May 28, 2024
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how your zodiac sign can be more assertive and centered

How Your Zodiac Sign Can Be More Assertive and Centered

We all have times where we feel overwhelmed, stressed, and drained by either the people around us or the expectations placed upon us in a more overall sense.  During these last couple of years, there have been increasing issues with polarity and people’s uniqueness being confined to generalized labels. 

We are in fact unique, and we are ALL capable of a certain amount of original thoughts and potentials.  Learning to feel stronger in ourselves and allow our own inner voice to guide us is how we find balance, joy, and emotional freedom. 

These brief guides will give you some pointers as to how to feel more confidence to stand your ground and allow yourself the space to make your own choices and think your own thoughts, based on your zodiac sign

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Becoming assertive is not about aggression or squaring up to others, it is about finding that place inside of yourself where you feel more ‘in tune’, soulful and authentic. 


There are expectations placed upon you to be one of the most assertive and confident signs and usually you can muster the energy to live up to your decisive and strong-willed persona.  There is a lot of depth to you as a person, however, and you can be as vulnerable and emotional as anybody else.  The main issue you have is admitting this!  You like to be seen as strong and capable, but to admit that sometimes you are scared too, or that you actually dislike confrontation and disagreements is liberating for you. 

Sometimes you too need support and nurture and to be able to admit to others you need a rest or a break.  Admitting this doesn’t make you ‘weak’ rather it helps you to yield more readily, like bamboo in the wind.  You will be truer to you if you acknowledge your humanity and allow others to be there for you when you need them to. 


It’s important to be strong and able and more than most you are great at being a rock in a storm.  Your immovable will is also good at resisting influence and demands.  The issue you have is adapting to change, and whilst this is something we all find difficult, for you, it is like your soul is being ripped out when you lose something or somebody.  Watching the descent of moral codes and goodwill is also very disheartening to you.  Generally, you are a moral person and if some of your beliefs are old-fashioned and less easy to communicate in the modern world, they are well-meant and intended. 

For you learning to embrace change as an inevitability is where you find your power and freedom.  Remember “energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another”. 

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You like to stay up to date on what’s going on, and your sign is said to rule the media and be the most linked to communication and the transmission of information.  You know how to be flexible and open-minded and also how to view from a number of different perspectives, which provides you with great insights and psychological awareness. 

Although seen as quite versatile and resilient, you are a lot softer and more emotionally engaged than you like others to know.  To you, showing emotions or subjectivity compromises the information that you have gleaned and refined. 

It would be naive to say that you are not moved by what you read and experience, however, and so in order to be truer and more expressive; learning how to integrate feelings and emotional content into your writing, your communication and your persona will give you a massive advantage.


As a water sign, you are often told that emotions and family are the center of your world and in many ways this is accurate.  However, you are also the most forthcoming of the water signs and as a cardinal sign, there are leadership qualities in your character which for many Cancerians, remain undeveloped. 

Although you may seek advice and counsel for others, it is not difficult for you to be decisive and strong-willed, you just prefer not to be seen as such.

At this time consider that suppressing a significant proportion of your true nature does not serve your soul mission or ability to feel happy and satisfied.

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Embrace your inner truths and remember that you do not have to apologize for being capable and accomplished.  It is not bragging to acknowledge one’s talents and inner development, it is, in fact, essential to our lives that we do not hide our development and abilities from those who we may be able to help, inspire and guide towards their own. 


As a fire sign, it is expected that you are upfront and bolshy; able to express with confidence and verve easily, but you can actually be quite shy and retiring also.  Sure, if you know your subject you are usually happy to lead in it, but you don’t like being a newbie or a novice.  It is accomplishment and advancement that you relish in.

Of course, there’s nothing wrong with needing to be in your element to be comfortable, the only issue is if you start to avoid situations that are new to you and hold back on branching out and developing. 

For you staying fresh and learning new things is very important to your spirit and whilst it’s never a great feeling to be a beginner, your aptitude and great energy mean that you accomplish more quickly and adeptly than most people.

Make sure you keep learning, evolving, and growing; being inexperienced and seeking mentors can be just as fulfilling as being the expert in the room. 


You are most content when you are lost in your inner world, pottering around, or organizing and refining what is around you.  A lot about your nature is calm and meditative and when you allow this kind of relaxation to take priority you thrive.

As you are aware, your biggest problem is that you fret and worry very easily, and this can get in the way of your grounded spirit and ability to be comfortable in your own skin.

In a world where fear is propagated and pushed as readily as commercialism, you can never be short of reasons to be stressed, or worse case scenarios you need to prepare against.

The joy for most people though lies in being present in the moment; when you think about around 99% of what you worry about never actually happens and yet you allow these negative possibilities to form our reality. 

The truth is only love.  Only you can create a sanctuary and peaceful inner world and you can be sure that the outside world will not assist you in this.

