July 24, 2024
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Neptune In Pisces: Virtual Reality

Neptune in Pisces most recently began in April of 2011 and will conclude in January of 2026. Its previous journey through Pisces occurred between April 1847 and February 1862, the years leading up to and at the beginning of the Civil War, which took place between 1861 and 1865. While Neptune moves through Pisces, beliefs shift significantly, and on a large scale. This article will explore the rise and evolution of virtual reality.

Neptune in Pisces

Each point in the sky rules a specific sign; when that point is in that sign, its energy is strongest, and its effects last the longest. When the point is in a different sign than its rulership, especially a sign that is also very different in terms of element and expression, the impacts take on the areas of life ruled by that sign. When Neptune moves through Pisces, individuals and large systems, like societies and cultures, experience spiritual awakening. For some, the awakening ushers in changing beliefs while, for others, the awakening energy increases their resistance to change.

Neptune in Pisces encourages us to have faith, surrender, be vulnerable, and recognize our connectivity to everyone on the planet. Neptune wants us to understand that we are all in this together. These are the positive traits of Neptune in Pisces. Its shadow energy is delusion, disbelief, confusion, and deception. It can be hard to “know what is real” while Neptune occupies its own sign.

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During the time Neptune moves through Pisces, humanity learns how belief shapes the world, and how competing beliefs battle over the construction of civilization when they cannot find common ground, which is what is happening with the vaccine civil war in the United States, where tremendous amounts of information and misinformation grow, spread, and interact through social media, news sources, businesses, and government entities.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality describes a computer-generated experience that simulates real life experiences. Many movies have explored the interaction with people from the real world interacting with each other or a computer in a virtual world. The best-known example would probably be the Matrix Trilogy, where the main character discovers that the world he has been living in is a computer generated simulation. He exists in an amniotic pod where his life energy powers a computer world. His journey through the simulated world, into the real world, and back into the simulation is part of a repeating story in the history of the character’s world.

In a nihilistic twist, he is not the first human to have this particular experience, but rather the seventh. And one of the characters, who escapes the virtual world, chooses to return, in a bargain with the computer overlords to bring about the end of the hero. In this virtual world, the characters who are “in the know” can act with superhuman abilities as they attempt to win the war against the machines.

The essence of virtual reality, as part of our reality construct, is to show us how much of the real world can become “virtually” constructed if the system is large enough to handle multiple “realities” without falling apart.

History Repeats

It is interesting to study astrology over the course of human history and see how the patterns cycle through, especially when seen through the lens of the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. In the case of Uranus, the cycle happens every 84 years for an 8-year span. In the case of Neptune, the cycle happens every 165 years for about a 14-year span. And Pluto returns to a sign every 247 years for anywhere from 17 to 31 years.

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Therefore, it is not surprising that, as an aspect of American history, the period between 1847 and 1862, and the years soon after, when Neptune entered Aries, would be one of astounding disruptions in social norms and beliefs. The most profound event in those years was the Civil War, which brought about the end of slavery in the United States. It did not end inequality, but it did force the nation to begin a long process of reconciliation regarding race that is still unfolding.

The impact of this transformation is likely to play out in the same way regarding how reality is shaped by competing belief systems.

Multiple Realities

Facebook and other social media platforms have, to some degree, meshed virtual reality with the reality that supports the functionality of Facebook – the servers, routers, modems, and code for providing the utility of the site. People can live in multiple realities, including ones that shape conservative views, like Fox News, or liberal views, like CNN. Reality, as it turns out, has never been more fragile and disjointed, which is certainly an earmark of Neptune in Pisces.

Different classes of people live in different realities within the larger reality that contains everything. The idea that, in a virtual reality, thought can reshape the reality is part of what happens when reality does not provide any limitation or containment for dangerous or harmful ideas.

Someone can live in the virtual reality that the earth is flat because the larger reality does not exert any limits to their belief. It would only create a problem if they wanted to do something that a flat earth could not accommodate, like flying a plane from one point on the earth to another over a great distance. If they have no desire to be a pilot who must use “round earth” knowledge to accomplish the task of flying great distances, they can live their entire life without any cognitive dissonance.

The Dangers of Virtual Reality

Alternate facts and virtual realities that create dangerous situations involve circumstances whereby the larger reality pushes back and eliminates the belief that is self-destructive. The problem with alternate facts and delusional thinking is its ability to sustain itself until it cannot. COVID deniers, along with climate change deniers, contribute to the dangerous spread of the disease and destruction of the environment that could cause not just death to themselves, but others as well.

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While Neptune in Pisces is a powerful placement to encourage forays into virtual reality, it also functions as the last transition before a reality check happens, which is what we will get when Neptune enters Aries. It is easy to live in a virtual reality when nothing is at stake, or the larger reality allows the delusion to function without harm. But once the virtual reality starts to impact health and life, then the consequences can be very harsh and will eventually force the delusion to change or be removed.

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