July 14, 2024
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Leo Zodiac Color

Leo Zodiac Color

She’s mad, but she’s magic. There’s no lie in her fire.” ― Charles Bukowski (Leo Sun)

Leo is a fire sign. Just like the colors of fire, these people can pull off bright and daring colors like orange, yellow and red that most people would avoid! They have a deep fire burning inside them and expressing their inner energies with colors that symbolize warmth and passion is the best way to go through life! They possess massive amounts of energy and ambition and should not shy away from attracting attention with their bright colors!

Leos are some of the most loving people you will ever meet and being around them could bring a similar feeling to the one you get when sitting next to a fire. Just like a fire needs to be fed to keep burning, Leo’s love and passion also require constant attention and they require just as much love in return. When you stop feeding Leo’s fire of passion, it will die. Due to this, they are usually quite extroverted and rely on the energy of others to keep them cheerful.

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Leo is ruled by the Sun, and in astrology, the sun shines its light and empowers everything it comes into contact with. The same can be said for Leo’s where they have bright, contagious energy, that energizes and moves you. The power of the Sun is very strong, and Leos will usually possess a strong character. It will be challenging to break them down, as they maintain an adequate amount of pride.

Leo Zodiac Color Guide

The Leo wardrobe

Leo’s have bright and warm personalities and lively and warm colors that replicate fire are the best for them. Orange, yellow and red allows others to feel the warmth and power around them and brings brightening energy to those they come into contact with. Wearing these colors in combination with each other will also bring a positive effect, as Leo’s have the archetype and ability of the actor in them, so they can pull off any look!

Leo Females – Leos usually love being the center of attention, and colors like red, yellow and orange are usually bright and eye-catching to others. Leo females should not shy away from wearing bright yellow dresses or tops and should finish it off with wearing bright red lipstick to show their confidence! Leo women have the ability to pull it off! The females tend to love their comfortable shoes, and a lot of them tend to have a massive shoe collection, and quite a few pairs of comfy slippers!

Leo Males – Leo men also like to be the center of attention, and they are not shy to dress to impress! These men usually make sure they stand out and look interesting, and most of them will already have bright colors like yellow and orange in their wardrobe. They prefer expensive, quality clothing. The best look at a Leo man is a yellow shirt, with a red jacket!

The Leo home

Leos love wealth and abundance. Gold is a very good color for Leo to surround themselves with, as they love to feel a sense of royalty in their environment. Gold ornaments and adornments are always good additions. Yellow or gold walls and curtains are good to keep the energy in an environment light, clear and grand! Additions like red and orange pillows and tablecloths will make the environment more energized, which is exactly what a Leo needs! There should also be a lot of mirrors around, and pictures or paintings of the Leo person themselves! Crystal chandeliers are also a bonus. Leos tend to avoid places that lack stimulating energy. A Leo’s home should replicate a room in a royal palace.

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The Leo workspace

Leo’s have a fascination with history and working in any kind of historic building will keep them interested. A Leo will always try to avoid lifeless looking work environments, however in the cases when they can’t, you will find them decorating their office space or cubicle lavishly to suit their needs. Leo’s love warmth and comfort, therefore wherever they sit to perform the tasks needs to be lined with soft fabric, or it should have comfortable pillows to use as support. A Leo is also more likely to bring a blanket to work in the winter months, as they simply cannot stand getting cold and NEED their warmth and comfort. If you have Leo employees, be sure to provide them with adequate heating or air conditioning or you will hear about their dissatisfaction.

The Leo car

Leo’s live life large, and making small impressions is not what they are about. They love to knock people off their feet with their awesomeness! It is not unlikely for a Leo to get a bright, expensive, flashy vehicle to complement their personality if they are a more extroverted Leo. There are also Leo’s who will purchase a comfortable, yet practical vehicle. Most people shy away from orange and yellow cars, but not Leo’s! You will find most of the Leos want to stand out on the roads with their bright vehicles!

Colors to avoid

Leo’s need to be constantly energized, as mentioned above, they have a fire that needs to be fed. What kills a fire? Water. Colors associated with calmness and tranquility such as blue should be used minimally, as it will drown out the passionate energy they possess. Blue can be good in some situations, such as if a Leo is angered and needs to calm down, however it is best used minimally as it can have a sedating effect on their mood.

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