Neptune in Astrology

We’ve been studying about the solar system since we were little kids so we’re all familiar with the planet Neptune. This is the eight planet and known to be furthest away from the sun. Neptune planet is the fourth largest regarding the diameter. Another fascinating fact about Neptune is that its mass is 17 times that of our planet Earth. Does that give you an idea about the size of the planet Neptune? We’re going to be talking about Neptune in astrology today.

This included information about Neptune horoscope, which zodiac sign it influences and how does it affect the characteristics of people with that particular sign. If you want to find out if Neptune has a role to play in your life, you will have to read on. The world of astrology is quite vast with a variety of exciting fields that can be studied. Planets play a key role in this and Neptune astrology is no different.

What does Neptune mean in astrology?

If we want to understand the role of Neptune in astrology, it is first important to understand Neptune meaning and Neptune characteristics. Only then you will be able to examine its influence in your everyday life and on other events. There is an enigma surrounding Neptune that needs to be accepted before going any further.

There are contradictory things about planet Neptune that are often difficult to believe in. It stands for deception and is also known as the “planet of illusions,” but at the same time, it stands for trust. How can deception and trust be present at the same time? You can take this as an indication of the varying emotions associated with Neptune in astrology. When a person comes under the effect of the planet, it is said that they become fearful and intimidated.

Neptune & other things in life

What other things does Neptune in astrology stand for? It is believed that it brings talent and possibilities to one’s life. If you’re living a monotonous life, it will bring excitement and energy towards you. If you have always followed a rule book, it will push you to take risks to achieve more. Neptune is a test of faith.

We, as humans, are always questioning the reality of things around us. But Neptune is a challenge, to believe in something that we might not fully comprehend, to embrace the magic and let it do wonders without asking the how or expecting an answer. If you’re on the path to spiritual development, Neptune planet will open a door for you. A door to the other worlds, a different reality. There is a force greater than all other forces that is often ignored in the fast-paced world of today. But this force exists inside all of us, Neptune helps you realize it.

Neptune zodiac; what sign does Neptune rule?

So, of the twelve zodiac signs, Neptune rules the Pisces Zodiac sign. Neptune in astrology is all about studying the movements of the planet to deduce how it will influence the zodiac sign. We know now what planet rules Pisces, but what effects does this planet have on the sign? The planet makes the people born from February 19th to March 20th naturally intuitive. They are usually artists with a very strong creative streak.

Neptune & Music

The planet Neptune is known to be connected to music, and this is seen in Pisces, they have a strong liking for music and might pursue music more than just a hobby. One of the most appreciated qualities of the sign is their compassion and drives to help those around them. They are usually very generous and never hesitate to make significant contributions to charity.

Emotionally, they are known to be very stable. They owe this to Neptune which influences their personalities making them naturally calm and collected. Because they are very much in control of their emotions and don’t make any rash decisions, they can build and maintain very healthy relationships with the people around them. They tend to bring out the best in other people and are very supportive of friends and family. They are intuitive which makes it easy for them to judge what the other person wants, what they dislike and so on. Isn’t that what we all want? For someone to understand us, without trying?

Is there a special meaning behind the symbol of Neptune?

The planets, the sun, and the moon, all of these have specials symbols used to denote them in astrology and astronomy. Neptune in astrology also has one. But is there a meaning behind the Neptune sign or is it just another symbol using for representation? The symbol for Neptune is a trident. You can visualize it as a fork or a three-legged prong. But what does this symbol stand for? It is used to symbolize Neptune as the god of the sea.

According to another school of thought, the three legs stand for the three folds of nature. These are becoming, being and then passing away. In simpler words, we are born then we live our lives and eventually die. The cross at the very bottom is a sign of the root of things. Neptune stands for very high energies; this cross is a symbol of something that stabilizes these energies.

Birth, life, and death

There are some other meanings associated with the trident of Neptune in astrology. These are birth, life, and death which is quite similar to the one discussed above and quite easy to grasp as it’s the core reality. Another one is mind, body, and spirit which is more towards the spiritual realm and not adopted by a common man. Another variation of the Neptune meaning is that of past, present, and future.

Now, this is quite interesting. The Trident of Neptune is taken as a crossover of the three phases of time. People who are fascinated by this concept tend to study along these lines. Whatever meaning you choose is entirely dependent upon you and your perspective of things.

