July 23, 2024
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A New Moon Bath Ritual Based on your Zodiac Sign

Craving a nurturing New Moon ritual but not sure what to do? We’ve got you covered. La Luna rules all things water so what better way to celebrate her new cycle than by taking a delicious bath? This not only symbolizes cleansing, but also a new beginning.

New Moons are also, usually, a time when we tend to draw back and go inward, a time when we need a little more time out. Many of us may feel a touch more introverted during a New Moon, making it the ideal time to soak in water and rest.

We can make a New Moon bath even better if we use scents, herbs and flowers most aligned to our zodiac sign, helping the New Moon energy to be stronger and more intentional. Plus, it’s always fun – not to mention grounding – to get creative. Creativity is often a wonderful thing we can get busy with when we don’t feel like being with people, which is often the case during New Moon. Full Moons are the time to enjoy socializing and being out in the world.

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Meditation rituals are also another lovely way to get in touch with the New Moon energy, and what better place than to do them in the bath when we’re already relaxing? Or, you may want to drink a delicious, intentional drink that nourishes you from the inside out. Or, perhaps you want to make a candle with your favorite scent. The options are endless, and can be overwhelming. We know that, so we’ve prepared a bespoke list of ideas for each and every zodiac sign, based on your personal preferences for you to savor and enjoy!

Aries New Moon Bath Ritual

Aries, you’re a bit of a pyromaniac. AKA, you love fire. Your New Moon ritual needs to involve candles – plenty of them. Get as many as you can, preferably red ones, and place them all over your bathroom. Make things as hot as possible. Create a sweat lodge of sorts for yourself. You need a bit of a challenge to make sure you don’t get bored or impatient with your bath. Once you have plenty of steam and flames, relax back into the boiling hot water and close your eyes. If you have a few drops of cinnamon oil, use that – it’s your special spice and will serve to warm up your blood.

If you want to get extra-witchy, imagine each candle you light as an intention – something you’d like to manifest. Let it burn all the way down before getting out of the bath.

Taurus New Moon Bath Ritual

You were made for this, Taurus! There are endless options for your New Moon Bath ritual, but we can only pick one. For you, what would be most fun and beneficial would have to be creating a bath bomb of some kind. You’ll need:

  • A Cup of baking soda
  • 1 Tablespoon melted coconut oil
  • A Tablespoon of essential oil (we recommend Rose Oil for you)
  • A half tablespoon of citric acid
  • Some water in a spray bottle
  • a mold (ice trays could work, but it has to be big!)

Mix everything into 1 large bowl and spray by spray, add water with your spray bottle until you have a satisfying clump. Then, press the mixture into your mold and let it dry. Voila! Drop in your bath and enjoy the soak.

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Gemini New Moon Bath Ritual

Gemini, your New Moon bath ritual is easy-peasy. Being an air sign, you love ideas, thinking and knowledge. Your New Moon Bath ritual needs to involve an excellent Podcast you’ve been dying to listen to. One that inspires you to make your own new beginning, in whichever area is best for you.

So, get your headphones ready (make sure they’re waterproof), find your podcast(s), run that bath, light some candles and relax.  Don’t forget to bring your journal if you want to make some notes.

Cancer New Moon Bath Ritual

Cancer, you’re a true waterbaby. There’s nothing you love more than a good soak. Even just lying in the bath feels cleansing and good for you. Yet, if you want to make this an even better and more intentional experience, then go ahead and have a ritual. The one we would recommend for you is to listen to a story of some kind. An inspirational story, one that’s preferably fictional and has something to do with family, home mothering and/or children. This will take you down a beautiful walk on memory lane, helping you to tap into your own inner child’s needs and desires. perhaps even help you to set a few new intentions to nourish yourself going forward. Let the tears come, Cancer. This is as cleansing for you as a bath.

Leo New Moon Bath Ritual

Your New Moon bath ritual, Leo needs to involve mirrors, and plenty of them. Go on and grab yourself any mirrors you can find in your home and place them around the bath. Get a few candles too – preferably luxurious, scented candles so that you can be cast in your most flattering light. Do your hair up beautifully (remember, this is your lion’s mane!), and pour yourself a glass of bubbly or your favorite luxury drink. Buy yourself the most expensive bubble bath that you can find and settle yourself in nice and deeply. When you catch a glimpse of yourself, remind yourself of how beautiful, talented and worthy you are.

