt on while the romance is in the air. There’s nothing to stop you from being flirtatious and charming this month since your romantic stars are aligned. Over the next few weeks, it will be hard to resist your charms.

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There are many options available to you, so you might not want something super serious right now. It’s time to let loose and have fun this month. There is no need to put unnecessary pressure on yourself to commit to something you aren’t ready for.

Whatever you do, make sure you have fun! Think about going on dates, spending time with friends, and flirting with those baristas at your favorite cafe. There’s no need to take anything too seriously. Take care of yourself and do what makes you happy.


There might be a special tenderness in your romance towards someone this month – you want them all to yourself! You will have the chance to learn more about the person you’re dating and get to know them on a deeper and more intimate level during this time.

It’s time for you to let go of those barriers, let your guard down, and be willing to surrender your heart to love. Love is exhilarating because it involves taking risks. It is possible to show your true self to another even if you are a very private person during this transit of Venus.

During this time you can also spruce up your home and turn it into a love nest. Consider adding candles and blankets to every room of your house to make it feel more sensual and cozy. You may experience a shift in your receptivity to love as a result.


This month is the perfect time for you to try out online dating if you have been thinking about doing so. You are encouraged by Venus to meet many different people and put yourself out there.

Take a chance on a dating app and meet people you don’t know, be open to it! No matter what happens you’ve taken the next step to find someone to spend your life with. When it comes to dating, it can be tough to get back into it, and this is an entertaining way to do it.

Don’t take things too seriously and keep your head straight. By doing this, you will avoid getting hurt. Maintain a relatively low level of expectations and have fun. It’s just an experiment to help you meet more people. You shouldn’t expect the first man you meet to be your next husband. Take it casually and see where it leads.


The theme of this month is finding out what you value in a relationship and what you feel you deserve. As a result, you will be in a much better position to establish your boundaries and realize what you will accept from a partner and what you will not accept.

When you know your values, you will know when to say no and what you don’t feel comfortable with when it comes to your relationships. But sometimes we get lost in wanting love and romance that we just allow any kind of treatment from the person you are with. Mastering this requires a great deal of self-respect.

When it comes to romance, write a list of the things that are most important to you. There are certain things that are not negotiable! It’s impossible to let anyone treat you less when you know what you deserve. Having this foundation is really valuable to you in your romantic relationships.


You have the chance to shine right now, Sagittarius. When Venus is in your first house, you radiate beauty and confidence. The time is ripe for you to embrace your allure and do something magical.

It’s time to get everything you have ever dreamed of because luck is on your side this month. You’re more attractive than you ever imagined, and the cosmos is conspiring to make sure you get everything you have ever dreamed of. What a beautiful sight! This transit is bound to be fun whether you’re in a new relationship, settling into a new relationship, or enjoying the single life!

If you’re thinking of expressing your feelings to someone special, do not be afraid to go over the top. Taking a chance is what love is urging you to do. Explore where your fearlessness will lead you by being bold, brave, and courageous. Believing in something truly amazing seems to be the key to bringing it about.


You have a lot of things in store for you this month, Capricorn. There is a lot more focus on self-love and healing this month than anything else. A big relationship upset from the past might need to be resolved. Romance can be hindered by a terrible ex more than anything else.

If you haven’t forgiven and forgotten yet, it might be time to do so. If you keep holding on to what someone else did to you, you will only make things more difficult for yourself. There is so much more to life than this, and you deserve so much more than this.

Meditation and prayer are good ways to let go of this. There are times when we need to accept that we may not get the healing or closure we deserve. Although you can’t change this, moving on is the best thing you can do for yourself to get your ideal love life.


A relationship that feels like your best friend is one of the most special relationships you can ever have, and sometimes the strongest relationships arise from people who were first friends before becoming more serious partners.

Could there be a special person in your life that you have quite a strong connection with, but have relegated them to the friend zone? If you overlook the potential of one of your friends, you may be closing off your heart to love.

Explore this friendship further and see if it can go beyond this. You may want to spend more time with your friends if this is not the case for you, and see if they are able to hook you up with someone they know.


It’s work, work, and more work! Be sure to let yourself have some fun as well and take a break once in a while. Your career will flourish this month, even though it might not be the most romantic month for you.

Taking a break from dating may be just what you need to focus on your career and your professional goals. In my opinion, one of the most attractive things about a person is their ambitions and drive to succeed.

Take advantage of Venus in Sagittarius season to focus on your own goals. The importance of living independently from a partner cannot be overstated. You don’t need to rely on someone else to make you happy when you have your own stuff going on. As an added bonus, they make your life even more awesome – the cherry on top.

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