The many sides to Neptune in astrology!

We know that Neptune rules Pisces, but there are different ways in which it affects the sign. What are these varying sides to the planet? One side to Neptune is all about glitz and glamour. It’s about movies and televisions, stars and celebrities, fame and fortune.

Have you made the connection yet? If you haven’t, we will simplify it for you. Like we’ve told you before Neptune create a kind of illusion and the world of showbiz is all about making you believe in something that doesn’t exist.

When you watch a movie, you get lost in it, crying for the characters, laughing with them, mourning their death and so on. You go far away from your reality and into another. For the duration of the movies, you’re lost in another world created by people to please and entertain.


Then there is a more dangerous side to the planet Neptune. Illusions may sometimes be so deceiving that you get lost within them unable to differentiate between what is true and what is not. Drugs are often synonymous with illusion, and it’s no surprise that Neptune has a role to play. When you sleep and dream, Neptune planet is controlling it. Are you scared now? What if the planet pushes you to do things that you don’t want to do? What if it brings out the side in you that you’d much rather keep hidden? Neptune controls a lot of things around us, so it’s hard to get away unnoticed. But how do you deal with it? We will offer you some advice in a while. Keep reading!

The most positive side to Neptune is the push it creates to motivate you to do great things in life. It helps you recognize the talents within you, the skills that we all have. All you have to do then is polish these skills to achieve great things in life. A lot of the influence of the Neptune planet is seen as people’s work in medicine, philanthropy and caring for others. But will Neptune magically take all your troubles away and guide you to the right path? The answer to this question lies ahead.

How to deal with Neptune?

Now that we’ve learned a lot about Neptune in astrology, there are a few important things that need to be pointed out. Firstly, let’s talk about the dark side to Neptune. No one is born innately evil. And neither is anyone born a saint. At every step of our life, we are faced with choices. The choice between good and evil. We can be influenced by those around us or by the events that happen. Celestial bodies and the planets can, through our zodiac signs, affect us. But at the end of the day, the choice is up to us. We are the ones who act on our decisions bringing good or evil around us.

So, we can’t blame anyone or anything for what comes as a result of our actions. While the shadow side to the planet Neptune may push you to do things that are out of bounds, you can always choose not to by exercising strong will. This is not an easy task, but it’s not impossible.

Neptune in astrology

Next, we’ve talked about Neptune in astrology and its role in bringing you to the path that will lead you to success. As with compelling us to evil, Neptune can’t magically transform us into charitable beings with a heart of gold. The will and desire to help others comes from within. People can persuade, but your heart is the one that decides.

Neptune makes you realize your potential and guides you towards utilizing it, but nothing can happen if you don’t put your heart and soul to it. You can’t wait for other people to do wonders for you or for the skies above to bring down miracles. You have to take control of your life and carve your path. The road is often tough with a lot of obstacles, but a little perseverance and dedication can go a long way in taking you to your destination.

Fun facts about the planet Neptune

Neptune was discovered in 1846, and it completed its one full orbit of the earth in the year 2011. That means it took Neptune about 164 years to complete one full revolution of the earth. Now, as common sense tells us the planet is not seen by the naked eye. It was discovered by Jean Joseph Le Verrier and hence named after him. But later the name Neptune was adopted. The Greek name for Neptune is Poseidon since it is also referred to as the god of the sea.

Another fascinating fact about the planet is that spins at a very high speed around its axis. This is why Neptune is known not to have a solid body. Our earth has only one moon. However, Neptune is known to have 14 moons, the largest of which is Titan. The temperature of the planet is -214oC. Can you imagine that?


We hope that we have provided you with sufficient information about Neptune, Neptune in astrology, Neptune zodiac and all things related to the eighth planet in the solar system. Whether you believe in the idea that planets play a role in your life affecting your interactions with others, the path you take, the choices you make and even everyday encounters and accidents or whether you think this is all myth, reading about Neptune in astrology will give you astrology information.

The more information you have, the better position you are into the debate over topic whether you’re on the side or against. Neptune is a planet with many sides, many secrets, and many characteristics. We have tried to give you a little insight into it, but you can always learn more. You can talk to astrologers, read books and articles and join forums with other people who have similar interest as you. Good luck!