Virgo New Moon Bath Ritual

Being a health-orientated sign, Virgo, your New Moon bath ritual needs to be all about nourishing your body from the inside out. For you, we would recommend sprinkling herbs into your bath along with some Epsom salts so that you can top up your magnesium whilst inhaling scents that will heal you. Think of an ailment that’s bothering you – maybe you have clogged sinuses, for example, making it nice to have some eucalyptus oil on hand, or peppermint leaves in your bath. Or, you need your circulation to improve, which makes mustard mixes good to add.

What’s more, you may want to mix up a delicious nutritious drink to have whilst you’re in the bath. Maybe a turmeric tea or a cacao smoothie to enjoy whilst you ease your body and reset. 

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Libra New Moon Bath Ritual

Libra, you’re ruled by the planet Venus, making it important for you to enjoy a New Moon bath ritual that involves delightful scents and a romantic atmosphere. Although you’d love to share your bath with someone, it’s also important that you give yourself this treat and romance yourself.

For you, your ideal New Moon bath needs to have plenty of rose petals and yummy essential oils. Go on and sprinkle those petals everywhere and light some scented candles. Make your bathroom a beautiful place of harmony and peace. Put on meditation music and pour yourself a glass of good wine or any other drink. Now, relax.

Scorpio New Moon Bath Ritual

What you’ll appreciate from your New Moon bath ritual is the ability to drain away and purge that which no longer serves you, Scorpio. So, do whatever you like to make your bathtime delicious – maybe light only one candle and bathe in the darkness so that you can focus completely on what you want to drain away.

Once you’ve meditated on this and know what you want to get rid of, let the water out and imagine all toxic issues – relationships and situations – slowly leaving your life as the bathwater runs down. Stay in the bath until all the water is gone.

Sagittarius New Moon Bath Ritual

Your New Moon bath ritual needs to be a whole lot of fun, Sagittarius. Thus, go out there and get yourself some yummy bubble bath and chuck in some eco-glitter to make it pretty. Your bathtime needs to be a party, basically. Get those floating bath ducks too – why not?

Once you’ve created your atmosphere, choose a documentary or mind-expanding book to make things more interesting. You can set up your laptop – safely -on a table or mini pedestal in a place far away from the water so there’s no damage. Or, you can just bring your book into the path – preferably a spiritual book or one that’s travel-inspired. Enjoy!

Capricorn New Moon Bath Ritual

Being an earth sign, you want a ritual that involves creating something physical, Capricorn. For you, bath salt is the way to go. What you’ll need is:

  • Four cups (minimum) of bath salts
  • A cup of pink Himalayan salt
  • Essential oils – palo santo, sandalwood, frankincense and other ‘heavy’ scents are good for you and very grounding
  • Dried rose petals

Mix these all together and mindfully put them into your bath when the hot water is running. Climb in and feel all you heard work of the month draining away from your muscles. Remember to turn your phone off and not answer any work emails, Capricorn, no matter how tempting!

Aquarius New Moon Bath Ritual

Your ideal New Moon Bath ritual has to involve something like breathwork, Aquarius. There are many available online, so go on and find one best suited to you. Make sure it’s at least ten minutes long, or even longer. It’s also nice to find one that has good music, so that your mind can focus.

Afterwards, you may want to have a self-help book on hand, as you love learning and growing in philosophy. Or, you might want to listen to a workshop, course or some other learning – based podcast that will get you inspired.

Pisces New Moon Bath Ritual

Pisces, your New Moon bath ritual simply must involve good music. Even if there’s nothing else, the music you choose will help take you away to another land. Go through your playlist or find one best suited to your mood before you do anything. Then, add your candles, bubbles, and a glass of wine or kombucha. If it’s where you are, and safe, you can have a touch of CBD oil or microdose to make the experience even more relaxing.

You’ll also enjoy a guided visualization by any one of your favorite spiritual teachers or gurus Pisces. Go ahead and pick one to make this experience even richer. The chances are strong that you’ll be in the bath for many, many hours anyway!

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