Learn to step away from the influence and regain that beautiful inner balance; you don’t need to explain or substantiate your need for peace, it is your birthright and happiness is within. 


Although often associated with indecision, the essence of Libra tries to incorporate all perspectives and avoid conclusions.  You, more than most, are aware of the transience of beliefs and the evolution of knowledge. 

To recognize that life is neither static, nor one-dimensional shows wisdom and inherent intelligence, and yet oftentimes Libras are known for being evasive and uncomfortable expressing this beautiful awareness. 

Sure, there is a lot of sense in avoiding confrontation, most often locking horns leads to suspended energies, stress, and stagnation.  However, there you are a master at mediation, and having the courage to encourage others to see the world from a variety of different angles, can help bypass many kerfuffles. 

Your lack of ‘decision’ is a strength Libra, don’t allow yourself to be forced towards polarity or ‘taking sides’ continue to take a step back and recognize that most people simply want harmony, love, and happiness.  You can help them with that.  Believe. 


Many Scorpios are quite shy and introspective, but despite your retractive tendencies, you are immovable and fierce on the inside.  Most of you are very sure of what you believe and wish to give your energy too and perhaps a little too much so, as sometimes your great mind blocks your natural senses and awareness. 

You are, after all, the most psychic sign of the zodiac, so in this respect, you have a foot in both worlds and know better than most that there is a myriad of other senses and experiences just beyond the physical world.

It’s time for you to come out of your shell a little bit and express your wisdom, you are learned and knowledgeable, you know about the other side, and you can see how everything interconnects. 

Why hide away your evolved secrets?  Why not reach out and share a little bit of your gift with those around you and help give people faith in there being magic and beauty around us all the time. 


Well, you probably know that you’re usually assertive and comfortable to express yourself.  As one of the most confident signs you usually find it easy to establish yourself in conversations and to be forthcoming in most situations.

What you tend to find the most difficult is that you sometimes hate to admit being wrong, or that a conclusion you came to, was lacking the full picture. 

It’s odd that a mutable and flexible person such as yourself has such an oddly stubborn streak, as it doesn’t blend well with the rest of your nature or represent your overall thirst for knowledge and exploration. 

One of the ways you can address this imbalance is by practicing viewing topics from a number of different angles and letting go of the inclination to form opinions.  When you really think about it; opinions are just self-imposed limitations, which we force our external world to conform to.  Truth can only really work on a case-by-case basis, and knowledge can only be attained if we stay open to learning ad infinitum. 

There is so much more happiness in flexibility, and so much more to learn when we teach ourselves to yield. 


Better the devil you know, is probably a saying that you default to.  You like to be at the helm of your realm and at the cutting edge of your life, but you also like to plan, process, and ensure that you know what is ahead and how you will respond to every eventuality.

This makes you great with money and excellent in the business, but it does take away the potential for adventure, enjoyment, and possibility. 

We cannot escape the unknown, life will thrust change upon us, no matter how much you resist and it is important to yield quickly, as the more we fight the more stressed and tired we will be.  The changes themselves will continue no matter how we feel about them!

The future is brighter than you think, you just need to have a little faith in life unfolding naturally and that everything you experience offers the potential for growth and wisdom.

You can be empowered most by accepting what is happening and learning to be more responsive and less restrictive.  Embrace what you do not understand, therein lies magic and adventure.  We are never ‘too old’ for silliness, and we will live younger lives if we confer with our inner child. 


You are happy when you have a book in your hand, or for that matter, a test tube.  You love to learn, although you feel restricted by the measurements of academia, for your life is all about learning and observing the chaos and variety around you.

It is important that even when life seems restricted and time-limited, that you make time for adventures.  You love to experience, find and learn new things and you start to feel stagnant without this. 

Also, you have a gift for helping others to find excitement and inspiration in what appears to them to be mundane. 

Don’t stop creating and inventing Aquarius, and never underestimate the beauty of sharing your unique take on life with those around you.  We all need excitement and variation, and you are the person who can find this in almost anything. 

Freedom is within Aquarius; this can never be taken from you.


It’s easy to get bogged down in the details and stuck in a routine, but for you, the beauty of life is in your rich and plentiful imagination.  You can dream up beautiful lands, amazing music, and/or vivid artwork and it is the visions that you have that truly light up the world for others who have less access to such amazing possibilities.

Of course, it is important to have a healthy timetable, so why not factor in the time to dream and do something creative every day.  Even if this means a moment of breathing in the nature around you and allowing the natural energy of nature to infuse your being.  

Without your escape world, life feels flat and dull and hopeless.  You of all people need to avoid negativity and fear-based propaganda.  It’s fine to live your life in your imagination if it’s good for your health and happiness.  Even better if you create little pockets of beauty and create bites to share with the world around you and help others to have their own little joyful escape.